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Web Portal Bill

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Another proposal for Thursday. I'm grateful to CARE (Michel) for the initial drafting, this is largely based on his 'Media and Information' draft Bill.

[b:26igjz1v]Web Portal Bill[/b:26igjz1v]

1. The CDS Website, Forums, Wiki, Colonia Nova Blog and any other current or future web-based tools so designated or approved by the RA shall be considered as part of the CDS Web Portal.

2. The responsibility for administering and maintaining the CDS Web Portal lies with the Executive Branch, and in particular with the CDS Public Information Officer ("the PIO").

3. The RA hereby mandates the PIO to develop a coherent plan for consolidating, rationalising, and connecting the CDS Web Portal and all its indvidual elements -including a draft budget of the yearly costs.

4. The RA authorises the PIO to enter into exploratory discussions with the current legal owners of the various elements of the CDS Web Portal regarding the transfer of the latter and of all rights related thereto into CDS ownership.

5. The PIO shall prepare a report in this matter, including suggested legislative proposals (if any) and submit it to the RA for consideration no later than 1 September 2007.

6. The RA shall consider the PIO Report within 2 weeks of receipt of the report. It shall draft and vote on legislation on this matter no later than one calendar month after receipt of the PIO Report and in no case later than 1 October 2007.

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