10th Anniversary kick off meeting 5th July 2014

discussions related to planning the 10th Anniversary of CDS

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10th Anniversary kick off meeting 5th July 2014

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Please see the transcript below for the kick off meeting on June 5th 2014. This was a brainstorming meeting for ideas and memories. Please read and add posts as you think of things you remember or ideas you have for the celebrations. We will review at the next meeting in a week and select ideas to develop.

Thank you all for attending and contributing.

next meeting Saturday 12th July at 8am SLT at the Chancellors office.

[14:02] Ceasar Xigalia: Just to remind everyone this meeting is being recorded and will be posted to the forums
[14:02] Ceasar Xigalia: Hi Pat
[14:02] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): hey Pat
[14:03] AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Pat
[14:03] Ceasar Xigalia: i'll give a copyof minutes in case others wish to join us
[14:03] Ceasar Xigalia: couple*
[14:04] AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Delia
[14:04] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hi delia
[14:04] Delia Lake: Hello :)
[14:04] Lilith Ivory: Hi Delia
[14:04] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): Hey Delia
[14:05] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: AN !
[14:05] Ceasar Xigalia: hi Delia
[14:05] Ceasar Xigalia: Andromeda
[14:05] Lilith Ivory: Hi Andromeda
[14:06] Ceasar Xigalia: for the people who just arrived I am recording the meeting
[14:06] Ceasar Xigalia: :)
[14:06] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): Hi Andromeda
[14:06] Ceasar Xigalia: so that people can read and give their input on the forums
[14:06] Andromeda Mesmer: Hi everybody.
[14:07] Ceasar Xigalia: I put a notecard together with a set dates that are the anniversaries of significant events during the founding of CDS
[14:07] Ceasar Xigalia: July 31 2004 Haney Linden launches project for communities wishing to preserve the snow sims/ kick off 10th anniversary celebration
September 12 2004 Proposal Approved, 10 year anniversary celebration
September 20 2004 Land in Anzere, 10 th Birthday of CDS Celebration!
Tenth anniversary size celebration of Oktoberfest !
November 14 2004 Provisional Government, 10th anniversary
[14:07] Ceasar Xigalia: obviously 10 years ago
[14:08] Ceasar Xigalia: I propose these are dates we need to celebrate
[14:08] Ceasar Xigalia: or thoughts about these dates?
[14:08] Ceasar Xigalia: does anyone have any other dates they wish to suggest
[14:09] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i have a question .. i have seen the 21st stated as the birthdy too, of september.
[14:09] Delia Lake: It might be a good idea to check with Gwyn and Sudane to see if they recollect any other important dates
[14:09] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: which day is accurate, i think your list C is from the forums, right?
[14:09] Andromeda Mesmer: All those dates seem fine.
[14:10] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i think we should run our 10th birthday celebration from end JUne onwards :) let's make it run into oktoberfest
[14:10] Ceasar Xigalia: yes I hope that everyone will give input on the forums
[14:10] Andromeda Mesmer: And any celebrations in September could lead naturally into Octoberfest.
[14:10] Ceasar Xigalia: I will personally ask Sudane and Gwyn
[14:10] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): *en-July
[14:10] Lilith Ivory: I would love to hear them tell a few stories about this time
[14:11] Ceasar Xigalia: if you look at my past notices I did suggest we include Oktoberfest
[14:11] AbbyRose Abbot: I agree, Lilith
[14:11] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I agree Pat and Lilith !
[14:12] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: So the kickoff is the End of July ?
[14:12] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): the chicken hats were a feature of early oktoberfests. kendra designed them. we should see if we can recreate them
[14:12] AbbyRose Abbot: We would like to do a Circus themed eveny in mid-August "if" we can get builders, designers, etc to help with it.
