2-9, LUC Meeting Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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2-9, LUC Meeting Minutes

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Land Use Commission-Minutes
Sunday, February 9, 2020
LUC members present: Rosie Gray - chairperson - Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom
LUC members absent: Pip Torok, Cathy Sabre
Guests: CDS Chancellor Emilia, Lyubov, Badger

1. Call to order: Rosie Gray 10:05

2. Approve agenda: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10O5 ... sp=sharing
Moved at 10:16 by Sudane, Delia Lake second, voted by Delia, Rosie, Sudane, Mizou.

3. Approval of last meeting Minutes:
Moved at10:19 by Sudane, second by Mizou, voted by Rosie, Sudane, Mizou, Delia (on dog duty RL ?? )

4. Old business:

A: Alpine Meadow upgrade:

First part of alpine Meadow upgrade is completed:
4 re-parcelled areas, paths updated –
Note: it was first 4 parcels 4 x 512 and 1 x 1024 and now there are 3 parcels 2 x 512 and 1 x 1024-
Proposals for parcels (using Rosie’s drawing):
A community centre with communal gathering place (this has been discussed for a while) mainly to create a focus
Lyubov suggested a smaller community centre 1 x 512 in size – she is worried that AM only covers 60% of the tier – She suggest a village
Delia proposed that we had some outdoor activities there as before (archery, archery contests, mountain rappelling, rope climbing)
Rosie proposes a small log building for the communal plot
Sudane reminds us that the focus should be on more rentable parcels with double prim which enables shifting the prims to the private parcels, no village as we have enough of them already and not all completed full – i.e. Stella village – Sudane also reminded us that AM used to be very popular and that it was often quite full. We need to discover what the secret was.
All members liked the natural look of AM with its mountain river tumbling down, natural sections, and that the potential to make it even nicer exists now with Skye’s new version of the ‘Skye Enchanted Woods V3’ that can now be set to ‘shared by the group’.
Members who have these trees: Rosie, Delia, Mizou, Sudane.
Mizou also has the country paths with changing seasons script and so has Sudane but they are different from Mizou’s ones.
Emilia, our chancellor, liked the distribution of the parcels: 2 x 512, 2 x 1024, 1 x 1536
Sudane suggests that we make 1 of the 512 parcels into 2 x 256

Rosie Gray: Motion to update re-parcelling for Alpine Meadow as described in Rosie's drawing, with exception of creating 2x 256 instead of one of the 512s. Sudane second, voted by Sudane, Mizou, Delia. Motion carried at 11:01.

B: Map of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)

Delia passed us the NFS public venues and spaces notecard and said that the others aren't finished yet, but she wants people to have an idea of what they will be like.
She thought that descriptions would help people realize they want to use the spaces :)
She has a lighter schedule for work this week so she should be able to finish all of them.

Applications of notecards:

These will be on the portal and with SLURL’s.
Lyubov has many uses for these descriptions and LMs for marketing.
Our chancellor, Emilia, received an excellent proposal or statement from Lyubvov regarding this very topic as part of her Advertising and Marketing plan.
Places to be in our paid Search and work to get them into the Destination Guide

5. New business:
A: Update from members:
- Delia:
* Spring to start from Valentine's day with some snow drops, crocuses and a few early tulips

- Mizou:
*Has been working on replacing the bridges and first one is the 'Old Alexicon bridge', which she just finished today, using bridge building pieces from Jammin and changed the textures with her own in the 3 different maps, it is ready for placement now. She had one question about using decorations to mimic the old bridge. The balls in mesh that she found on SL Marketplace are very prim heavy and using 4 of them adds about 12 Li to the bridge which brings it up to the original bridge Li count 35, so the decision to keep it to 22 Li, lower count then the original one.
*She will also use Skye’s wooden bridge to replace the ‘Seven Dwarfs Bridge’ and Delia suggested to add a troll near the bridge with some greeter message.
*Suggestions for the troll: give a donation (Emilia), give a donation … avoid being eaten (Sudane); Lyubov said that you can use a greeter script, that keep a database and only greet once (until you reset the script). Mizou will investigate all this.
*New Scribe: Mizou to replace Cathy, since Cathy is not currently a citizen in good standing, so she is not a qualified to be a member of the LUC.

- Sudane:
* She is slowly getting back to CN to update buildings
* When the above two are done, she will continue densifying NFS in the walls

- Rosie:
* She will work on re-parcelling of AM in the next week
* Schloss: Rosie is continuing adding normal and specular maps to the Schloss build. She is sorry that it takes so long as there are a lot of textures and every surface needs adjustment.

B: Update from others attending

- Emilia: I will be my own representative for now, and hope to make most of the LUC meetings if they can be on Sundays


Suggested by Delia: we don't have a board for chancellor being online. we do for the RA and for the EMs, but it would help for people to be able to easily contact the chancellor.
Mizou will look after the board since she made one for the EM’s.
Suggested by Delia: furniture for the first floor of the Rathaus.
Mizou can add buttons (AV Sitter) to add disposable furniture.

6. Next Meeting: March 1, 2020 - 10 AM slt
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