Commission Meeting Transcript August 17, 2014

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Commission Meeting Transcript August 17, 2014

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[12:12] Lilith Ivory: A few housekeeping things before we start Leslie will be taking the notes and writing them up afterwards so please be aware that this meeting is recorded next, we will work through the questions on the notecard... let's try to keep on topic and not drift off too much
[12:12] Lilith Ivory: It is the mandate of this committee to make recommendations to the RA on what new sim or sims we should add to the CDS, and what that theme and placement should be. We will base these recommendations on the findings of the commission through the survey already conducted, and these in-world meetings.

[12:13] Lilith Ivory: Summary of New Sim Survey Results
So far, with our survey, some patterns have emerged:
1. A majority continues to desire adding a sim of some sort, mostly land, but a desire for water (though not a water sim) is not insignificant.
[08:07] Rosie Gray: 2. Almost all respondents would use a land sim in one manner or other, though no activities dominate.
3. As a theme, everything is mentioned, though most are against a Roman theme (54%), and French was mentioned 4 times (17%).
4, A generally (not historical) European master plan, with sims being centered on individual countries would appear to fit the sensibilities of most respondents.
5. Land Use was split, however not many preferred commercial/conference space.

[12:13] Lilith Ivory: do you want to say or ask something Cleo before we go through the question again?
[12:13] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes
[12:13] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Did you say you will be posting the transcripts of all the meetings too for the historical record?
[12:14] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:14] Arria (arria.perreault): I consent to be recorded
[12:14] Lilith Ivory looks to her commission chair
[12:15] Rosie Gray: yes we'll be posting edited transcripts (just edited to take out extraneous stuff)
[12:15] Sheena Jewell is online.
[12:15] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: edited ? i object to the transcripts being edited personally
[12:15] Lilith Ivory: does this answer your Question Cleo?
[12:15] Rosie Gray: Leslie is taking the transcripts and doing the editing, and also compiling the information into a graph, so that we can have a good overview of peoples ideas
[12:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: no i think that the full transcripts need to be posted, not edited ones. ty
[12:16] Rosie Gray shrugs
[12:16] Leslie Allandale: I am taking out times and hellos, and I need to goes
[12:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: then you arent posting the transcripts
[12:16] Rosie Gray: it's just to make it easier to read Cleo
[12:17] Rosie Gray: he's not editing out your speeches
[12:17] Lilith Ivory: can we start going throuch the questions now?
[12:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nothing but times should be taken out
[12:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: not hellos even
[12:17] Leslie Allandale: I don't care if someone wants to read the whole transcript, but I am editing them so the committee doesnt have to wade through extraneous material.
[12:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nor comments, its a historical record
[12:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: can you also post the uncut version of everything people said, its very important it hink
[12:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: and what happens in CDS always
[12:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We dont edit history .. now i am done.
[12:18] Lilith Ivory: 6. A referendum during the last election showed strong support for a new region; however, changes announced subsequently by Linden Labs may have affected people’s desire to expand. What is your current opinion on this?
[12:19] Lilith Ivory: ok first question :)
[12:19] Arria (arria.perreault): What are the announced changes ?
[12:19] Arria (arria.perreault): fees?
[12:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: none really that affect anything as far as i know
[12:19] Lilith Ivory: it´s about this SL2 thingy
[12:19] Arria (arria.perreault): I know that
[12:19] Tor Karlsvalt is online.
[12:20] Arria (arria.perreault): I thought they have announced ther informations like changes in fees
[12:20] Lilith Ivory: some people are conncerned SL as it is now might get in problems because of SL2 that´s why we were asking this question
[12:20] Arria (arria.perreault): I think that we can add a sim because it will take some time before SL2 is open
[12:21] Leslie Allandale: raises hand
[12:21] Lilith Ivory: are you done Arria?
[12:21] Arria (arria.perreault): for now yes
[12:21] Rosie Gray raises hand
[12:22] Lilith Ivory: Hi Spider
[12:22] Rosie Gray: hi Spider
[12:22] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[12:22] Spider22997 Upshaw: hello everyone
[12:23] Lilith Ivory: first Les and than Cleo :)
[12:23] Rosie Gray: ahem
[12:23] Lilith Ivory: yes Rosie?
