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11-8, LUC Transcript

Post by Mizou Vavoom »

Land Use Commission
Sunday November 8, 2020, 12:00 am SLT

LUC members: Almut - Chairperson, Delia - Pro Tempore, Em Warden - Citizens Rep, Sudane, Brooke - RA Rep, Mizou - Secretary
Guests: Rosie - Chancellor, Tor, Lilith

[2020/11/08 11:49] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Delia and Almut
[2020/11/08 11:50] Almut Brunswick: Hello Mizou
[2020/11/08 11:50] Almut Brunswick: Did you receive the (short) agenda of today?
[2020/11/08 11:50] Delia Lake: Hi. I''m having trouble rezzing. I also have to leave for 20 min. will be back
[2020/11/08 11:50] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I check now
[2020/11/08 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): No just the notice for the meeting
[2020/11/08 11:51] Almut Brunswick: and there is an attachment...
[2020/11/08 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the attachment is the LM
[2020/11/08 11:52] Almut Brunswick: ah, well, I meant the early notice yesterday
[2020/11/08 11:52] Almut Brunswick: 24 hours before the meeting
[2020/11/08 11:52] Second Life: A group member named Almut Brunswick gave you LUC Agenda November 8, 2020.
[2020/11/08 11:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok got that thanks
[2020/11/08 11:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Brooke
[2020/11/08 11:52] Almut Brunswick: Hiya Brooke
[2020/11/08 11:52] Brooke Brandenburg: Hey Ladies
[2020/11/08 11:53] Almut Brunswick: Don't you go to the Blender class with Rosie or do you go to the other class?
[2020/11/08 11:54] Brooke Brandenburg: brb
[2020/11/08 11:54] Almut Brunswick: Delia is just "physically" attending and can be here just for 20 min or so
[2020/11/08 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Her class is the C series I am in the B series and its on Saturday
[2020/11/08 11:54] Almut Brunswick: Yes, I was guessing so
[2020/11/08 11:55] Almut Brunswick: I'm still biting myself through the CGBoost online class
[2020/11/08 11:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I finally know how to make the corners rounded of an object.
[2020/11/08 11:55] Almut Brunswick: Beveling?
[2020/11/08 11:55] Almut Brunswick: There is a direct function, but also a modifier
[2020/11/08 11:56] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes we use the modifier after making the edges round
[2020/11/08 11:56] Brooke Brandenburg: back
[2020/11/08 11:56] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): wb Brooke
[2020/11/08 11:56] Lilith Ivory: Hi folks
[2020/11/08 11:57] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Lilith
[2020/11/08 11:57] Lilith Ivory: Hi Em
[2020/11/08 11:57] Almut Brunswick: Hello Lilith
[2020/11/08 11:58] Brooke Brandenburg: Hello EM and Lilith
[2020/11/08 11:58] Almut Brunswick: Hello Em
[2020/11/08 11:58] Em Warden (emwarden): greetings
[2020/11/08 11:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Em
[2020/11/08 11:59] Almut Brunswick: Hello Sudane
[2020/11/08 11:59] Lilith Ivory: HI Sudane :)
[2020/11/08 11:59] Sudane Erato: hi! :)
[2020/11/08 11:59] Brooke Brandenburg: Hi Sudane
[2020/11/08 11:59] Em Warden (emwarden): Hello Sudane
[2020/11/08 11:59] Sudane Erato: hi hi everyone :)
[2020/11/08 11:59] Almut Brunswick: Did you all get the agenda for today?
[2020/11/08 12:00] Sudane Erato: oh
[2020/11/08 12:00] Brooke Brandenburg: yes
[2020/11/08 12:00] Sudane Erato: where should i look?
[2020/11/08 12:00] Sudane Erato: thx! :)
[2020/11/08 12:00] Almut Brunswick: Actually in the early notice for this meeting yesterday, but I sent it to you rightnow
[2020/11/08 12:00] Sudane Erato: ty :)
[2020/11/08 12:00] Almut Brunswick: Anyone else?
