MINUTES RA Meeting Feb. 9, 2019

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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MINUTES RA Meeting Feb. 9, 2019

Post by Rosie Gray » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:35 am

RA Meeting
Feb. 9 2019 - 12 noon

Attending: Tanoujin Milestone, Rosie Gray, Em Warden
Regrets: Lady Kiki Whatever, Lyubov
Also attending: Lilith Ivory, Bdgerofzen, Laura Azalee, Kyoko, Roguegeek Cooperstone, Callipygian Christensen

1. Administrative Business
1.1 Review and approval of the agenda
Motion that the Agenda be approved with Rosie's amendments to remove the comment 'Sadly we have none'. Em 1st, Rosie 2nd, all in favour, motion carried
1.2 Review and approval of the minutes
Motion to accept the Minutes as posted. Rosie 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

2. Executive Report
Chancellor Kyoko gave a brief update on land sales and management. Also, a reminder that she will be in Japan from Feb. 18 to March 7 with access to email, spreadsheets and IMs to email She has asked Sylvia Broek (Tamalyn) to take over responsibility for the Chancellor's land-management duties. The Cross-Community Pub Crawl on Feb. 16th from noon - 2 pm will begin at New Toulouse, continue to ROMA, and end up at the CDS Biergarten. Feb. 24, noon - 1:30 pm DJ Party will be held at Lyubov's Game Centre with her DJ'ing. Celebrating SL Women 2019 in in the planning stage.

3. Report on the LUC
Rosie reports that the LUC has a meeting scheduled for Sunday Feb. 17 at 10 am slt.

4. Report on the MoCa Working Group (NL 3-6 MoCA Act)

Kyoko reports that she will try to arrange a meeting before she leaves on the 18th.

5. Citizen Concerns
Lilith Ivory states that she has been talking with several citizens about the wish to have a security orb on the ground, and suggested that the LUC review this as part of the general covenant. The topic will be added to the next LUC meeing Agenda, and it will also be posted on the forums by Tanoujin as a discussion topic.

6. RA member concerns
No concerns

7. Old Business
7.1 Review of legislation on monthly census - identified as NL 5-15 - repeal?
Motion to repeal NL5-15 and move it to archaic code. Tanoujin 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

7.2 Amend CDSL 16-4
Motion to amend the proposal as to move #5 to the end of the law and replace the whole section with 'This bill revokes NL 5-17". Tanoujin 1st, Rosie 2nd, all in favour, motion carried
Motion to approve Rosie's proposal as posted on the forum viewtopic.php?f=7&t=8841 Tanoujin 1st, Em 2nd. all in favour, motion carried

7.3 NL 4-2 Marketplatz Zoning Act
Motion to repeal NL 4-2 Marketplace Zoning act, since it is completely outdated and of no relevance anymore, and because the zoning of the marketplace is covered in the NFS covenant. Tanoujin 1st, Rosie 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

7.4 Proposals/budgets public announcement time frame - can be covered by amending CDSL 17-01 Citizen Notification Act
Motion to table this item until next time. Tanoujin 1st, Em 2nd, all in favour, motion carried

8. New Business
No new business

9. General Announcements
No announcements

10. Next Meeting
Monday, Feb. 25, 2019 noon slt

11. Adjourn
Adjourned at 13:13 slt.

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