CSDF General Meeting 21 November - Summary

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CSDF General Meeting 21 November - Summary

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On November 21st, the following was discussed at the CSDF meeting:

Meeting time: Faction members were asked to suggest better meeting times via email

Ongoing things
- Sleazy remarked that since the land sales changes, the text in the Covenant box still needs to be changed a little (as prev. discussed) and/or approved.

Web Portal - how to proceed?
- Jon said he would help on the technical side
- Gwyneth asks on the forum for http://SLCDS.info writers/editors
- Gwyneth pointed everyone to a previous, detailed Web proposal (see General forum thread)
- Since Dnate seems rather busy with RL and SL duties, it remains a question who will "pull" this project

The other topics weren't discussed due to time constraints.

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