Elections - NG Board Secretary - 26thJune2011 - Transcript

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Elections - NG Board Secretary - 26thJune2011 - Transcript

Post by Moon Adamant »

[11:09] Moon Adamant: ok....
[11:09] Moon Adamant: let's start
[11:09] Moon Adamant: please recall that this meeting is transcripted, from this point on
[11:10] Moon Adamant: agenda for today has only a single point - election of the Secretary of the Board, as per our Charter
[11:10] Moon Adamant: you all read, I hope, why myself - the incumbent - cannot keep the role.... so we can skip that
[11:11] Rosie Gray nods
[11:11] Moon Adamant: we have a candidate for the role, Rosie
[11:11] Moon Adamant: so I move that we pass to the election staright away - all citizens of the CDS can vote, I remind everyone present
[11:11] Gwyneth Llewelyn: I'll second that motion!
[11:11] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:12] Moon Adamant: ok, then please your attention
[11:12] Tor Karlsvalt: pip just crashed
[11:12] Rosie Gray: oops
[11:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: wb Pip...
[11:13] Moon Adamant: all in favour that Rosie Gray should be the next Secreatry of the board of the New Guild, please say Aye
[11:13] Tor Karlsvalt: wb Pip
[11:13] Fern Leissa: wb Pip
[11:13] Tor Karlsvalt: aye
[11:13] Moonrise Azalee: Aye
[11:13] Pip Torok: tks
[11:13] Gwyneth Llewelyn: aye (Moon perhaps you can repeat the vote for Pip's sake?)
[11:13] Rosie Gray: aye
[11:13] Pip Torok: aye
[11:13] Fern Leissa: aye
[11:13] Moon Adamant: ok....
[11:14] Moon Adamant: I hold Sudane's vote, as she can't be here today
[11:14] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ah... I guess Pip caught that!
[11:14] Gwyneth Llewelyn: :D
[11:14] Moon Adamant: just a sec, so i can copy her message
[11:14] Pip Torok: yes i did!
[11:14] Moon Adamant: Sudane mailed me two days ago, saying:
[11:14] Moon Adamant: Moon,
Unfortunately, because of RL obligations I'll be unable to attend the NG mtg this Sunday (at either time). Sorry!!
May I ask you to cast my proxy vote for Rosie to be new Secretary? I'm happy to support her taking the new role.

[11:14] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sounds good :D
[11:14] Moon Adamant: and my own vote - Aye
[11:15] Fern Leissa: :)
[11:15] Moon Adamant: motion carried
[11:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: Can we cheer now? ㋡
[11:15] Pip Torok: applause!
[11:15] Tor Karlsvalt: ♫~~♫~~APPLAUSE~~♫~~♫
[11:15] Moon Adamant: Rosie, my congrats! :)
[11:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn: CONGRATS, ROsie!!!
[11:15] Fern Leissa: Applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
[11:15] Moonrise Azalee: *claps*
[11:15] Tor Karlsvalt: congrats Rosie
[11:15] Fern Leissa: Congrats Rosie and ty :)
[11:15] Rosie Gray: lol
[11:15] Gwyneth Llewelyn claps too!
[11:15] Rosie Gray: thanks very much everyone
[11:15] Pip Torok: can Felitia be your deputy Rosie?
[11:15] Moonrise Azalee: lol
[11:15] Moon Adamant: Rosie, would you like to say some words?
[11:15] Fern Leissa: hehe
[11:15] Rosie Gray: hehe
[11:15] Tor Karlsvalt: :)
[11:16] Rosie Gray: well, the only thing I would like to say
[11:16] Rosie Gray: is that I hope to live up to what Moon has established
[11:16] Moon Adamant: eheheh I hope you will surpass it easily :)
[11:16] Rosie Gray: well, there is a lot to be done, and I look forward to it!
[11:17] Moon Adamant: i'll be available in all I can to help you
[11:17] Rosie Gray: thanks Moon
[11:17] Fern Leissa: Yes... Moon thank you for all you have done. :)
[11:17] Tor Karlsvalt: Well Moon, I am sure we will need your advice and expertise.
[11:17] Moon Adamant: will be glad to help
[11:17] Moon Adamant: hmm
[11:17] Rosie Gray: I hope we can spend some time talking so I can understand what you've been doing to the best of my ability
[11:18] Moon Adamant: surely... in your time
[11:18] Tor Karlsvalt: I know you have been a big help to me this last term. Especially with floralia peperations and help you provided
[11:18] Rosie Gray: thank you, and for everything you've done
[11:18] Moon Adamant: i am anxious that the transition is made easy
[11:18] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:19] Rosie Gray: thanks everyone else too, I am sure we can make the NG work carry on
[11:19] Moon Adamant: ok... Rosie, congrats again, I am sure you will do a great job
[11:19] Gwyneth Llewelyn sersiously wishes that to happen, too ;)
[11:19] Fern Leissa: Please ask for help Rosie. I'm sure we will all try to do what we can to support you
[11:19] Moon Adamant: you have already shown a capacity for individual initiative which is important
[11:19] Moonrise Azalee: Absolutely
[11:19] Moonrise Azalee nods
[11:19] Fern Leissa: Yup
[11:19] Tor Karlsvalt: Yes, me also
[11:20] Rosie Gray: great, I surely will!
[11:20] Gwyneth Llewelyn: woo hoo :)
[11:20] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:20] Tor Karlsvalt: in fact one reasion I put NG project support in the budget was to help facilitate things
[11:20] Moon Adamant: ok... we still have a few minutes before RA
[11:20] Fern Leissa: :)
[11:20] Rosie Gray: well, I apologize, but I have houseguests and it's the middle of the day here
[11:21] Rosie Gray: so I really have to go
[11:21] Moon Adamant: oh
[11:21] Moon Adamant: ok, sure!
[11:21] Moon Adamant: have fun :)
[11:21] Rosie Gray: thanks!
[11:21] Rosie Gray: bye everyone!!
[11:21] Moonrise Azalee: Bye Rosie
[11:21] Fern Leissa: Bye Rosie
[11:21] Moon Adamant: and I am always available by mail, even if not around in SL, mind
[11:21] Moonrise Azalee waves
[11:21] Tor Karlsvalt: Bye Rosie
[11:21] Moon Adamant: cheers!
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