[14:12] Ceasar Xigalia: perhaps we can just start brainstorming ideas to kick this off
[14:12] Ceasar Xigalia: :)
[14:12] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): great idea abby
[14:13] Ceasar Xigalia: anyone say what ideas they have
[14:13] Ceasar Xigalia: dont worry about waiting to speak
[14:13] Delia Lake: didn't the logo have a chicken, Pat?
[14:13] Ceasar Xigalia: :)
[14:13] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): here's an idea - a six hour party starting in anzere and going thru each sim in order when it opened. a different theme/DJs for each hour
[14:13] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I ws thinking that we could have a sort of tour, were we go from spot to spot in CDS where there are ..historiccal events happened, includng the opening of each sim.
[14:14] Lilith Ivory: I think the chicken had a big meaning in the beginning
[14:14] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i don't recall that delia! but you migth be right. will try to find photos
[14:14] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): great idea cleo. there's lots of history to celebrate
[14:14] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i like the idea of a progressive party to kick off ?
[14:14] Delia Lake: we have one of the original nutcrackers in MoCA
[14:14] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: neat !
[14:14] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Hi Stephen
[14:15] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we coudl recreate the U-quake by deleting half the NFS sim :)
[14:15] AbbyRose Abbot: I like the idea too.
[14:15] AbbyRose Abbot: Hi Stephen
[14:15] Delia Lake: lol Pat.
[14:15] Lilith Ivory: Hi Stephen
[14:15] Delia Lake: not
[14:15] Ceasar Xigalia: hi stephen
[14:15] Delia Lake: Hi Stephen
[14:15] Stephen Xootfly: Greetings, everyone.
[14:15] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: so some temporary, historical info, installations on each sim.. that can be traveled from one to another like a tour.. telling bout CDS/??
[14:15] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): hi stephen
[14:15] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: OH DEAR PAT !
[14:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: that might upset sudane ! :)
[14:16] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=neual ... ng;500;646
[14:16] Andromeda Mesmer: Is there any chance we could get some of the old buildings upt up? Like something from Al Andalus? Or any others? I understand that some people liked the old church.
[14:16] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): chicken hat. on ulrika
[14:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i dont know .. but the AA merger is a big part of our history Andromeda. that is true
[14:17] Delia Lake: the chicken logo is on the wall upstairs in the rathaus
[14:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I wonder if draxtor would do a machinima for us, as he is a former citizen ?
[14:17] Stephen Xootfly: Are talking about advertising CDS for a specific event?
[14:17] Delia Lake: Drax did machimima of both NFS and AA. I'm sure we could play those
[14:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: OH Stephen, sorry, the CDS is about to have its 10th anniversary !
[14:18] Andromeda Mesmer: yes - 10th anniversary.
[14:18] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we should mark the al andalus merger and demerger in some way. difficult to do it in a way which does not offend someone tho. we should try
[14:18] Stephen Xootfly: neat!
[14:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Brainstorming about the events.
[14:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes pat, how do we do that ? .. an instalation at the edge of the sim where AA was
[14:18] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: movies slide shows ?
[14:18] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i'd like to commemorate those we have lost too. kendra looms large in my mind. she was a creative brain who designed much of neualtenaburg
[14:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: definitely , nods
[14:19] Lilith Ivory: on flikr are some pictures about when the AA Sims joined us
[14:19] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): those are all good ideas cleo
[14:19] Delia Lake: I was thinking about Kendra too
[14:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we need to just start gathering everyhing we can get our hands on
[14:19] Stephen Xootfly: is it too late to commission someone to write a play about the founding and history? then have avatars play it out?
[14:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: OH that is a great idea Stephen !
[14:19] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): love that idea stephen! we are not short on drama
[14:19] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I think we can do that before Spetember 21
[14:19] Andromeda Mesmer: If there are any old timers still around in SL somewhere - like old Lindens, or old former citizens, we should let
[14:20] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hahaha pat and i can throw tomatoes at each other.
[14:20] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hmm.. old lindens, ??
[14:20] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i think reaching out to forrmer citizens is a good idea. some will be amazed we are still here
[14:20] Stephen Xootfly: or, have Cleo and Pat bots throw tomatoes at each other.
