Unofficial Transcript of RA Mtg July 30 2018 @ 12 noon

Here you might discuss basically everything.

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Unofficial Transcript of RA Mtg July 30 2018 @ 12 noon

Post by Bagheera » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:27 pm

I haven't seen this posted yet and it is almost time for the next meeting, so this is MY transcript to be used for whatever reference is necessary.

Next RA meeting is this Monday, August 13 at 12 noon.

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Meeting transcript (unofficial)
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Bagheera Kristan: okay, I am calling this meeting to order
Lilith Ivory: for me IT mostly is a nice childhood storie lol
Lilith Ivory: that´s why I like it
Laura Azalee: haha same here kiki but leaving tomorrow
Tanoujin Milestone: Hey Ranma :)
Rosie Gray: hi Ranma ?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): haha have fun then Laura
Bagheera Kristan: we cannot vote on anything but we can talk :) and schedule a meeting soon where I hope to be more on top of things and get the agenda out, lol
Lilith Ivory: Hi Ranma :)
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): hi Ranma
Ranma Tardis: hi
Rosie Gray: okay
Bagheera Kristan: so, to begin, let me post some links for reference
Bagheera Kristan: posting links for reference....CDSL 24-01 - existing law: ... ement-act/ ... link of table I made up of suggested changes to CDSL 24-01 .... ... d-changes/ .... link to CDSL 21-05 : ... ation-act/
Bagheera Kristan: We can work off last meeting's agenda, which is in the box, as that was going to be today's agenda, lol
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): cannot see the link cause my firewall prevebts it
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): as an ünsafe"link
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): both links
Bagheera Kristan: the laws are also on notecards in the box
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): Then I have them already in inventory
Bagheera Kristan: the third link - the - that ought to be safe, are you getting an error for that one too?
Lilith Ivory: for me the portal seems to be safe again btw
Tanoujin Milestone: you will be fine with the table of Bags and the worksheet of Rosie
Laura Azalee: yes I can open rosie's sheet
Laura Azalee: but not bagheera's link
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): all are not safe in my pc
Bagheera Kristan: oh, can you post the link to Rosie's worksheet please, for the record?
Tanoujin Milestone: thhis one?
Tanoujin Milestone: ... d-changes/
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): That one I can see
Laura Azalee: I have this one ... eddb#gid=0
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): yes, I can see that too
Bagheera Kristan: thanks for that - I am sorry, I didn't see Rosie's page until now
Rosie Gray: That one is for CDSL 21-05 Tier Colleciton & Land Reclamation Act
Bagheera Kristan: great! thanks for that Rosie
Tanoujin Milestone: yes, it is cool :)
Rosie Gray: Bags I shared that with you and all the RA members via email
Bagheera Kristan: Okay, so let's get started through the Agenda
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): indeed it is, Rosie!
Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Elansk
Lilith Ivory: Hi Elansk, please have a seat
Rosie Gray: hello Elansk
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): hi Elansk
Lilith Ivory: Elansk is a friend of mine whom I met a few days ago in Neufreistadt
ELANSK: hello everyone
Bagheera Kristan: okay, just as a note, RA business is something that should be shared on the forums or in CDS announcements, not privately to RA members
Rosie Gray: it is also on the forums
Bagheera Kristan: okay, sorry
Bagheera Kristan: I didn't see it
Tanoujin Milestone: happens
Rosie Gray: oh nice to meet you Elansk ?
Bagheera Kristan: so, the Chancellor is not here and we cannot vote to approve the minutes or agenda, so let's move on to the LUC, is there any new news?
Rosie Gray: we are organizing a guild meeting to choose the reps for the LUC
Bagheera Kristan: great !
Bagheera Kristan: Is there anything the RA can assist with?
Rosie Gray: I don't think so
Lilith Ivory: does anyone know who got appointed by Han? I have forgotten
Bagheera Kristan: okay thank you Rosie :)
Rosie Gray: don't know, Lilith
Rosie Gray: hi Lyubov ?
Lilith Ivory: Hi Lyubov :)
Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Lyubov :)
Lyubov (20180414): hi all :")
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): hello Lyubov
Bagheera Kristan: Is there anything to report on the Road Committee?
