How to save a transcript

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Rosie Gray
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How to save a transcript

Post by Rosie Gray »

For those who don't know how to use it, there is a Firestorm feature that makes it easy to capture transcripts. Here's how you do it:

1) Avatar -> Preferences -> Privacy then use the Save drop-down menu to select Log and transcripts. Then check the 4 options underneath that. This will initiate the saving of your logs.

2) Avatar -> Preferences -> Network & Files ->Directories Then you can click 'Set' next to the Conversation logs and transcripts location and set where you want to keep your transcripts. It's a good idea to create a different folder from the default, so that you won't accidentally delete them when doing a viewer upgrade.

3) Once you have your directory set, you can go to that same Directories window and click the 'open' button and it will take you to your directory where you will find all of your day's transcripts. For the open chat transcript, look for the one called 'chat-2020-xx-xx There will also be the transcripts of your IMs and group chats (only from when you are online!).

Hope that helps!

(posted originally under another thread, but I thought it would be useful here too)
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Mizou Vavoom
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Re: How to save a transcript

Post by Mizou Vavoom »

Thanks Rosie!
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