[14:20] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Theprincess might rise up from the grave
[14:20] AbbyRose Abbot: speakers would be nice
[14:20] Delia Lake: Hanley left LL years ago
[14:20] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes !
[14:20] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): and there are some lindens who were sponsors at one time
[14:20] Andromeda Mesmer: Commemorating those who have gone away would be good - whether gone from RL too, or just from SL.
[14:20] Delia Lake: he works for a ngo in the SF area now
[14:21] Stephen Xootfly: yeah, like the official historian reading a history that is poetic would be cool. Like Canterbury Tales.
[14:21] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We can ask around
[14:21] Delia Lake: a lot of the really good things about sl would never have happened without Hanley
[14:21] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: So who writes plays ? Ludo
[14:21] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): comedy?
[14:22] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we actually have a citizen who did a similar thing in rl stephen
[14:22] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: wrote a play about the town, for it anniversary
[14:22] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we should reach out to connnected communties too - those who were in al andalus, the people around kendra in port neualtenburg and cedar island and caledon too
[14:22] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Roma
[14:22] Stephen Xootfly: nice.
[14:22] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): yes, roma too
[14:22] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: definitely Cedar Island
[14:23] Andromeda Mesmer: Roma would be great.
[14:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: What other communitys are connected, is Caledon /
[14:23] Andromeda Mesmer: The store Abranimations just celebrated the 10th anniversary last month -
[14:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: was des ever a citizen?
[14:23] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we should invite prokofy neva to come back and predict our immiment demise :) like he's been doing for ten years!
[14:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Andromeda dont you have some of ulrikas things ?
[14:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: YES Pat !
[14:23] Ceasar Xigalia: Des used to write on the forums
[14:23] Andromeda Mesmer: The Abranination celebration went on for the whole of June.
[14:24] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i don't think des was ever a citizen, just a friendly foe
[14:24] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ahhh
[14:24] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: maybe Brian has some old things we can use, hes back
[14:25] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: So the kickoff date, is that right, July 31st ?
[14:25] Ceasar Xigalia: yes
[14:25] Ceasar Xigalia: unless ayoneknows of an earlier significant date
[14:26] Ceasar Xigalia: anyone*
[14:26] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we could have a party where we invite everyone to wear their avatars from 10 years ago.... or the oldest they have :)
[14:26] Lilith Ivory: oh my!
[14:26] AbbyRose Abbot: That would be fun, if they still have them.
[14:27] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: will we have a new sim by then /
[14:27] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: gwyn wanted to do it on a new sim, the celebrations
[14:27] Delia Lake wonders if she can still find that pasty skin and spikey hair
[14:27] Ceasar Xigalia: does anyone know if Flying Roc is still about?
[14:27] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hehe
[14:27] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i havent talked to FR in a couple of years.
[14:28] Andromeda Mesmer: I still have my old outfit and skin and even system hair.
[14:29] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): factions were also a big part of our history. would be good to have some info on SDF, DPU etc. maybe invite them to hold stalls and stand on their soapboxes?
[14:29] Ceasar Xigalia: :)
[14:29] Stephen Xootfly: combining an anniversary party with a new sim opening would be pretty grand.
[14:29] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Nucare bare. :)
[14:29] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: that would Stephen !
[14:29] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): http://neufreistadt.info/community/phot ... /22410.jpg
[14:29] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ten years old and GRowing.
[14:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: who is that pat ?
[14:30] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): kendra in front of an SFD election placard
[14:30] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): *SDF
[14:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Celebrating Ten Years .. watch us Grow !
[14:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: why no C
[14:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Csdf
[14:31] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): omg, i forgot. there was a tiny city under teh platz! we should commemorate that somehow
[14:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: the soccer field
[14:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: is that how we got Brian and Leon ?
[14:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i didnt know that !