Rosie Gray: /me sighs and shakes her head
Tanoujin Milestone: nothing that I know of
Bagheera Kristan: okay, thank you.
Bagheera Kristan: Let's move on to Citizen concerns. To those of you who are new, there is a device on the table where it says click here to be added to the list....
Bagheera Kristan: please click on that and I will call on you. When you are done speaking, click on it again to remove your name
Bagheera Kristan: Are there any Citizens who have concerns or have anything they want to share at this time?
Bagheera Kristan: Okay, well welcome all :) if you have comments as we are progressing, please use the talking stick. RA members take priority but we want to hear everyone
Bagheera Kristan: Next, is RA member concerns
Bagheera Kristan: Kiki, please go ahead
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): Wonders what was the case with that Milky avatar that was stading there. Did you check, Bagheera?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): done
Laura Azalee: she has disappered now
Bagheera Kristan: yes, they appeared to be frozen, so I restarted the sim...
Laura Azalee: ah so she was ghosted!
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): ah ok
Laura Azalee: thought so
Bagheera Kristan: I had been told once that by restarting the sim, if an avatar is frozen out of their account, that can help them recover
Laura Azalee: yes it does
Bagheera Kristan: it boots them (and everyone) off the sim
Lilith Ivory: I do know from my own experience it works most of the time :)
Bagheera Kristan: that was the best I could do :) I hope it worked
Lilith Ivory: <= has been ghosted more than once in SL
Laura Azalee: I was ghosted once
Bagheera Kristan: Are there any other RA concerns?
Tanoujin Milestone: not from me
Bagheera Kristan: Please go ahead Rosie
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): no
Laura Azalee: not me
Rosie Gray: thanks
Rosie Gray: well I'm not sure it's a concern as much as a question
Rosie Gray: I see that Monastery tier is due, and since Ranma is here
Ranma Tardis: yes?
Rosie Gray: I'm wondering if there's any progress along moving it over to you?
Ranma Tardis: none so far
Rosie Gray: have you talked to Arria about it at all?
Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Bixyl
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): hi Bixtyl
Rosie Gray: /me smiles at Bixyl
Laura Azalee: hey Bixyl
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): -t
Ranma Tardis: been busy is Arria still online?
Bixyl Shuftan: Hello Tanoujun, hello Kiki, Laura
Lilith Ivory: Hi Bixtyl
Rosie Gray: I don't know
Bixyl Shuftan: Hello Lillith
Bagheera Kristan: Let me quote Arria from the forums
Lilith Ivory: (soory for typo)
Bagheera Kristan: just a moment
Bagheera Kristan: Arria wrote: "I am not saying good bye right now. I intend to leave this summer. August seems a good time. I want to let the time to the authorities of CDS to think about how they can use my two places. I think that the case of my two parcels of Colonia is easy to solve. The Monastery could be bring more discussions. I don't want to take any influence in the debates of the LUC or the RA about what to do with the Monastery. It is to the CDS to decide. Until August I will think about getting or not a small parcel somewhere in CDS to stay citizen. For this reason, I am not yet resigning from Scientific Council. "
Bagheera Kristan: that is excerpted from here:
Bagheera Kristan: so it seems like we will know more in a few days (i.e. August)
Tanoujin Milestone: i doubt it
Ranma Tardis: when the tier is due, I will pay it
Rosie Gray: it's due now, so that's why I asked
Rosie Gray: but you will want to make arrangements with Arria too, I should think
Ranma Tardis: I have to leave soon, can I pay it in about 12 hours?
Rosie Gray: of course!
Ranma Tardis: have to get dressed for my new job
Lilith Ivory: I´d talk to Arria foirst to see what she plans
Bagheera Kristan: right
Rosie Gray: yes I think that would be best too, Ranma
Bagheera Kristan: doesn't Rudeen pay for everything
Rosie Gray: you will need to have the land switched over to you
Bagheera Kristan: and then either Arria or RAnma can settle up
Laura Azalee: what if Arria does not turn up?
Rosie Gray: I don't quite understand your question there, Bagheera
Bagheera Kristan: Just a moment, let me check something
Lilith Ivory: as far as I know Arria has not indicated she don´t want to renew her tier
Rosie Gray: well she said 'August'
Bagheera Kristan: my question is - Rudeen pays for all six sims, right?