[2020/11/08 12:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Sudane
[2020/11/08 12:01] Almut Brunswick: Brooke is still afk, I suppose
[2020/11/08 12:01] Brooke Brandenburg: no I came back a while ago
[2020/11/08 12:01] Sudane Erato: hey :)
[2020/11/08 12:01] Brooke Brandenburg: and said so :)
[2020/11/08 12:01] Almut Brunswick: Ok, then I call this meeting to order
[2020/11/08 12:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 12:02] Almut Brunswick: Delia has a parallel RL task, so - if at all -she just can join us for a couple of minutes
[2020/11/08 12:02] Almut Brunswick: Rosie is at Builder's brewery today
[2020/11/08 12:02] Almut Brunswick: So we are complete
[2020/11/08 12:02] Sudane Erato: ok great :)
[2020/11/08 12:03] Almut Brunswick: As you can see, our agenda is short today. When somebody wants to add a topic to New Business or to Miscellaneous, then now is the moment :D
[2020/11/08 12:03] Sudane Erato: looks good to me... i love short :)
[2020/11/08 12:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i am
[2020/11/08 12:04] Almut Brunswick: Well, Sudane, your part is the most important today anyway :D
[2020/11/08 12:04] Sudane Erato: ok :)
[2020/11/08 12:04] Almut Brunswick: Mizou, do you want to add something?
[2020/11/08 12:04] Sudane Erato: *shrug*
[2020/11/08 12:05] Almut Brunswick: Hello Delia
[2020/11/08 12:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i do. Rosie and I have a meeting early this week to discuss the signage since we now have the road names for LA
[2020/11/08 12:05] Em Warden (emwarden): Hi Delia
[2020/11/08 12:05] Lilith Ivory: Hi Delia
[2020/11/08 12:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Delia
[2020/11/08 12:06] Almut Brunswick: Ok, New Business then: Signage for the road names at LA
[2020/11/08 12:06] Brooke Brandenburg: wb Delia
[2020/11/08 12:06] Almut Brunswick: LA is correct or also Colonia Nova?
[2020/11/08 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): CN yes that too, So far we have done AM
[2020/11/08 12:07] Delia Lake: Hi
[2020/11/08 12:08] Almut Brunswick: 5. New Business

A: Signage for the road names at AM, LA and CN
[2020/11/08 12:08] Almut Brunswick: Is that agreeable?
[2020/11/08 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes perfect
[2020/11/08 12:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): AM is done Almut
[2020/11/08 12:09] Almut Brunswick: Good. A: Signage for the road names at LA and CN
[2020/11/08 12:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): And as far as I know NFS is done too? Maybe Sudane can enlighten us?
[2020/11/08 12:10] Almut Brunswick: Well, before we go into more depth, let's fix the New Business now for the agenda
[2020/11/08 12:10] Almut Brunswick: We can return to that later on :D
[2020/11/08 12:11] Almut Brunswick: Do we all agree on the now amended agenda?
[2020/11/08 12:11] Sudane Erato: i agree :)
[2020/11/08 12:11] Brooke Brandenburg: sure
[2020/11/08 12:11] Em Warden (emwarden): Yes
[2020/11/08 12:11] Almut Brunswick: Delia, Brooke?
[2020/11/08 12:11] Brooke Brandenburg: I agreed
[2020/11/08 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/11/08 12:12] Almut Brunswick: Thank you!
[2020/11/08 12:12] Delia Lake: pass. I missed the discussion
[2020/11/08 12:12] Almut Brunswick: Delia, we were talking about missing points on the agenda
[2020/11/08 12:12] Almut Brunswick: and we added 5. New Business

A: Signage for the road names at LA and CN
[2020/11/08 12:13] Almut Brunswick: I would like to proceed to 3. Discussion and approval of the recent meeting minutes (October 18, 2020)

[2020/11/08 12:13] Sudane Erato: I've read them and I move we approve
[2020/11/08 12:13] Almut Brunswick: Ok, let's vote then: Aye
[2020/11/08 12:13] Em Warden (emwarden): Second
[2020/11/08 12:13] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/11/08 12:13] Brooke Brandenburg: AYE
[2020/11/08 12:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/11/08 12:14] Em Warden (emwarden): aye
[2020/11/08 12:14] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/11/08 12:14] Almut Brunswick: Thank you and once again: Thank you, Mizou, for your faithful work.
