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Questions about the new citizenship proposal

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 4:12 am
by Sudane Erato
Tan asked the following question in the RA forum:
I would like to know how the land scanner would handle the parcel ownership list in the future. Does it now return the groups name? Do „we“ have to check the group manually to see whether the tier box owner is member of the group, or is this an automated process too?
Technically, the scanner returns the "key" of the owner group. The application process proposed by Lyubov asks the applicant citizen(s) for the name and key of the group, as well as the list of citizens who would be qualified to be owners via this group. We'll then add a simple look-up table to our citizenship file which delivers the name of the group each time the scanner detects that key.

As for group membership, this we have no automated access to. We *may* require that qualifying group members be listed "publicly" in the group so that this can be checked. Or we *may* simply disqualify someone who, upon challenge, is discovered not to belong to a group they claim to belong to. Personally, I don't feel it makes much difference. The purpose here is to obtain correspondence between the name on the tierbox (which *must* be the prospective citizen) and the ownership of the land itself. A group officer can supply the list of qualifying names, and they can be checked. If one of those people leaves the group, true, we may not know right away. Technically they are no longer a citizen, unless they then go and buy their own parcel in their own name. But anyone who suspects this might be the case can check, and if need be challenge that citizenship. As I've noted elsewhere, this happens all the time with unpaid tier, which also disqualifies a person from citizenship.


Re: Questions about the new citizenship proposal

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:37 am
by Tanoujin Milestone
Thanks for explaining. If the additional work is no problem for those in charge I have no further objections :)