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Questions posed to the Chancellor candidates at debate

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:40 pm
by Callipygian
The candidates for Chancellor indicate they would like to expand on a number of the questions presented by the audience, so all 4 questions are given here.

Rosie Gray: Q1. Candidates, what are your positions on the restrictions that have been proposed for the Chancellors position?

Pip Torok: Q2. PIO (Public Information Officer): could each candidate sketch out what the perfect PIO would bring to CDS?

Cindy Ecksol: Q3. "In his opening statement Jamie said 'I want to see CDS thrive.' Can you both please list at least three specific indicators of 'thriving,' explain why those three are appropriate measures, and tell us specifically how you plan to maximize them?"

Rosie Gray: Q4. Events were mentioned earlier as a key deliverable.Please expand or explain how you would handle events in terms of pragmatic management and marketing?