[2020/11/08 12:14] Sudane Erato: yes! :)
[2020/11/08 12:14] Almut Brunswick: 4. Old Business:

A. Missing roadway to a parcel close to the lake at Monastery:
Brief status update (Almut)
[2020/11/08 12:15] Almut Brunswick: Well, there is indeed a progress to report:D
[2020/11/08 12:15] Sudane Erato: great! :)
[2020/11/08 12:15] Almut Brunswick: Last week, I set up the peninsula and Rosie was around
[2020/11/08 12:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 12:15] Almut Brunswick: She was objecting some blurry textures, but it could be fixed at one
[2020/11/08 12:16] Almut Brunswick: The peninsula has gotten all textures now, diffuse, specular and bumpmap, so that Rosie approved it.
[2020/11/08 12:16] Em Warden (emwarden): Nice
[2020/11/08 12:16] Almut Brunswick: Delia had already removed the small roundish island and the wooden walkways
[2020/11/08 12:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): sounds good
[2020/11/08 12:16] Almut Brunswick: (Thank you!)
[2020/11/08 12:17] Almut Brunswick: and Rosie has already embedded the peninsula in the landscape
[2020/11/08 12:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Great
[2020/11/08 12:17] Delia Lake: /me raises her hand.
[2020/11/08 12:17] Almut Brunswick: The next part made in the same style will be the straight walkway between the main road and the peninsula.
[2020/11/08 12:17] Sudane Erato: I look forward to seeing it finished! :)
[2020/11/08 12:17] Almut Brunswick: Delia, please
[2020/11/08 12:18] Delia Lake: I thought you had said the textures were going to be made look old and worn. Is that so?
[2020/11/08 12:18] Almut Brunswick: Yes
[2020/11/08 12:18] Delia Lake: that's question #1
[2020/11/08 12:19] Delia Lake: is it aged now?
[2020/11/08 12:20] Almut Brunswick: I added a water rim to represent the differing waterline, the level meter is aged, the ladder steps are rusty, the tiles of the walkway are aged and post-processed in a way that a repeating pattern cannot be seen so easily
[2020/11/08 12:21] Almut Brunswick: and the raw texture has gotten an over-rendering in Blender to extend the light effects on the walls
[2020/11/08 12:21] Almut Brunswick: what the peninsula needs soon is a nice big tree
[2020/11/08 12:22] Almut Brunswick: there is a roundel designated for this purpose
[2020/11/08 12:22] Delia Lake: second question is will there be an extension going off the round part going toward the parcel and if so when? I'm asking so I can plan when to finish the lakeshore landscaping. I have some big trees
[2020/11/08 12:22] Almut Brunswick: so that the removed tree gets a replacement
[2020/11/08 12:23] Almut Brunswick: yes, Delia, I will create the second walkway roughly following the lake shore up to where the "For Rent" sign is placed
[2020/11/08 12:23] Almut Brunswick: I made a dimension prop, so I can design and prepare the structure in Blender
[2020/11/08 12:24] Almut Brunswick: as soon as I have it inworld, we both should work together in order to blend it organically in the landscape
[2020/11/08 12:25] Almut Brunswick: Since the Old Sluice is in the direct neighborhood of Sudane's construction site, you can take a look when you are around
[2020/11/08 12:25] Almut Brunswick: Did I answer your questions?
[2020/11/08 12:26] Delia Lake: do you have a time estimate? do you expect this week? or next week? or other?
[2020/11/08 12:26] Delia Lake: trying to plan out my rl/sl time
[2020/11/08 12:26] Almut Brunswick: Hopefully yet this coming week
[2020/11/08 12:26] Delia Lake: ok
[2020/11/08 12:26] Almut Brunswick: but starting with the straight walkway
[2020/11/08 12:27] Almut Brunswick: Rosie said, she could adjust it then at short notice
[2020/11/08 12:27] Almut Brunswick: so when it is more convenient for oyu, we can do the work the following week
[2020/11/08 12:27] Delia Lake: so probably not for landscaping this week then. that works fine foor me
[2020/11/08 12:27] Delia Lake: thank you
[2020/11/08 12:27] Almut Brunswick: Nods
[2020/11/08 12:27] Em Warden (emwarden): I love team work :)
[2020/11/08 12:27] Delia Lake: :)
[2020/11/08 12:28] Sudane Erato: me too :)
[2020/11/08 12:28] Almut Brunswick: Yes, and I'm pleased how great that has already worked with Rosie and Delia so far. Main thing is that this will be *our* project and not a landed alien :D
[2020/11/08 12:28] Almut Brunswick: So far my report
[2020/11/08 12:29] Almut Brunswick: More to come in the next term or in two weeks:D
[2020/11/08 12:29] Sudane Erato: great :)
[2020/11/08 12:29] Almut Brunswick: Any further questions?
