My non-participation in the CSDF

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My non-participation in the CSDF

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Dear colleagues,

After some thoughts, and following recommendations, I think that it is wiser for me to refrain from making any comments or participating in any process related to the elaboration of the CSDF programme in the forthcoming elections.

Although the Constitution does not forbid it, a majority of the public is uncomfortable with the notion of having a member of the SC — not to mention the Dean — actively participating in the political debate. As there is no way I can currently be a member of any faction list, unless I resign from the SC, it seems more reasonable and "neutral" if I abstain from commenting/discussing the political platform for the CSDF.

I hope you will all apologise me for my silence, but doing the best efforts of ensuring some transparency and neutrality, it's really best for me to keep apart from the discussion that I'm sure you'll be having in the next few weeks.
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