[12:23] Leslie Allandale: I believe the question refers to the fact that a mass exodus might empty the current CDS sims
[12:23] Rosie Gray: I raised my hand after Leslie
[12:23] Lilith Ivory: oh sorry yes
[12:23] Leslie Allandale: done
[12:23] Lilith Ivory: Les, than Rosie and next Cleo :)
[12:23] Sheena Jewell is offline.
[12:24] Rosie Gray: sorry Leslie
[12:24] Leslie Allandale: done
[12:24] Cadence Theas is offline.
[12:24] Rosie Gray: I think that's the point of asking the question too
[12:24] Rosie Gray: but I think we can add a region anyway
[12:24] Sheena Jewell is online.
[12:24] Rosie Gray: we can afford it... not that I believe we should waste the reserves
[12:24] Rosie Gray: but I think we will make it work
[12:25] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods
[12:25] Rosie Gray: and who knows how long it will take for LL to get their new SL2 going
[12:25] Rosie Gray: done
[12:25] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[12:25] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I didnt answer the survey, but i think this will not hurt CDS at all, infact if sl grows we will do well and also grow, and if SL shrinks , we have a unique product that will bring new citizens to our stable sims... i have seen us grow in both times in SL.. done .. so my answer is i want a new sim and to grow just as much as i did before Ll said this .
[12:26] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We will grow whether LL grows or is in decline. And there is huge demand for more land now . urgently
[12:26] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:26] Lilith Ivory: thank you :)
[12:27] Alassariah is online.
[12:27] Lilith Ivory: does anybody else want to say something about this question? or can we go to the next one
[12:27] Arria (arria.perreault): next ㋡
[12:27] Lilith Ivory: 7. If CDS adds a new – mostly land – region, what are you most likely to do?
[12:28] Arria (arria.perreault): I can tell my opinion
[12:28] Lilith Ivory: yes please Arria :)
[12:29] Lilith Ivory: wb Spider
[12:29] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[12:29] Leslie Allandale: welcome back Spider
[12:29] Arria (arria.perreault): I would like to add a sim south to the Monastery and west to NFS. We would have two complete lines of sim, very symetric
[12:30] Rosie Gray nods in agreement

[12:30] Arria (arria.perreault): I'll come later to theme and use of land. done
[12:30] Leslie Allandale: nods
[12:30] Spider22997 Upshaw: tu :)
[12:30] Lilith Ivory: we already had a lot of agreement to add the new Sim there
[12:30] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[12:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: is the question what would we do if you get a land sim ? like would we buy land or what ?
[12:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: not sure i knwo what you are looking for here
[12:31] Rosie Gray: yes that's the gist of it... would you buy more land in addition to what you have already, or in exchange for, or not buy at all
[12:31] Lilith Ivory: yes I think the question was who would like to buy new land there or move to the new sim
[12:31] Sheena Jewell is online.
[12:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ok
[12:32] Leslie Allandale: or visit it
[12:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i would assist the numerous people now seeking to join CDS who cannot do so because we havent had land available for months and months.
[12:33] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i had more yesterday come who are friends of a citizen here who want more land.. and yes, if it was available and no one else bought it , id buy some to my lmit of parcels.
[12:33] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:33] Lilith Ivory: andybody else?
[12:33] Tor Karlsvalt is offline.
[12:34] Lilith Ivory: let´s move to the next question
[12:34] Lilith Ivory: 8. If CDS adds a mostly land region, do you have preferences regarding theme?
[12:34] Callipygian Christensen: I filled out the survey, so don't feel repeating myself and posibly having my replies counted twice is appropriate - thus the quiet :)
[12:34] Leslie Allandale: Raises hand
[12:35] Lilith Ivory: Leslie?
[12:35] Leslie Allandale: I am filling out a chart for the committee, which doesn't take into account the survey, so if guests could comment here, it would help with my analysts
[12:35] Leslie Allandale: done
[12:36] Lilith Ivory: thanks Les
[12:36] Leslie Allandale: analysis
[12:36] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand..
[12:36] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[12:36] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: not only did i not fill out the survey , without askign around even, i know of at least five other citizens who did not fill it out either
[12:36] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:37] Lilith Ivory: do you think those are coming to one of our citizens meetings Cleo?
[12:37] Lilith Ivory: It would be very helpful to know what all of our citizens want
[12:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: lith if they dont come to all the meetings they wont be giving input to all the questions.