[2020/11/08 12:30] Almut Brunswick: Ok, good, then let's proceed to B. LA Coast Line Renewal project for the southwest corner
[2020/11/08 12:30] Almut Brunswick: As you have seen, Sudan was a busy bee to set up all that buildings
[2020/11/08 12:30] Sudane Erato: OK... I guess that’s me
[2020/11/08 12:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes well done Sudane, great job!
[2020/11/08 12:30] Almut Brunswick: /me looks around. There is just you :D
[2020/11/08 12:30] Sudane Erato: I've set up the section as specified
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: and everything is parcelled and again on the market
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: we have 4 tenants
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: out of 21 parcels total
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: so we hope it grows
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: it was clearly understood
[2020/11/08 12:31] Sudane Erato: that we chose the theme
[2020/11/08 12:32] Sudane Erato: as compatible and available and quickly assembled
[2020/11/08 12:32] Sudane Erato: but I hope
[2020/11/08 12:32] Sudane Erato: that builders might step up
[2020/11/08 12:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i am
[2020/11/08 12:32] Sudane Erato: and perhaps begin to replace unoccupied builds
[2020/11/08 12:32] Sudane Erato: with custom builds
[2020/11/08 12:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): in similar style
[2020/11/08 12:33] Sudane Erato: exactly... or if not, something approved by whoever approves :)
[2020/11/08 12:33] Em Warden (emwarden): :)
[2020/11/08 12:33] Sudane Erato: that's really all I can report... I welcome visitors and comments, good or bad
[2020/11/08 12:33] Lilith Ivory: to have anything but Tuscan / Mediterranean we need to change the covenant
[2020/11/08 12:34] Sudane Erato: yeah, exactly
[2020/11/08 12:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes that’s right Lil
[2020/11/08 12:34] Em Warden (emwarden): waves a hand
[2020/11/08 12:34] Lilith Ivory: Hi Tor
[2020/11/08 12:34] Almut Brunswick: Em, you have the word!
[2020/11/08 12:34] Almut Brunswick: Hello Tor
[2020/11/08 12:34] Em Warden (emwarden): Hello Tor :)
[2020/11/08 12:34] Sudane Erato: hey :)
[2020/11/08 12:34] Almut Brunswick: Take a seat, Tor
[2020/11/08 12:34] Brooke Brandenburg: Hi Tor
[2020/11/08 12:36] Em Warden (emwarden): Thanks. I was thinking that it could be possible to mix the shops with homes for tenants here and there, the way Sudane had it in New England. I really loved the way you entered a narrow door and followed the stairs up to a nice little flat
[2020/11/08 12:36] Sudane Erato: Em, that’s the way they are
[2020/11/08 12:36] Sudane Erato: almost everything is a shop and a home
[2020/11/08 12:36] Em Warden (emwarden): Oh? I must have been blind :)
[2020/11/08 12:37] Sudane Erato: and the shops don't need to be shops
[2020/11/08 12:37] Sudane Erato: they're FAIRLY flexible :)
[2020/11/08 12:37] Almut Brunswick: Raises hand
[2020/11/08 12:37] Tor Karlsvalt: is online.
[2020/11/08 12:37] Sudane Erato: and I can also mod some of the builds if you need that... (I shouldn't offer that! ) :)
[2020/11/08 12:37] Lilith Ivory: hehe
[2020/11/08 12:37] Em Warden (emwarden): Hehe
[2020/11/08 12:38] Lilith Ivory: be careful Sudane as I already had some ideas ;-)
[2020/11/08 12:38] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/11/08 12:38] Almut Brunswick: Well, I must admit and it is no secret what I think about the buildings and their style. I do not think that the style is typical Tuscan, but that does not matter so much in the moment.
[2020/11/08 12:38] Delia Lake: some of the shops that have open fronts could have walls there and become rooms
[2020/11/08 12:39] Sudane Erato: They are not perfect :)
[2020/11/08 12:39] Lilith Ivory: ( I have been thinking about increasing the size of the balconies at some buildings)
[2020/11/08 12:39] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Tor
[2020/11/08 12:40] Almut Brunswick: Even when not touching the theme of the quarter and sim, it should be possible to allow a broader variety of architecture there which looks Mediterranean and Italian enough, but itis not limited to this "poor village" architecture
[2020/11/08 12:40] Sudane Erato: I agree Almut
[2020/11/08 12:40] Almut Brunswick: Especially the front to the harbour could be more closed
[2020/11/08 12:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): closed??