[14:31] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: a city for Tinies ? or a tiny city
[14:31] Ceasar Xigalia: any pictures?
[14:31] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): http://neufreistadt.info/community/photos/
[14:32] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): it was a secret tiny city before it became the soccer pitch
[14:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: that is brilliant !
[14:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i say put it back, tinies are better than soccer
[14:33] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hmm.. so slide shows movies, all these photos need to be gathered and displyed somehow
[14:33] Andromeda Mesmer: maybe tinies would like to play tiny soccer.
[14:33] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: We need a ten year anniversary BLOG i think
[14:34] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: someone to capture .. maybe a team of reporters for it , Maybe someone like Ariel .?
[14:34] Stephen Xootfly: It will take a team of reporters?
[14:34] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: lol
[14:35] Stephen Xootfly: How about contacting that stream SL group. what is their name?
[14:35] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we want to record as much as we can i think ..
[14:35] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: stream SL ?
[14:35] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): treet.tv?
[14:35] Andromeda Mesmer: There are some reporters and writers at the Alphaville newspaper. Used to have "Second Life" in its name until LL got huffy.
[14:35] Ceasar Xigalia: what I would like to do is continue the brainstorm on the forum
[14:36] AbbyRose Abbot: TreetTV would be great, too.
[14:36] Andromeda Mesmer: yes Abby - TV!
[14:36] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes !
[14:36] Ceasar Xigalia: then come together next week to pick the projects that we want and can do
[14:36] Andromeda Mesmer: radio?
[14:36] Ceasar Xigalia: but only when we warp up here
[14:36] Ceasar Xigalia: *wrap
[14:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: can we keep talking or not then?
[14:37] Ceasar Xigalia: but keep brainstorming here as long as we can
[14:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: k
[14:37] Ceasar Xigalia: what are you memories Delia?
[14:37] Ceasar Xigalia: or ideas
[14:38] Stephen Xootfly: not, treet. let me look something up.
[14:38] Delia Lake: similar to Pat's
[14:38] Delia Lake: I came here in late summer of 2006
[14:39] Delia Lake: we used to have more discussion groups meeting in nfs then
[14:40] Delia Lake: we also had a gypsy camp down where Colt's house is now
[14:40] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: a gypsy camp?
[14:40] Delia Lake: yes
[14:40] Delia Lake: caravans
[14:41] Delia Lake: and we had raids that went back and forth between NFS and Des/Caledon
[14:41] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: raids ? what do you mean
[14:41] AbbyRose Abbot: raids?
[14:41] Ceasar Xigalia listens
[14:41] Delia Lake: stealing things back and forth
[14:41] AbbyRose Abbot: lol
[14:41] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: stealing ? how ?
[14:41] Delia Lake: remember that, Pat?
[14:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: sounds fun !
[14:42] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): hopes it wasnt panty raids, lol
[14:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: maybe we can do re enactments
[14:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: lol Catz
[14:42] Delia Lake: iconic things
[14:42] AbbyRose Abbot: It sounds like fun to me.
[14:42] Lilith Ivory: there is a video about something like this - need to find the link again
[14:42] Lilith Ivory: Gwyn might havbe it too
[14:42] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovQgzi4KDLQ
[14:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we need a movie night !
[14:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: all get in the amphitheater and show the old movies
[14:43] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): is a link to the kidnap of kendra by the evil forces of caledon
[14:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: can we do that . ??
[14:43] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i love the idea of movie night. there are several machinima we coudl show
[14:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: drax did one and i cross the bridge moon built. :/
[14:44] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): we could encourage ppl to develop new ones too. a competition? maybe
[14:44] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes ! good idea pat
[14:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i am going to hope draxtor wil come back and judge !
[14:45] Stephen Xootfly: I can't find the specific show. They do interviews with artists, builders, and community.
[14:45] Delia Lake: maybe in the autumn. I think Drax is sort of taking the summer off
[14:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nods
[14:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: :)
[14:46] Andromeda Mesmer: I looked up - for publicity - the online newspaper - it is http://alphavilleherald.com - but does not seem to be very active. However, there are bloggers around who publish regularly. I just don't know who.