[12:38] Lilith Ivory nods
[12:38] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods and if we had a new sim it would be good too :) i think basically people just want more land in CDS
[12:38] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: not really that picky about the details
[12:38] Lilith Ivory smiles and nods
[12:39] Lilith Ivory: Spider, Arria, would you like to add something too? (as you are the only ones here who have not been at the sunday meeting)
[12:39] Spider22997 Upshaw: well yes
[12:39] Leslie Allandale: Please
[12:39] Spider22997 Upshaw: i think details are very important
[12:40] Arria (arria.perreault): about the theme : mountains and cottages
[12:40] Lilith Ivory nods in agreement
[12:40] Arria (arria.perreault): and a skiing area
[12:41] Callipygian Christensen: I am not attached to any theme in particular, other than that it be one that 'fits' with whatever regions it is attached to
[12:41] Arria (arria.perreault): And if it need some changes in the Monastery sim, I am open, as long as I can keep my parcel
[12:41] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I agree with Calli totally :)
[12:41] Lilith Ivory: thank you Arria
[12:41] Arria (arria.perreault): for example, we could modify the river and make it longer, starting in the upper sim
[12:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: oh good idea Arria
[12:42] Arria (arria.perreault): done
[12:42] Lilith Ivory smiles
[12:42] Lilith Ivory: next question
[12:42] Lilith Ivory: 9. If CDS adds a mostly land region, do you have preferences regarding features?
[12:44] Rosie Gray raises hand
[12:44] Lilith Ivory: that´s about details like having a gathering space, ski run, hiking or riding trails
[12:44] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[12:44] Lilith Ivory: Cleo and next Rosie
[12:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I have heard lots of ideas from citizens and i like most all of them i have heard, :) done
[12:45] Oliver Mascarenhas (kamuca) is online.
[12:45] Lilith Ivory: yes, we had some very good ideas at the last meeting already
[12:45] Lilith Ivory: Rosie?
[12:46] Rosie Gray: thanks... I think that there are two things that are important
[12:46] Callipygian Christensen raises her hand
[12:46] Rosie Gray: one is that the sim blend physically with the adjacent sims, and the other is that there is some kind of core attraction
[12:46] Rosie Gray: like the skiing/hiking/etc.
[12:47] Lilith Ivory nods in agreement
[12:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[12:47] Rosie Gray: I love the idea of extending the river feature making it the origin of water that flows down to Monastery
[12:47] Rosie Gray: whatever the core attraction is though, I think we need to have something
[12:47] Rosie Gray: done
[12:47] Lilith Ivory: thank you Rosie
[12:48] Arria (arria.perreault): and I think that a ski area could attract visitors
[12:48] Lilith Ivory: Calli?
[12:48] Callipygian Christensen: mostly residential, some commercial space perhaps centred around any specific activity hub e.g. ariport, riding stable, whatever
[12:48] Arria (arria.perreault): a ski lodge where we can gather and have event seems a great idea
[12:49] Arria (arria.perreault): I would suggest an heliport more than an airport
[12:49] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods arria
[12:49] Leslie Allandale: good idea.
[12:49] Rosie Gray: why a heliport?
[12:50] Arria (arria.perreault): it's rather common in the mountains
[12:50] Leslie Allandale: plausibility
[12:50] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods
[12:50] Arria (arria.perreault): there is no much room to take off for planes
[12:50] Leslie Allandale: exactly
[12:50] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: airports need long flat runways heilports do not :)
[12:51] Lilith Ivory: are you done Calli btw?
[12:51] Arria (arria.perreault): exactly
[12:51] Rosie Gray nods
[12:51] Chandra Deed is online.
[12:52] Callipygian Christensen: sorry..yes
[12:52] Lilith Ivory smiles
[12:52] Lilith Ivory: thanks Calli
[12:52] Lilith Ivory: Cleo is next
[12:52] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We do have skiing already in NFS, AM and I am not sure it is really used so much we need more... though its not that hard to do skiing if there is a mountain
[12:52] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: … but the idea i liked the most was making it a sim that is Educationally focused and making that the theme of the sim, with a Library or university type center with smaller and lots of smaller houses surrounding it .. with a keen eye to draw in the World of Education in SL to our sims, it would be a great focus for us
[12:52] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:53] Sheena Jewell is online.