[2020/11/08 12:40] Sudane Erato: and I look forward to your build :)
[2020/11/08 12:41] Almut Brunswick: not having separate village houses, but a more town-like look with balconies etc
[2020/11/08 12:41] Lilith Ivory: something like we have downtown CN?
[2020/11/08 12:41] Sudane Erato: That could work... sure!
[2020/11/08 12:42] Sudane Erato: Always keep in mind the challenges of parcelling :)
[2020/11/08 12:42] Almut Brunswick: No, something we don't have yet there, but with 2 or maximum 3 floors and a closed house front
[2020/11/08 12:42] Sudane Erato: People do like outside space... for better or worse
[2020/11/08 12:43] Lilith Ivory: /me nods
[2020/11/08 12:43] Almut Brunswick: I will ponder something and then present after the sluice will be finished and the monastery Fachwerk appendix for Tan
[2020/11/08 12:43] Lilith Ivory: and small parcels nowadays :(
[2020/11/08 12:43] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/11/08 12:43] Em Warden (emwarden): I think it would look natural with a couple of Sudane’s original old houses among newer ones. That's how it usually is in towns
[2020/11/08 12:43] Sudane Erato: I agree Em... more variety needed
[2020/11/08 12:43] Tor Karlsvalt: true
[2020/11/08 12:43] Almut Brunswick: Especially when you have small parcels, a closed house front with houses bordering to each other would be reasonable and realistic
[2020/11/08 12:44] Tor Karlsvalt: Please make them easy to manoeuvre in.
[2020/11/08 12:44] Almut Brunswick: and yet another point: We need to have more gardening there
[2020/11/08 12:44] Almut Brunswick: Currently the colour brown is predominating
[2020/11/08 12:44] Tor Karlsvalt: seasonal?
[2020/11/08 12:44] Sudane Erato: Well... we need specific proposals and building... :)
[2020/11/08 12:44] Almut Brunswick: No, the walls are always brown, Tor :D
[2020/11/08 12:45] Delia Lake: more gardening where?
[2020/11/08 12:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): We could have small gardens in the final design
[2020/11/08 12:45] Almut Brunswick: In Sudane's new quarter
[2020/11/08 12:45] Almut Brunswick: some solitary pine trees...whatever works to give it a more lively character
[2020/11/08 12:45] Almut Brunswick: I think, Em could develop some good proposals here
[2020/11/08 12:46] Almut Brunswick: of course leaving enough space for tenants/citizens to create their own gardens
[2020/11/08 12:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): How many plots are there now Sudane?
[2020/11/08 12:46] Sudane Erato: Em, your garden in front of the Monastery is magical!!
[2020/11/08 12:46] Sudane Erato: 21 parcels in the new area
[2020/11/08 12:47] Delia Lake: what I've seen in RL Tuscany is that people put out seasonal pots or boxes in front of houses that are right on the street like these
[2020/11/08 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): so that more than what we had before
[2020/11/08 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes that right Delia
[2020/11/08 12:47] Sudane Erato: oh yes... a lot
[2020/11/08 12:47] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods, I noticed it too. Did not know it was Em
[2020/11/08 12:47] Sudane Erato: that was the idea... many and smaller parcels
[2020/11/08 12:47] Sudane Erato: try to be more like NFS city
[2020/11/08 12:48] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes good idea
[2020/11/08 12:48] Almut Brunswick: yes, to attract more *new* citizens, too
[2020/11/08 12:48] Sudane Erato: exactly!
[2020/11/08 12:48] Almut Brunswick: so to say CDS for Beginners’
[2020/11/08 12:48] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
[2020/11/08 12:48] Almut Brunswick: How many new tenants do we have there now?
