IMPORTANT information re upcoming elections!

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IMPORTANT information re upcoming elections!

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To all citizens qualified to vote in the elections for the Chancellor and Representative Assembly of 32th term

To ensure that polls open on the date and time specified in our Constitution, a third-party online voting system has been approved for use in this election. The system is called OpaVote, and you can find further information about it at this site:

Your access to the voting website will be sent to you by e-mail, from the OpaVote system. This means that you must provide a valid e-mail address and must check that e-mail for your voting information when the polling begins.

You do not have to use your personal or regular e-mail – although OpaVote (or the Scientific Council) does not use these e-mails for anything other than this election, and they are deleted once the election is over. You may choose to create an email account specifically for this election through gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other provider.

Provide your e-mail, as soon as possible, but at the latest at Nov 14 noon slt, by:

* Logging in to Second Life
* Creating a notecard and naming it - “Email address of <your name as it appears on the Citizen List>"
* Giving your name as it appears on the Citizen List and your valid e-mail address in the text of the notecard.
* Setting the permissions of the notecard to no modify, yes transfer, yes copy
* Dropping the notecard to Callipygian Christensen's inventory

Callipygian Christensen will check that all e-mail addresses received belong to a qualified voter, and that only one e-mail address is submitted per voter.

Qualified voters are those named on the Citizen List created on Oct 11

… who have maintained ownership of land in CDS continually since that List was published and are current in tier.

You need to follow this procedure even if you think Callipygian Christensen or another member of the SC has your email already.
If you have given your email to Callipygian Christensen and don´t get an email with a link to the voting website past 1pm slt on Nov 10, please contact Lilith Ivory for assistance

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions they can be directed to any member of the SC.
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