[12:53] Lilith Ivory: I think this is a good idea but might fit better to NFS E than west
[12:54] Lilith Ivory: Spider do you want to add something about features too?
[12:56] Lilith Ivory: the next question is:
[12:56] Lilith Ivory: 10 If you purchased a parcel in the new Sim, how would you prefer it to look like (lake/river front, mountain view etc)
[12:56] Spider22997 Upshaw: mountain view
[12:56] Rosie Gray raises hand
[12:56] Arria (arria.perreault): mountain view too
[12:56] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[12:56] Lilith Ivory: Rosie?
[12:57] Rosie Gray: if I did, I'd like a mountain view, and possibly beside a lake or river
[12:57] Rosie Gray: done
[12:57] Lilith Ivory: same here lol
[12:57] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: 1. river front 2. lake 3. mv in that order .
[12:57] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[12:57] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[12:57] Spider22997 Upshaw: raises hand
[12:57] Lilith Ivory: Spider?
[12:58] Spider22997 Upshaw: have you thought about having a buggy ride to travel the roads
[12:58] Spider22997 Upshaw: land anyone can get a ride
[12:58] Callipygian Christensen: no preferences - I tend to buy land if I see something and like it for a variety of reasons
[12:58] Lilith Ivory: this idea is new indeed :)
[12:58] Leslie Allandale: a horse drawn tram
[12:58] Spider22997 Upshaw: so it would stay on common ground
[12:58] Leslie Allandale: for tourists
[12:58] Rosie Gray: people have mentioned trail riding
[12:58] Spider22997 Upshaw: and get at the tour company
[12:59] [12:59] Lilith Ivory: I know all horse owners are desperately looking for estates to riude them
[12:59] Spider22997 Upshaw: no need for prims for balloon
[12:59] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: what a great idea !
[12:59] Spider22997 Upshaw: if they stay on the roads
[12:59] Spider22997 Upshaw: and you could have stops along the way
[13:00] Spider22997 Upshaw: maybe a tavern
[13:00] Rosie Gray: or ski chalet ㋡
[13:00] Spider22997 Upshaw: yes
[13:00] Arria (arria.perreault): yes, a chalet ㋡
[13:00] Lilith Ivory: I like the idea of a tavern or ski lodge for events
[13:00] Spider22997 Upshaw: ski chalet where dances are held
[13:00] Lilith Ivory: like the schloss but more for casual events
[13:02] Spider22997 Upshaw: and also maybe a cave with beautiful walkways through the mountains
[13:02] Spider22997 Upshaw: with streams etc
[13:03] Lilith Ivory: I love those in RL but that´s difficult to do here :(
[13:03] Spider22997 Upshaw: kk
[13:03] Lilith Ivory: any more ideas?
[13:04] Lilith Ivory: so next question:
[13:04] Lilith Ivory: 11. A new mostly water region would likely require increase in tier for everyone. Would you be willing to pay a share of expenses for a recreational water region?
[13:04] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[13:04] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[13:05] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I think this assumption is false. I think there are ways that we can have water sims without raising everyones tier
[13:05] Lilith Ivory: I agree on that Cleo
[13:05] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[13:05] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ty lil
[13:06] Lilith Ivory: I still think if we bought a homestead and had a few islands there the Sim would pay it´s tier
[13:07] Spider22997 Upshaw: spider raises hand
[13:07] Lilith Ivory: yes Spider?
[13:07] Sheena Jewell is offline.
[13:07] Spider22997 Upshaw: i dont think a single sim would be that great as a water sim, i have lived on water sims
[13:07] Sheena Jewell is online.
[13:08] Spider22997 Upshaw: and you need more then just one sim for it to really be anything
[13:08] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods
[13:08] Lilith Ivory nods
[13:09] Rosie Gray nods
[13:09] Lilith Ivory: 12. If CDS adds a new – mostly water – region, would you be likely to purchase a parcel there in addition to your existing parcels, or?
[13:10] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: or ?
[13:10] Lilith Ivory: or not lol
[13:10] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[13:10] Lilith Ivory: just use it or bring friends :)
[13:10] Lilith Ivory: yes Cleo
[13:11] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I would buy them if no one else wanted them and i would help new citizens, not just friends, but anyone who expressed an interest in coming to CDS and being a new citizen to get one if there was one..