[2020/11/08 12:49] Sudane Erato: we have 4 to my knowledge
[2020/11/08 12:49] Em Warden (emwarden): That is pretty good so soon
[2020/11/08 12:49] Almut Brunswick: I meant new in the sense of new citizens
[2020/11/08 12:49] Lilith Ivory: one a fairly new citizen
[2020/11/08 12:49] Sudane Erato: I THINK that Maverick Coates is new
[2020/11/08 12:49] Almut Brunswick: I know that Kyoko has bought a parcel, but she is not really a noob :D
[2020/11/08 12:49] Lilith Ivory: yes exactly
[2020/11/08 12:50] Sudane Erato: others are me, Rosie and Kyoko
[2020/11/08 12:50] Tor Karlsvalt: I keep wanting to say hello to him, but he is busy.
[2020/11/08 12:50] Lilith Ivory: I am there too
[2020/11/08 12:50] Sudane Erato: oh!
[2020/11/08 12:50] Delia Lake: isn't there a couple? they were names I didn’t recognize
[2020/11/08 12:50] Sudane Erato: I didn't realize Lil :)
[2020/11/08 12:50] Almut Brunswick: ah good. So the future PIO or whoever will be responsible for advertising the parcels still has a bunch to do
[2020/11/08 12:50] Lilith Ivory: lol, I bought the same day I inspected that quarter
[2020/11/08 12:51] Sudane Erato: lol... i didn't see... my notifier must not be working :)
[2020/11/08 12:51] Lilith Ivory: I am besides Rosie
[2020/11/08 12:52] Sudane Erato: ahhh... ok!
[2020/11/08 12:52] Sudane Erato: so we have a straight line of occupiers facing the sea :)
[2020/11/08 12:52] Almut Brunswick: SO we have right now more an internal migration movement
[2020/11/08 12:52] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/11/08 12:52] Sudane Erato: except for Maverick
[2020/11/08 12:52] Lilith Ivory: not migration but expansion
[2020/11/08 12:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 12:52] Almut Brunswick: or that, yes
[2020/11/08 12:53] Em Warden (emwarden): Right!
[2020/11/08 12:53] Almut Brunswick: As long as well still have enough small and affordable parcels available, all is good. We just need to keep in mind the original purpose and concept of this new quarter.
[2020/11/08 12:54] Lilith Ivory: imo a new quarter looks more inviting if not ALL is yellow
[2020/11/08 12:54] Lilith Ivory: that´s why I moved there to show my support for this project
[2020/11/08 12:55] Tor Karlsvalt: Good idea Lilith
[2020/11/08 12:55] Almut Brunswick: Yes, so to say in order to show that there is a neighbourhood growing
[2020/11/08 12:55] Delia Lake: good idea
[2020/11/08 12:55] Delia Lake: good idea
[2020/11/08 12:55] Lilith Ivory: exactly
[2020/11/08 12:55] Tor Karlsvalt: /me looks in the pocketbook.
[2020/11/08 12:55] Em Warden (emwarden): /me grins
[2020/11/08 12:55] Sudane Erato: Good idea Tor!
[2020/11/08 12:56] Lilith Ivory: we have lifted the parcel limit not long ago so now you can hold as many parcels as you like ;-)
[2020/11/08 12:56] Almut Brunswick: Tor, what about the project to set up a yacht club, a harbour master office and a light house on the other side of the channel? *ducks*
[2020/11/08 12:56] Sudane Erato: There's a pizza place available... sailors love pizza :)
[2020/11/08 12:56] Em Warden (emwarden): Lol
[2020/11/08 12:56] Tor Karlsvalt: oh well that is still in my head.
[2020/11/08 12:56] Tor Karlsvalt: I did ask LL for some info.
[2020/11/08 12:57] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/11/08 12:57] Tor Karlsvalt: Not sure if this is the right forum.
[2020/11/08 12:57] Almut Brunswick: Ah yes, can you report a bit about i? We can record it under Miscellaneous
[2020/11/08 12:58] Tor Karlsvalt: but I do think imo, that we should consider moving the sims to a good location connected to Linden seas
[2020/11/08 12:58] Tor Karlsvalt: Just looking atm.
[2020/11/08 12:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): can we do that??
[2020/11/08 12:58] Almut Brunswick: Tor, I think that is something we should discuss in the new RA
[2020/11/08 12:58] Tor Karlsvalt: And SL appears to be in flux as to continents.