Rosie Gray: in 2 days it is August
Lilith Ivory: but the didn´t tell the tier box right?
Rosie Gray: yes ma'am
Rosie Gray: no she didn't that's true!
Rosie Gray: but she might not think to do that
Bagheera Kristan: so we are in no danger of losing the sim, right?
Rosie Gray: oh no
Lilith Ivory: Arria is an experienced Avatar
Rosie Gray: it's a question of having the tiers paid
Rosie Gray: to Rudeen, I mean
Bagheera Kristan: right, and Ranma has offered to take over when necessary.
Bagheera Kristan: Go ahead Tan, sorry
Rosie Gray: yes
Tanoujin Milestone: i recommend not to burden Ranma with the responsibility to contact Arria
Tanoujin Milestone: let us see what happens
Tanoujin Milestone: worst case is that Arria does not respond to anything
Tanoujin Milestone: in this case it is a normal expropriation procedure
Lilith Ivory: I agree the exec should carry this burden
Tanoujin Milestone: and furthermore, I would recommend not to burden Ranma with the outstanding tier
Rosie Gray: I completely agree
Lilith Ivory: /me nods in agreement
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me sounds logic to me, indeed.
Tanoujin Milestone: she asked for it, and I do not expect a fight around this parcel
Ranma Tardis: am back, it will kick the can down the road for a few months
Tanoujin Milestone: done for the moment
Bagheera Kristan: I believe it is in the nature of governance to give the benefit of the doubt. We need to act within the constraint of the laws we have created. Monastery is a special case. I mean to look into the documentation. Go ahead RAnma
Ranma Tardis: I have to leave soon and plan on setting up a meeting of all concerned about Monastery
Ranma Tardis: my current plan is short term until a longer plan can be done
Bagheera Kristan: thank you Ranma
Bagheera Kristan: Let us move on to CDSL 24-01
Ranma Tardis: paron me, I have to leave
Bagheera Kristan: Again, just a reminder we cannot vote
Lilith Ivory: bye Ranma
Bagheera Kristan: by Ranma, thank you :)
Laura Azalee: bye Ranma
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): bye Ranma
Tanoujin Milestone: thanks for coming and offering a solution, Ranma, much appreciated
Bixyl Shuftan: see you
Bagheera Kristan: The table I created was based on a couple open meetings with citizens and is a compilation of all the permutations suggested at those meetings
Bagheera Kristan: Does anyone want to talk about their thoughts on the recommendations?
Bagheera Kristan: go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: thank you - I would like to discuss this step by step so we do not mess up, Done
Rosie Gray: just what I was going to say
Laura Azalee: thats sensible!
Lilith Ivory: errmm , could you please post the link again?
Lilith Ivory: all those llinks confused me :)
Tanoujin Milestone: ... d-changes/
Lilith Ivory: thanks
Bagheera Kristan: Sure, so - we cannot vote, but we can go over the pros and cons of each suggestion
Bagheera Kristan: is that what you mean?
Tanoujin Milestone: yes, exctly :)
Tanoujin Milestone: starting with the name change, maybe?
Tanoujin Milestone: done
Bagheera Kristan: okay
Bagheera Kristan: so the name change means repealing the entire law
Bagheera Kristan: and recreating a law to replace it with a new name

Bagheera Kristan: Is there any reason to NOT do that?
Tanoujin Milestone: i see no downside, personally
Rosie Gray: neither do I
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): me neither
Lilith Ivory: /me likes names that make it clear what a law is about :)
Bagheera Kristan: okay :) Laura do you have anything you want to add to the discussion?
Laura Azalee: not really
Bagheera Kristan: okay - let's move on to the next suggested change
Bagheera Kristan: that would be "What triggers the law to go into effect?"
Bagheera Kristan: Do people want me to list the options here in chat, or are you all good to work off the table on the website?
Rosie Gray: the table is fine
Tanoujin Milestone: agreed
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): table is fine now yes
Bagheera Kristan: So, Option 2 came about because Option 1 did not address what happens if CDS in general is failing and not just one sim
Bagheera Kristan: I am partial to Option 2 myself and mostly just want to be sure the percentages are realistic. That's my contribution to this discussion on this point. Would anyone else like to say anything?
