Government Question Hour Bill

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Government Question Hour Bill

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For discussion at our meeting on Thursday and for consideration at the Inaugural RA meeting on Sunday.

[i:ckxj9095][b:ckxj9095]Government Question Hour Bill
In order to make the government more accessible this Bill establishes an informal Government Question Hour with at least one government 'official' present each week. These meetings will be open to all CDS residents to come and ask questions. The hours will rotate to suit the RL hours of our community.

[list:ckxj9095]1. The Executive Branch is charged with establishing a weekly Goverment Question Hour. All members of the government (Executive, Legislative and Philosophical branches) will be invited to attend with at least one official attending each week.

2. The Executive Branch is charged with facilitating representation from all three branches at least once a month.

3. The Executive Branch will rotate the hours of the Government Question Hour to take into account the different time zones of the CDS community and to ensure representation from the different branches of government.

4. Meetings will be chaired by (one of) the official(s) present and will be open to all citizens to attend.[/list:u:ckxj9095]

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