[2020/11/08 12:58] Tor Karlsvalt: I agree Almut
[2020/11/08 12:58] Tor Karlsvalt: Belongs to RA
[2020/11/08 12:59] Tor Karlsvalt: BTW, LL has added a huge archipelago on Friday
[2020/11/08 12:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): wow
[2020/11/08 12:59] Almut Brunswick: It is nonetheless not wrong to get this information here because the ladies around here are the future planners and implementers when it should become true
[2020/11/08 12:59] Em Warden (emwarden): The bridge in LA was made extra high to allow sailing underneath...
[2020/11/08 13:00] Tor Karlsvalt: It appears rumours of connecting the continents might be true. This string of island is almost halfway between Belli and Satori
[2020/11/08 13:00] Almut Brunswick: Em, yes!
[2020/11/08 13:00] Delia Lake: is that possible now, to move sims close to Linden water? for a while it was then later it wasn’t
[2020/11/08 13:00] Tor Karlsvalt: Well that is what I asked.
[2020/11/08 13:00] Almut Brunswick: Mizou, I suggest to add Tor's information to the Miscellaneous part of the MOC for later reference for the RA
[2020/11/08 13:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i will do that Almut
[2020/11/08 13:01] Tor Karlsvalt: Did that yesterday. they have not responded.
[2020/11/08 13:01] Sudane Erato: A few years ago LL instituted a "Community" project where you could apply to attach
[2020/11/08 13:01] Sudane Erato: I don't know what became of that
[2020/11/08 13:01] Lilith Ivory: I remember we had discussions about this
[2020/11/08 13:01] Tor Karlsvalt: I wonder too Sudane.
[2020/11/08 13:02] Tor Karlsvalt: I can share what I wrote in a ticket.
[2020/11/08 13:02] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Please do
[2020/11/08 13:02] Almut Brunswick: Excellent
[2020/11/08 13:02] Tor Karlsvalt: one sec
[2020/11/08 13:02] Tor Karlsvalt: need to put it in a notecard
[2020/11/08 13:02] Delia Lake: /me would love to be attached to Linden sea
[2020/11/08 13:02] Em Warden (emwarden): We are very grateful for your investigation into this matter, Tor :)
[2020/11/08 13:03] Sudane Erato: well... just be very cautious regarding what we would see
[2020/11/08 13:03] Almut Brunswick: Oh yes, then we would be easier recognized
[2020/11/08 13:03] Almut Brunswick: and that would give our municipal development much more dynamic
[2020/11/08 13:03] Sudane Erato: perhaps
[2020/11/08 13:03] Sudane Erato: we must be careful
[2020/11/08 13:03] Almut Brunswick: because the harbour is nice, no doubt
[2020/11/08 13:04] Delia Lake: say more please Sudane. I know you investigated this before
[2020/11/08 13:04] Em Warden (emwarden): What are your concerns, Sudane ?
[2020/11/08 13:04] Lilith Ivory: I could imagine it´s a problem that most of our regions are not exactly sea level
[2020/11/08 13:04] Em Warden (emwarden): Ah
[2020/11/08 13:04] Sudane Erato: many many... I have spent 14 years dealing with these issues...
[2020/11/08 13:05] Em Warden (emwarden): Thx Tor :)
[2020/11/08 13:05] Sudane Erato: but that’s a different topic for another time...
[2020/11/08 13:05] Almut Brunswick: Right
[2020/11/08 13:05] Sudane Erato: I look forward to hearing what Tor finds out
[2020/11/08 13:05] Tor Karlsvalt: Well this is just an exploratory effort
[2020/11/08 13:05] Almut Brunswick: I propose to stop right here and to pursue the topic in the RA, in the Forum and presumably in the next LUC
[2020/11/08 13:06] Sudane Erato: if you wish we can organize a special event
[2020/11/08 13:06] Tor Karlsvalt: My goal at the moment is to just see what is possible
[2020/11/08 13:06] Sudane Erato: and I can discuss in detail running an estate connected in some way to the mainland
[2020/11/08 13:06] Delia Lake: /me is dreaming about attaching her kayak and jumping off the cliff at the end of her yard into the Linden sea
[2020/11/08 13:06] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/11/08 13:06] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
[2020/11/08 13:06] Tor Karlsvalt: That's the Spirit Delia
[2020/11/08 13:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me is dreaming about swimming in LL waters
[2020/11/08 13:06] Tor Karlsvalt: me too
[2020/11/08 13:07] Sudane Erato: yes :)
[2020/11/08 13:07] Almut Brunswick: and finally refineries, shipyards and docks, tankers... :D *yummy*
[2020/11/08 13:07] Tor Karlsvalt: But look at the map
[2020/11/08 13:07] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/11/08 13:07] Tor Karlsvalt: What LL is doing is amazing.