Bagheera Kristan: please use the talking stick, otherwise I won't know
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): wb laura
Bagheera Kristan: wb Laura
Laura Azalee: ty
Tanoujin Milestone: wb :)
Bagheera Kristan: go ahead Rosie
Rosie Gray: just to say that I agree with option 2 as well
Rosie Gray: done
Bagheera Kristan: thank you Rosie. Go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: I always had trouble with this part, but I found no support for a strike - so, if the result is we can talk about finances and necessities anytime and have some helpful criteria mentioned, i am fine with it. Tending to abstain on this part
Tanoujin Milestone: done
Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Pip, "mein fescher Bub" ;)
Laura Azalee: hey Pip!
Tanoujin Milestone: Hello Han :)
Pip Torok: hi Tan !!
Lilith Ivory: Hi Pip
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): hi Pip, hi Hannah
Rosie Gray: hi Han, hi Pip
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Hiya Kiki
Lilith Ivory: Hi Han
Bixyl Shuftan: Hey there Pip. Han
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): hiya Tan :)
Laura Azalee: ello Han
Pip Torok: hi all
Bagheera Kristan: Does anyone else want to talk about this section? The section being: "What triggers the law to go into effect?" for those who jsut arrived, we are talking about CDSL 24-01
Pip Torok: tku
Tanoujin Milestone: ... d-changes/ if you want to follow closely
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): no
Bagheera Kristan: okay, moving on to the next section
Bagheera Kristan: "Who initiates the first action and waht do they do?"
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Hold on
Bagheera Kristan: Since no one has added their name to the list, I'll talk about my personal position... lol... if you want to talk, please add your name to the talking stick
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): :P~~~~
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): the stick isn't out to add my name too :P~~~~
Lilith Ivory: /me wiats to hear what Bags has to say before considering adding her name
Bagheera Kristan: My personal position is I prefer Option 2 - anyone can alert the RA for review
Bagheera Kristan: please go ahead, Lilith
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): /me raises my hand
Lilith Ivory: on the one hand I am concerned about option 1 as we often had absent chancellors in the past ...
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): ..and present ...
Lilith Ivory: while on the other hand I am not comfortable with option 2 as the RA will have a lot of work if ANYONE can come and suggest to sell a region
Bagheera Kristan: oh, good point, Lilith
Lilith Ivory: I would prefer to have a : "he chancellor or the treasurer "
Lilith Ivory: done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Lilith. Go ahead Han
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Thank you ...and thank you to the RA and audience for putting up with my outburts. Please accept my apologies for them. I'd like to make two points sec, typing:
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): First point, I am nervous with the trigger number being 90%; I don't like the combination scheme *in general* as I think it's too complex but even if you go with that I'd like to suggest a lower number such as 85 or even 80 percent. I believe that we've skirted close to 90% in the past but at those times divesting would have been a mistake. End first point
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): typing
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Second point, I agree 110% with Madame Dean's point regarding anyone being able to trigger this. Given our past ...names wil not be named because most of us know them ...that would be giving trolls a knife to stick in our ribs. Instead (still typing)
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): I would suggest that a requirement be put in that limits how often it can be triggered (no bringing it up 80 times per term) and stipulating that it's only triggered by a member of the executive branch, the SC or the RA
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): done.
Bagheera Kristan: thank you Han. Go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: i see no problem with option two: it is like a script. If we have criteria, the RA checks whether they are met. Depending on that there will be talk or not
Tanoujin Milestone: done
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me wants to state she doesn't know of any names, but ok, np.
Bagheera Kristan: thank you Tan. Go ahead Rosie
Rosie Gray: thanks
Rosie Gray: I agree with what Lilith said pretty much
Rosie Gray: that it should be restricted to the Chancellor, the Treasurer...
Rosie Gray: but also good idea to add SC member or RA member
Rosie Gray: that's plenty of people who are active
Rosie Gray: we don't need to be dealing with frivolous things
Tanoujin Milestone: i could live with that, yes
Rosie Gray: done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Rosie. I was thinking about what Lilith said and what people have said now....It occurs to me, a couple things...