[13:11] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[13:11] Arria (arria.perreault): I could rent a lighthouse ㋡
[13:11] Lilith Ivory: thanks
[13:11] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: good idea aria !
[13:12] Lilith Ivory: we could have a fortress to protect our democracy against Caledon ;-)
[13:13] CLEOPATRA Xigalia giggles
[13:13] Spider22997 Upshaw: lol
[13:13] Lilith Ivory: anybody else who wants to answer this question?
[13:13] Rosie Gray raises hand
[13:14] Lilith Ivory: Rosie?
[13:14] Rosie Gray: I might decide to move from my NFS parcels to there, if I liked the island
[13:15] Rosie Gray: but generally I agree that one water sim alone wouldn't cut it for sailors
[13:15] Rosie Gray: done
[13:15] Sheena Jewell is online.
[13:15] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[13:15] Spider22997 Upshaw: spider raises hand
[13:15] ian Bleac is offline.
[13:15] Lilith Ivory: in my experience Islands on homesteads get sold quickly as they give more privacy than a home on a land Sim but we could not get many new citizens this way
[13:16] Lilith Ivory: first Cleo and next Spider
[13:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We could put three water sims around the edge of LA and connect it to the river we already have that goes from NFS to L A
[13:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: with islands in them
[13:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: and also sell small parcels for citizenship in the water on which one cannot rez permanetly but can use to rez a boat and sail only
[13:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: done
[13:17] Spider22997 Upshaw: the only sim with water that i could see would be maybe Venice with cannals throughtout and then have gondolas for tours
[13:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand !
[13:17] Arria (arria.perreault): Water sims would be in addition of other sims or do we have to choose between water sims and land sims ?
[13:17] Sheena Jewell is offline.
[13:18] Leslie Allandale: raises hand
[13:18] Lilith Ivory: at the last meeting we had a majority to fill the hole between NFS and Monastery and start thinking about adding more Sims after we have this one done
[13:19] Lilith Ivory: Cleo is next, than Les
[13:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Venice would be cool off CN done
[13:19] Lilith Ivory: Les?
[13:20] Leslie Allandale: You answered it Lilith.
[13:20] Leslie Allandale: ty
[13:20] Lilith Ivory smiles
[13:20] Arria (arria.perreault): ty
[13:20] Lilith Ivory: last night I also had the idea of having the lagoon of venice as theme for an island Sim btw
[13:20] Lilith Ivory: it´s way cool there
[13:21] Lilith Ivory: and the only spot in italy I can think of that has islands like this
[13:21] Callipygian Christensen raises her hand
[13:22] Lilith Ivory: Calli?
[13:22] Callipygian Christensen: Just to have it noted, that if water regions that are not full prim sims are considered to provide larger water sapces, then limits on avatara dn prims kick in
[13:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia raises hand
[13:23] Lilith Ivory nods
[13:23] Rosie Gray nods
[13:23] Lilith Ivory: are you done Calli?
[13:23] Callipygian Christensen: yes
[13:24] Lilith Ivory: Cleo?
[13:25] Spider22997 Upshaw: spider raises hand
[13:25] CLEOPATRA Xigalia is offline.
[13:25] Lilith Ivory: oops
[13:26] Lilith Ivory: Spider while we are waiting for Cleo to return
[13:26] Spider22997 Upshaw: i have a shop at a venie sim here is the LM if you would like to look
[13:26] Lilith Ivory: yes please :)
[13:26] Lilith Ivory loves venice
[13:26] Spider22997 Upshaw: i will pass out the LM ok
[13:26] Lilith Ivory: please
[13:28] Lilith Ivory: ok next question
[13:28] Callipygian Christensen: ah yes, Venzia is really pretty
[13:28] Lilith Ivory: 13. If CDS adds an outpost region or parcel on another grid, what are you likely to do, and what grid would you recommend?
[13:28] Lilith Ivory: this seems to be a new one as we didn´t come this far at the last meeting :)
[13:28] Rosie Gray: yes!
[13:28] Lilith Ivory: any other grid experts here?
[13:29] Rosie Gray raises hand
[13:29] Lilith Ivory: Rosie?
[13:29] Arria (arria.perreault): I think we could make several experiences
[13:29] Callipygian Christensen has enough lives already and has no interest in other grids
[13:29] CLEOPATRA Xigalia is online.
