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I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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to Patroklus - from Trebor

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In your By-election Manifesto: Building Bridges post 04/01 and Building Bridges... Connecting past, present and future! you place a great emphasis on the 10th anniversary of CDS. You have some wonderful ideas for this anniversary. You state that if you're elected Chancellor you will get to work immediately on our plans for this year.

If you are NOT elected Chancellor and the winning Chancellor asked you to take the lead on this project would you or is this only a condition of you becoming Chancellor?
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Re: to Patroklus - from Trebor

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If I am unsuccessful in my bid to become Chancellor I still intend to spend more time in the CDS and to do what I can to help out. I would be delighted to help out an incoming Chancellor with our 10th Birthday Celebrations either as the project lead or working alongside others to plan the celebrations if they wanted me to take that on.
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