Bagheera Kristan: One, no notification is brought up by anyone until the trigger is reached, so we are not really in danger of trolling....
Bagheera Kristan: two, if we limit who can bring it up, does that mean, if a citizen comes to an RA meeting and brings it up during citizen concerns, do we then admonish or ignore them? I think - after thinking about it further - we would be safe to go ahead and include "anyone" or better yet "any citizen"
Bagheera Kristan: that encourages people instead of discourages them. my opinion, fwiw. done
Bagheera Kristan: go ahead Han
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Cleopatra
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): done
Bagheera Kristan: go ahead Rosie
Rosie Gray: /me muffles a gasp
Rosie Gray: well I was just going to say that if someone brought it up in a meeting, the RA could decide to take it up or not, if we restrict it away from 'everyone'
Rosie Gray: that would maintain a bit more control, in my opinion
Pip Torok: agree
Rosie Gray: I think if there is any true worry about the sim, having the Chancellor, the Treasurer, the SC, and the RA all able to initiate, that would be enough, and we wouldn't have to worry about someone who just wanted to agitate
Rosie Gray: done
Lilith Ivory: /me nods
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Rosie. To respond to both points - Han brought up a person by name, it is perhaps useful to remember that person was on the RA so the objection there is moot. As far as any citizen notifying - all that is happening in the verbiage is that they are alerting the RA. The RA holds the ultimate authority to do anything with that information. I don't think telling someone "no, you can't point out that our finances don't look so good," is counter-productive. If they want to yammer on about it, they will whether we give them permission or no....but there has been at least one time in my memory when almost all the government seemed to be AWOL for several months and that was actually what made me run for office the first time, because I didn't feel I had a voice
Bagheera Kristan: Done
Bagheera Kristan: please go ahead Lauara
Bagheera Kristan: Laura
Laura Azalee: well I was just wondering... someone who is not an exec, not in the RA, not a land manager... would not even KNOW there is a problem?
Laura Azalee: done
Rosie Gray: hehe
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Laura. Go ahead Han
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me wonders that too
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me *about
Bagheera Kristan: ((han?))
Laura Azalee: she's typing
Bagheera Kristan: ((right, just checking))
Rosie Gray: please pardon me everyone, but RL is calling
Rosie Gray: I have to go
Rosie Gray: bye, and sorry!
Lilith Ivory: bye Rosie
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): Bye Rosie
Tanoujin Milestone: bye for now!
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Thank you. First one doesn't have to "know" in order to make a claim...the persona I named, and the person who created the fake forum in 2015 both never let being in office ...OR not having accurate facts... stop them from being disruptive. Moving on from that point, my only concern is that making the claim doesn't actually force the government's hand in any way. It sounds like (from what I'm reading) that it wouldn't. So while there are examples of abuse I can make, it sounds like the RA nor the government would be obligated to act ...and that's all I'm concerned about. That trolls can't send us off on wild goose chases
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Bye Rosie
Bagheera Kristan: bye Rosie. thanks
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): done
Bagheera Kristan: Go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: to answer Laura and Kiki: the treasurer promised to publish the numbers we need to let everyone know whether the criteria are met
Tanoujin Milestone: now let me give you a simple scenario
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): ah ok
Tanoujin Milestone: citizen X comes to the meeting and says: the grass is green, the criteria are met, we should sell a sim
Tanoujin Milestone: and the LRA responds : we discussed that already and decided we will not sell this term but compensate from the reserves. Is there a motion to review the decision - silence - case closed. done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Tan.
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me nods
Bagheera Kristan: Are there any more comments on this section?
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): /me shakes my head
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me nope
Bagheera Kristan: The next section is simple - jsut an appendation to the current law re: what does the Chancellor do
Bagheera Kristan: does anyone want to talk about that?