[13:29] Lilith Ivory laughs
[13:29] Rosie Gray: I wouldn't call myself a grid expert by even the remotest standards, but I have had a little experience on other grids
[13:30] Rosie Gray: the only one that would really interest me would be InWorldz, which seems to be rapidly catching up to SL
[13:30] Rosie Gray: so, if we did that, I would recommend InWorldz, but perhaps just an outpost
[13:30] Rosie Gray: and I'd likely only visit it once in a while
[13:30] Rosie Gray: done
[13:30] Lilith Ivory: thanks Rosie
[13:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia is offline.
[13:31] Lilith Ivory: Cleo we are already at a new question but you can say something to the one before you crashed if you like
[13:31] Lilith Ivory: oops gone again
[13:32] Lilith Ivory: I have an Inworldz account but have never been there before
[13:32] Lilith Ivory: so it´s not very likely I will spend much time there as I agree with Calli, I have lifes enough already :)
[13:32] Arria (arria.perreault): I had a sim in Open sim and I may have an account in several grids. But nothing compare to SL.
[13:33] Arria (arria.perreault): these grids are very empty
[13:33] Lilith Ivory nods
[13:33] Rosie Gray nods
[13:34] Lilith Ivory: I know we have some citizens who are in Inworldz so I think this might be the best choice IF we want to expand there
[13:34] Lilith Ivory: any other thoughts?
[13:35] Kayleigh Quan is online.
[13:35] Arria (arria.perreault): I think that we should follow the development of SL2 and think to the possibilities of migrating our sims and builds, if possible
[13:36] Rosie Gray: agreed, Arria!
[13:36] Lilith Ivory: yes!
[13:36] Spider22997 Upshaw: yes i agree Arria
[13:36] Leslie Allandale: aye
[13:36] Spider22997 Upshaw: not enough of the future is know
[13:37] Leslie Allandale: raises hand
[13:37] Lilith Ivory giggles thinking if CDS starts thinking about SL2 now we might be ready just in time ;-)
[13:37] Lilith Ivory: Les?
[13:38] Arria (arria.perreault): hehe ...
[13:38] Rosie Gray laughs
[13:38] Leslie Allandale: I think outpost is operative work, maybe on SL2 beta?
[13:38] Lilith Ivory grins
[13:39] Lilith Ivory: I personally am not in a hurry to move anywehre but am fine if the majority decides something different
[13:39] Callipygian Christensen: I'll stand on the dock and wave to the departing ships, space or otherwise
[13:39] Jocelyne Tennyson is online.
[13:39] Spider22997 Upshaw: i worry that money will be wasted
[13:39] Rosie Gray: hahhaha, Calli
[13:40] Arria (arria.perreault): We have to think about this because a possible consequence of the opening of SL2 would be the closing of SL1 ....
[13:40] Spider22997 Upshaw: lol
[13:40] Lilith Ivory grins
[13:40] Arria (arria.perreault): not immediately, but some years later
[13:40] Spider22997 Upshaw: exactl Arria
[13:40] Lilith Ivory: so far LL said they won´t close SL1 but ya never know of course
[13:40] Rosie Gray nods
[13:40] Spider22997 Upshaw: but it could mean a great loss of service to encourage all to move
[13:41] Chyna Muggins is offline.
[13:41] Lilith Ivory nods
[13:41] Leslie Allandale: SL1 will be a big money maker for them, as more 3rd world countries come on line, who won't be able to access sl2
[13:41] Lilith Ivory: for me it mainly depends on where my friends move
[13:41] Spider22997 Upshaw: that is what i think LL would do
[13:42] Callipygian Christensen: I dont think LL has ever actually met their target date on any major change - so 2 years is probably the low end of the scale..and they'll go through three more CEOs by then and the whole thing may be droppped.
