Bill to Re-establish the Citizenship Commission

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Bill to Re-establish the Citizenship Commission

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For discussion at our meeting on Thursday and for consideration at the Inaugural RA meeting on Sunday.

[i:2samwxde][b:2samwxde]Bill to Re-establish the Citizenship Commission [/b:2samwxde][/i:2samwxde]

1. Pursuant to the procedures set forth in NL 5-21, this Act re-establishes the citizenship commission.

2. The Commission is charged with considering how citizenship should be defined in the CDS.

3. The Commission will hold a full and participatory set of discussions inworld and on the CDS forums starting on 13 August and finishing on 17 September 2007.

4. The Commission will present a report to the RA within a week of the completion of the Commission's work with recommendations (and draft legislation if needed).

5. The Commission will be chaired by [insert name of RA member selected].

6. Citizens wishing to serve on the Citizenship Commission should make themselves know to [insert name] by 13 August.

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