Bagheera Kristan: Go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: I am all for option 1, to append that the decision must be made by the RA
Tanoujin Milestone: that was Gaius' Point of view as well, and I adopted it in an early sage of discussion - this is quite important to me. Done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Tan. Go ahead Han, when you are ready
Bagheera Kristan: Han IM'd me to say this will take a minute but asked we wait
Laura Azalee: ok
Tanoujin Milestone: sure, np :)
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): back, it didn't take as long as I feared
Bagheera Kristan: smiles, you still have the floor, Han :)
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): If I had to make the call today, I have no idea what I would first action would probably be to look at and lurk in the "sims for sale by owner" group. I think that future chancellors should be advised or perhaps required to coordinate with the treasurer for the sake of coming up with a strategy for selling and to detirmine the "fair market price" so we don't get ripped off
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): done
Bagheera Kristan: okay, thank you Han
Bagheera Kristan: Moving on to Timing of notice to all citizens
Bagheera Kristan: the change is from 30 to 90 days
Bagheera Kristan: I have no comment, does anyone else?
Laura Azalee: I'd like to know why? isn't 90 days too long?
Bagheera Kristan: go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: afaik no one objected to have it 90 days, because some citizens have a very long reaction time ;)
Tanoujin Milestone: done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Tan. Go ahead Kiki
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): If the sim really is in financial trouble, I think 90 days IS a very long time Maybe 30 days is a bit short, why not make it 45 ot 60 days?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Kiki. Go ahead Han.
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): The sim is not the estate. We have the financial ability to "carry" a region while we plan what to do. (con)
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): (cont)
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): It's not as simple as hitting "return all" and setting it for sale
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): yes, well that was what I meant, sorry
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): we'll need time to move citizens, arrange refunds, that sort of thing.
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): As well as arrange a sale of the region so that we don't end up sellilng it for L$0.03/sqm
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): 30 days is far too short, IMO we'd need at least 60 days to coordinate everything properly. And I believe we ought to be able to afford it
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): done

Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Han. Go ahead Tan
Tanoujin Milestone: i agree with Han, we have huge reserves, so we will not go bankrupt withinn 90 days. Furthermore we want to keep our Citizens. THis would avoid to make a painful decision into a crisis with lots of bad mood and stress for the affected parties
Tanoujin Milestone: done
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Tan
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): Thanks for clearing that up
Bagheera Kristan: Moving on, this is similar but specific to residents of the sim - their timing changed from 30 to 90 days notification
Bagheera Kristan: Tan, are you still talking?, sorry
Tanoujin Milestone: sorry
Tanoujin Milestone: fighting a mosquito
Laura Azalee: lol
Bagheera Kristan: no worries, I hope you win !
Hannah Marie Tempestwolf (han.held): Please excuse me, everyone...I have to deal with urgent RL issues. Bye for now. *waves*
Tanoujin Milestone: no it is already 5:0
Tanoujin Milestone: bye Han!
Bagheera Kristan: Does anyone want to talk further about timing of notifications to either the entire estate or just the sim residents?
Pip Torok: bye Han
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): no
Laura Azalee: I am really sorry but I have to go too... I stayed as long as I could...
Bagheera Kristan: Thank you Laura
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): I will need to go soon as well, just saying
Laura Azalee: bye all!
Tanoujin Milestone: bye Laura! See you soon
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): bye Laura
Bagheera Kristan: yes, I had intended to end at 2 no matter what but we can adjourn now, if someone wants to make a motion to do so
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): motion
Tanoujin Milestone: seconded
Bagheera Kristan: all in favor?
Tanoujin Milestone: aye
Bagheera Kristan: aye
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): we are not allowed to
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): aye
Bagheera Kristan: oh right, lol
Bagheera Kristan: we should set a next meeting time
Tanoujin Milestone: we can on procedural things
Bagheera Kristan: hmmm
Lilith Ivory: /me wonders when the RA will meet next
Bagheera Kristan: I really goffed
Bagheera Kristan: lol
Bagheera Kristan: right
Bagheera Kristan: and I can't type !
Bagheera Kristan: same time next Monday?
Bagheera Kristan: noon
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): same day of the week,same time, but when?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): cming monday alread~?
Bagheera Kristan: August 7th?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): ?me coming monday already?
Bagheera Kristan: hang on, let me find my calendar
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): I will come back dead tired from a festival sunday evening late
Bagheera Kristan: Monday, August 6th, 12noon
Bagheera Kristan: or, in 2 weeks?
Bagheera Kristan: Monday, August 13th at 12noon
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): can't we do it a week later ad invite the peopel we wpuld invite for today?
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): yes, better
Bagheera Kristan: Tan, is Aug 13th at noon good for you?
