Minutes LUC Meeting June 12, 2021

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Minutes LUC Meeting June 12, 2021

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LUC Meeting 12 June 2021

Attending: Mizou Vavoom, Han Held, Rosie Gray, Sudane Erato, Emma Goldman, Delia Lake, Kyoko Furse-Barzane, Lilith Ivory, Tailsworth Moonshine

It was noted that this is not an official LUC meeting as all the new members are not appointed yet. Nothing could be voted on.
Chancellor Kyoko appointed Mizou to be Chancellor's Representative to the LUC, which Mizou accepted.

1. Minutes previous meeting for approval - https://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=9761

2. Agenda this meeting for approval

3. Old business:
1. Signage for the road names at LA and CN: (Mizou)
Mizou reported that she will be working on it as of tomorrow.

4. New business:
1. New MoCa building proposal by / Mizou
Rosie reminded everyone that the LUC is an advisory group, not a builders group, or a group commissioned to do building. It would be appropriate for someone building a project such as the MoCA renewal to seek advice from the Guild, or members of the guild. Otherwise, the approval of new builds is between the builder and the Chancellor. As long as the LUC sees no conflicts with the covenants, that is where this commission's parameters lie.

a. questionnaire for new MoCa - Chancellor Kyoko - will be referred to the guild
b. Visit old MoCa and show mock up. in place for overall look
- will be referred to the guild

c. Discuss private housing not covered in covenants - (Rosie)
Rosie thought there was a new private house in Alpine Meadow that might not fit the covenants, and that bringing this kind of thing up is one of the functions of the LUC.

Emma brought up that someone in Alpine Meadow was ejecting citizens who go near his house. She did not have an SLURL

5. Miscellaneous:
a. Connecting CDS to Linden waters update (Sudane)
Sudane reported that the ticket posting goes on and it appears that while they're (LL) not immediately open to the idea they are open to talking. So, discussions continue to see what they might be open to.

b. Ice cave review
Nothing more was decided

6. AOB: Anything else to discuss?
Kyoko thinks that the LA Village needs a name other than the LA Village. Sudane suggested Limani, which is Greek for harbour.
Rosie brought up that the Friedsee Skye water isn't finalized yet. Delia said she would fix it in the morning.

7. Setting date for next meeting
June 26 at noon (note that since this meeting the next meeting has been rescheduled to July 3)
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