For Tandra -Moderator's questions - debate 1 & 2

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I need a hobby
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For Tandra -Moderator's questions - debate 1 & 2

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Tandra was knocked offline by storms during the first debate and had no power to log in for the second.

The Moderator's questions are posted here for Tandra to post her answers.

Debate 1
Tandra's answer to question 1 can be found in the transcript.

Covenant enforcement has played a major role in recent Forum discussions.

Q2. What procedures and practises will you put in place to ensure that the process of covenant enforcement is understood by the populace and performed in an equitable manner?

Communication has been mentioned a number of times in Forum discussion, including within the CDS community and to SL at large.

Q3. How do you intend to maintain or improve communication between the office of Chancellor and the citizens of CDS, and publicize CDS to the larger SL community as required by the Constitution?

Debate 2

Reading the Forums, or watching meetings and interactions in world it appears we are a divided community. Whether the issues are historical or new, the heat of the debate surrounding them often seems to lose sight of the fact that we are real people, not cartoon avatars on a battlefield.

Q1)Do you feel it is part of the Chancellor's role to address this situation, and if so, what initiatives would you propose to bring us together as a community based on trust and respect ?

There has been a steady influx of new citizens to CDS.

Q2) How will you, as the next Chancellor, welcome and encourage these people to stay in CDS and actively participate in its functions?

Over the years both the name and the mission of the Artisan's Guild has changed a number of times.It's current Charter can be found here: ... -3pLnVx0ys

Q3) With its current mission and Charter, what do you feel the role of the Guild is in CDS at this time, and would you pursue initiatives that would change that role in any way?
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