[13:42] Lilith Ivory: I agree
[13:42] Arria (arria.perreault): right ... we just have to keep an eye on the story and see what will happen
[13:43] Arria (arria.perreault): MSN will definitely close in october ... we have time ;-)
[13:43] Leslie Allandale: possibly, but not likely dropped, it is a good buisness model
[13:43] Lilith Ivory: with any major update I loos friends whoms computers are not strong enough to make it online and I am concerned it might be the same with SL2
[13:44] Rosie Gray: :(
[13:44] Leslie Allandale: It will
[13:44] Lilith Ivory stops cursing about that and moves to the next question if nobody has to add something more
[13:45] Arria (arria.perreault): anyway we have time to build and run several sims in SL1
[13:45] Lilith Ivory: I agree :)
[13:45] Leslie Allandale: yes
[13:45] Lilith Ivory: I just saw we are here for nearly 2 hours now and close to wrap this up
[13:46] Lilith Ivory: I´d like to ask especially Arria and Spider who have not been at the first meeting to give us a short statement about their preferances for a new Sim
[13:47] Lilith Ivory: who wants to start?
[13:47] Spider22997 Upshaw: go ahead
[13:48] Lilith Ivory: Arria?
[13:48] Arria (arria.perreault): I think I was clear : a sim next to NFS and Monastery to fill the gap. The theme is open but it should be related to the mountains. I'd like to see a ski area there.
[13:48] Lilith Ivory nods
[13:49] Arria (arria.perreault): I think we should make a concept and see how this sim could be connected to NFS and Monastery.
[13:49] Kayleigh Quan is offline.
[13:49] Arria (arria.perreault): Of course, I'd like to have water sims around LA and CN, but it is a prio 2 for me
[13:49] Arria (arria.perreault): done
[13:50] Spider22997 Upshaw: for water i think venice, but I do like the mountains
[13:50] Spider22997 Upshaw: but i actually think we should wait to see what LL does
[13:50] Spider22997 Upshaw: there is no rush
[13:50] Spider22997 Upshaw: done
[13:50] Lilith Ivory: thanks Spider and Arria
[13:51] Spider22997 Upshaw: thank you Lillith
[13:51] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[13:51] Arria (arria.perreault): yw
[13:51] Lilith Ivory: so far it looks like the majority would like to have a Sim between Monastery and NFS and to follow the proposal Tio made .... looking for the link
[13:52] Lilith Ivory: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4715
[13:52] Lilith Ivory: yw :)
[13:53] Lilith Ivory: Rosie has also opened discussions at the forum for more input from citizens to the different topics
[13:53] Rosie Gray: yes please put your comments there
[13:53] Rosie Gray: I made some different threads so that we can keep the comments organized
[13:53] Lilith Ivory: that was a good idea Rosie
[13:54] Rosie Gray: I hope so, lol
[13:54] Spider22997 Upshaw: well thank you all, but i must leave
[13:54] Rosie Gray: nobody has made a comment yet!
[13:54] Spider22997 Upshaw: take care
[13:54] Rosie Gray: bye Spider ㋡
[13:54] Lilith Ivory: anything more before I officially adjourn this meeting?
[13:54] Spider22997 Upshaw: byee
[13:54] Lilith Ivory: bye Spider
[13:54] Callipygian Christensen: sorry..yes
[13:54] Rosie Gray: let me give you the links to the comments threads
[13:54] Leslie Allandale: I need to leave too.
[13:54] Lilith Ivory: aaww
[13:54] Callipygian Christensen: I got distracted by an art purchaser
[13:54] Lilith Ivory: yes calli?
[13:54] Callipygian Christensen: oh..ok..i can save the comment and post it on forums I guess
[13:55] Lilith Ivory: I could also keep the transcript and pass it to Les
[13:55] Callipygian Christensen: ok
[13:55] Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5429
[13:55] Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5431
[13:55] Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5433
[13:55] Cadence Theas is online.
[13:56] Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5435
[13:56] Arria (arria.perreault): when does the RA decide ? is there a planification already ?
[13:56] Callipygian Christensen: I would like all citizens to keep in mind that participating NOW in this process is important; as things move along, if everyone then wants to add their 'I wants' then we will have another dragged out nightmare like LA
[13:56] Rosie Gray: no Arria, we are getting feedback first from everyone
[13:57] Rosie Gray: I agree Calli!!
[13:57] Lilith Ivory applauds Calli!
[13:57] Callipygian Christensen: So participate, then let the process actually happen.
[13:57] Arria (arria.perreault): right, Calli
[13:57] Arria (arria.perreault): thank you Rosie.
[13:57] Rosie Gray: there should be no excuse for people not having an opportunity to participate
[13:57] Leslie Allandale: Thank you all.
[13:57] Rosie Gray: we had the survey, and now the inworld meetings

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