MINUTES RA Meeting April 15, 2019

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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MINUTES RA Meeting April 15, 2019

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RA Meeting, April 15, 2019

Attending: Lyubov, Rosie Gray, Em Warden
Missing: Lady Kiki Whatever, Tanoujin Milestone
Also present: Kyoko Furse-Barzane, Awenbunny Lisle, Cathy Sabre, MadmaxSoullover

*1. Administrative Business
1.1 Review and approve the agenda
Motion to approve the Agenda as presented. Rosie 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried
1.2 Review and approve the minutes (1-April-2019 viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8919
Motion to approve the Minutes as written. Em 1st, Rosie 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

*2. Executive Report
2.1. Financial Report, Landownership
Chancellor Kyoko reported a slight drop in finances from March 12 to April 6 and noted it seems to be a seasonal fluctuation.
2.2. Census, Upcoming Elections
Reporting the latests census at 64 citizens, up from 2 from the previous census. Kyoko noted that the upcoming elections are the Scientific Councils responsibility.
2.3. Events
Kyoko updated on the last even held in Stella Marina, with Naftali performing. Also, the next event will be a Venetian Night, with fireworks and a boat decorating contest.
Kyoko also reported that the Welcome Committee has now got Madmax serving on it.

*3. Report on the LUC
Rosie reported that the last LUC meeting wasn't quorate, so nothing was accomplished.

Further to the question of the elections, Rosie shared the spreadsheet with dates on it created by the Dean, showing when each election process should take place. An announcement to citizens from the SC has now been missed, and the next one is due in 2 days, which is a call for candidates on the 17th.

3.4 Commercial discussion
Nothing to report since the LUC didn't meet.

*4. Report on the MoCa Working Group (NL 3-6 MoCA Act)
No report

*5. Citizen Concerns
Awenbunny said that she doesn't like how the citizenship requirements for land work for partners since she has to have a parcel and tierbox in her name to be a citizen, but she doesn't use the parcel since the prims can't be shared with her partner's other parcel. It was explained that this is how the law works for citizenship. She would like the question to be revisited. Rosie advised her to bring it up for discussion on the forums.

*6. RA member concerns
Rosie discussed her concern with lack of follow through by the SC on the election, because if the election dates pass without action, then we have a problem.

*7. Old Business

Amending CDSL 17-01 Citizen Notification Act - Discussion
regulations for publishing Chancellor's budget, legislative Proposals and the RA Agenda
Review text posted to forum at
Motion to approve the new language as the new text, replacing with this text:
1. Posting information on the CDS forums and via in-world notice with attached notecard to the CDS group will be considered to be sufficient notice of changes which affect citizens.

2. This Act shall apply only to general, public actions, and not to private actions (such as covenant enforcement and foreclosure for not paying tier)

3. Laws take Effect as soon as they are Written to the Portal

4. Proposed budgets must be Posted at least 7 days before the RA may vote to approve

5. Proposed laws or amendments to laws must be Posted for a minimum of 7 days before a vote on the law may be taken

6. All other actions of the RA, including agendas that specify proposals and administrative discussion, must be Posted at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time

7. Definition: "Posting" is an in-world notice to the CDS group with attached notecard and a discussion topic in the relevant CDS Forum at forums.slcds.info

8. Definition: "Writing" is publishing to the Portal, cdsdemocracy.org under Code of Laws

Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried.

*8. New Business
8.1 Review NL 4-12 MoCa Charter Acceptance Act
Motion to move NL 4-12 MoCa Charter Acceptance Act to Archaic Code. Rosie 1st, Lyubov 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

8.2 Review NL 4-13 MoCa Franchise Agreement
Motion to move NL 4-13 to repealed laws. Rosie 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried
Motion to start a thread on the CDS forums to initiate a conversation about the purpose of and the running of the MoCA, and what its future should be. Rosie 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

*9. General Announcements
Lyubov welcomed SDolphin and MadMax to the Lyuba's Game Centre DJ schedule

*10. Next Meeting
Saturday April 27, 2019, 10:00 am SLT

*11. Adjourn
Motion to adjourn at 1:21 pm slt. Lyubov 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried.
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