CSDF General Meeting Wednesday 26 Sept 3pm

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CSDF General Meeting Wednesday 26 Sept 3pm

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The next General Meeting of the CDSF will be:

on Wednesday 26 Sept 3pm (SL time) in the small CSDF 'Headquarters' on Neufreistadt's Platz. On the agenda will be
[list:1kjvgjvq]* very briefly: Monastery news / The Social Democrat newsletter #4 / new Citizenship report
* New Guild's questions to RA
* Ministers[/list:u:1kjvgjvq]
You're welcome at this open meeting.

PS. I noticed that the discussion about Ministers has been at the bottom of the agenda for a while now. This is not because it doesn't have enough priority but rather because
[list:1kjvgjvq]* The Citizenship Commission has been so dominant, and because
* I need to put small topics at the top (if I would put big topics at the top if the agenda, the smaller topics won't get discussed [i:1kjvgjvq]at all[/i:1kjvgjvq])[/list:u:1kjvgjvq]

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