Tanoujin Milestone: yes, thats good
Bagheera Kristan: let's do that then
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): aye
Bagheera Kristan: hopefully the others will make it
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me nods
Bagheera Kristan: this meeting is adjourned :) thank you all
Tanoujin Milestone: thank you!
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): thanks all
Lilith Ivory: /me applauds
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): have to run now
Bixyl Shuftan: Oh, there is one thing.
Bagheera Kristan: yes Bixyl
Tanoujin Milestone: bye Kik
Lilith Ivory: bye Kiki
Pip Torok: bye all ...
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): me wonders what Bixyl wants to say, so stays a minute
Tanoujin Milestone: :)
Bagheera Kristan: yes, I am waiting for Bixyl too :)
Bixyl Shuftan: The CDS banner on the SL Newser page, well, it's supposed to lead to the CDS website.
Bixyl Shuftan:
Tanoujin Milestone: sigh
Bixyl Shuftan: But whenever I click on it, I keep getting blocked due to insecure connection.
Bagheera Kristan: oh yes, we are working on getting that fixed
Lilith Ivory: /me nods
Kiki Whatever (inekeb): /me nods and waves..bye all
Lilith Ivory: Mizou not having internet atm is not very helpful to solve this case :(
Bagheera Kristan: it isn't really any more insecure than it ever was. the internet rules about notifications have changed
Tanoujin Milestone: we are aware of that and trying to reach our webmaster. Thanks for mentioning it, another reason to make that urgent
Bixyl Shuftan: Was there anything else I could link it to if this is going to take a while, perhaps a SURL to somewhere in the CDS?
Bagheera Kristan: you could link it to the CDS forums
Lilith Ivory: that´s a good idea :)
Bagheera Kristan: I think that one is functioning
Bixyl Shuftan: Sure, what was the link to that again?
Lilith Ivory: yes it is
Bagheera Kristan:
Bagheera Kristan: That should work. Thank you for bringing it up !
Bagheera Kristan: making myself a note to do the agenda right now !
Lilith Ivory: I wonder what is better, a link to our not so exciting forum or a link to an inworld location
Tanoujin Milestone: hehe
Bixyl Shuftan: Okay, it's done
Pip Torok: toodle-oo all
Lilith Ivory: bye Pip
Tanoujin Milestone: bye Pip
Bixyl Shuftan:
Bagheera Kristan: we could add slurls to the masthead of the forum
Bixyl Shuftan: And welcome.
Bagheera Kristan: I think if someone is on the Internet, they may not want to go inworld to find something out
Tanoujin Milestone: this issue is starting to bug me
Bagheera Kristan: that is perfect Bixyl. THANKS so much !
Bixyl Shuftan: Welcome :-)
Bagheera Kristan: it is bugging a lot of people, Tan - all over the world, unfortunately
Bixyl Shuftan: Yeah, I thought it would be resolved quickly, and with the Relay, I guess I wasn't paying much attention. But with that over, well, I though I should ask someone about this.
Tanoujin Milestone: i would like the exec to poke mizou....
Bagheera Kristan: Lilith - do you have the access and would it be acceptable to add a pinned item to the top of the forum with SLURLS to our sims?
Lilith Ivory: I think only Gwyn can do this
Bagheera Kristan: okay, just asking.... I am brainstorming how to work around the situation until we get it resolved properly
Lilith Ivory: not sure if I have the access to be able to do it .. but know for sure I don´t have the skills :)
Bagheera Kristan: Fair enough :)
Lilith Ivory: /me smiles
Tanoujin Milestone: /me takes a tranquilizer
Bagheera Kristan: Let me IM Gwyn, maybe she can intervene, if she logs in
Lilith Ivory: better send her a forum message
Bagheera Kristan: ah, I need to go for RL myself
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Re: Unofficial Transcript of RA Mtg July 30 2018 @ 12 noon

Post by Sylvia Tamalyn » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:30 pm

Thanks for posting this, Bags!
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Re: Unofficial Transcript of RA Mtg July 30 2018 @ 12 noon

Post by Rosie Gray » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:41 pm

Sorry I had to leave the meeting about half way through. Thanks for posting the transcript, Bagheera.
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