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Re: Discussion of NL 5-15 Citizen Information Act

Post by Sudane Erato » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:28 am

Hmmm... is that the mandated sequence?

It's been my understanding that... first... the census is taken twice a certain number of days before each election. First, to establish who can run for office, and then, second, about 10 days later, who can vote. Both of those are a month or so before the election. I don't think they are a full month apart.

THEN, the additional censuses were added so that we had SOME kind of qualifying list should there be a last minute resignation, and we found ourselves needing to fill a post within fewer days than it would take for a full election cycle. Therefore the two mid-term censuses were added. I've never been told that we were supposed to do a census each month.

Isn't that the current census schedule?

I don't think we need a census every month either, and the need for the intermediate ones is questionable. BUT... I REALLY would support research into a system (and it probably means custom software) which would keep a real-time census, whereby on any day we know exactly how many citizens could run for office, and how many citizens could vote. That would be ideal!

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