[14:46] Stephen Xootfly: Drax would be the best resource for machinima anyway.
[14:47] Delia Lake: maybe Saffia and Erlik would do another Prim Perfect show here
[14:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: a contest would be cool, pat .. a machinima contest..
[14:47] AbbyRose Abbot: Jami Mills and Friday have a magazine.
[14:47] Stephen Xootfly: Okay, Prim Perfect is what I was thinking of. Thanks Delia.
[14:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: gridwide ? to do a history of CDS
[14:47] AbbyRose Abbot: Perhaps they would do an interview in it.
[14:47] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): for a while there was also the neualtenburg cabaret... we could even recreat that!
[14:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i mean the contest pat what would you think ? grid wide, or just citizens ?
[14:48] Ceasar Xigalia: neualtenburg cabaret?
[14:48] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): open it up. non-xitizens have features us before
[14:48] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): "for a while, the short-lived Cabaret, designed in the style of Berlin in 1930, and providing a stylish, decandent, bourgeois counterpart to Second Life's many red light districts."
[14:48] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes i think that is good pat
[14:48] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): http://secondlife.wikia.com/wiki/Kendra_Bancroft
[14:49] Stephen Xootfly 's ears perk up at "Cabaret"
[14:49] Andromeda Mesmer: There is a 1920's themed Berlin in SL. Unfortunately not comfortable to move in - built strictly to scale.
[14:50] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): no Liza Minelli Stephen sorry she's busy, lol
[14:50] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: what about a time capsule ?
[14:51] Stephen Xootfly: drats
[14:51] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): lol
[14:51] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): i must leave you to it. i'll hope to contribute more on the forums. night night :)
[14:51] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i think we should go through the old citizen lists and do invites to all former citizens
[14:51] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: thank you pat !
[14:51] Ceasar Xigalia: ty Pat for attending
[14:51] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: sleep well , sweet dreams
[14:51] AbbyRose Abbot: Take care Pat
[14:52] Pat (Patroklus Murakami): bye all :)
[14:52] Delia Lake: bye Pat
[14:52] Ceasar Xigalia: any other thoughts or memories?
[14:52] Stephen Xootfly: ciao Pat
[14:53] Stephen Xootfly: nada from me.
[14:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i would like to put a display of flags out in the squares to show all of the countries CDS has had citizens from over the years.
[14:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: and also a time capsule
[14:53] Catz Jewell Lane (Catz Jewell): good idea cleo
[14:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i think one thing that has been so cool is how we have people from every corner of the world in cds..
[14:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we dont have to reveal who is from where
[14:55] Ceasar Xigalia: any final thoughts?
[14:56] Ceasar Xigalia: ok well ty you all for attending, lots of things to think about
[14:56] Stephen Xootfly: Glad I could make it.
[14:56] Ceasar Xigalia: and I learned somethings I didnt know
[14:56] Ceasar Xigalia: I will post this on the forum
[14:57] Ceasar Xigalia: please do continue the discussion as you think of things
[14:57] Ceasar Xigalia: encourage every to add to this thread
[14:57] Ceasar Xigalia: everyone*
[14:57] Delia Lake: ok
[14:57] Andromeda Mesmer: just one question before I go - was The Sojourner ever connected with CDS? She was active in Dreams.
[14:58] Delia Lake: no not with the cds
[14:58] Delia Lake: sill miss her :(
[14:58] Delia Lake: *still
[14:58] Ceasar Xigalia: ty all
[14:58] Andromeda Mesmer: I do too - anothough barely knew her. Fantastic lady.
[14:59] Stephen Xootfly: I have to run. Have a good one all.
[14:59] Ceasar Xigalia: i will close the meeting now
[14:59] Ceasar Xigalia: ty
Ceasar Xigalia,
“I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day.”
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

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