[2020/11/08 13:07] Almut Brunswick: Sudane. Container terminals!!!
[2020/11/08 13:07] Delia Lake: I need to get out exploring
[2020/11/08 13:07] Tor Karlsvalt: Scary for private sims in a way.
[2020/11/08 13:08] Em Warden (emwarden): Container tiny houses...
[2020/11/08 13:08] Sudane Erato: I know Almut... you're favourite!! :)
[2020/11/08 13:08] Almut Brunswick: Please keep us informed here or in the forum, Delia and Tor
[2020/11/08 13:08] Tor Karlsvalt: Well they have some new ones that are really nice.
[2020/11/08 13:08] Tor Karlsvalt: Sure will
[2020/11/08 13:08] Almut Brunswick: Sudane, no, navy bases are my favourites :D
[2020/11/08 13:08] Tor Karlsvalt: OMG
[2020/11/08 13:09] Tor Karlsvalt: Get a boat people
[2020/11/08 13:09] Sudane Erato: oh jeez... don't get me started on the problems of allowing military vessels!
[2020/11/08 13:09] Tor Karlsvalt: It is amazing what you find.
[2020/11/08 13:09] Almut Brunswick: Ok, before joking even more, thank you so far and lets move to New Business
[2020/11/08 13:09] Sudane Erato: agreed!
[2020/11/08 13:09] Almut Brunswick: A: Signage for the road names at LA and CN
[2020/11/08 13:09] Em Warden (emwarden): CDS is a demilitarized zone, mind you!
[2020/11/08 13:09] Almut Brunswick: And Mizou has the word
[2020/11/08 13:09] Callipygian Christensen: is online.
[2020/11/08 13:09] Almut Brunswick: Ok, then just Coast Guard
[2020/11/08 13:10] Sudane Erato: Sews my mouth shut
[2020/11/08 13:10] Tor Karlsvalt: :)
[2020/11/08 13:10] Almut Brunswick: giggles
[2020/11/08 13:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Well, there is not much to say. apart that Rosie and I are meeting on Tuesday and will plan creating the next set of road signs for LA first, then CN
[2020/11/08 13:10] Sudane Erato: Great!!
[2020/11/08 13:10] Almut Brunswick: Sounds good
[2020/11/08 13:10] Sudane Erato: the signs are so nice!
[2020/11/08 13:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): And just a question to Sudane, is NFS complete as far as signs ?
[2020/11/08 13:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks
[2020/11/08 13:11] Tor Karlsvalt: /me nods and is hugely impressed with all the signs.
[2020/11/08 13:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 13:11] Sudane Erato: oh my dear... I do not know
[2020/11/08 13:11] Em Warden (emwarden): I like that they have lights
[2020/11/08 13:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ah ok we can look at some stage
[2020/11/08 13:11] Almut Brunswick: Could you do me the favour and rename Marketplatz to Marktplatz in this turn?
[2020/11/08 13:11] Almut Brunswick: at NFS
[2020/11/08 13:12] Sudane Erato: I don't have a sense of completeness.... only that when I see the signs, I feel they are such an addition!
[2020/11/08 13:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes we can have that on the to do list
[2020/11/08 13:12] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/11/08 13:12] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/11/08 13:12] Em Warden (emwarden): I have been wishing that for years, Almut- thank you :)
[2020/11/08 13:12] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/11/08 13:12] Tor Karlsvalt: Deutlish
[2020/11/08 13:12] Tor Karlsvalt: hehe
[2020/11/08 13:13] Sudane Erato: Like calling the place Firenze instead of Florence :)
[2020/11/08 13:13] Almut Brunswick: We are not Berlin1920 with their fake German. So, either 100% German or 100% English :D
[2020/11/08 13:13] Sudane Erato: i agree :)
[2020/11/08 13:13] Almut Brunswick: Florenz :D
[2020/11/08 13:14] Almut Brunswick: IN German, it sounds like spaghetti with Sauerkraut
[2020/11/08 13:14] Tor Karlsvalt: Yuck
[2020/11/08 13:14] Sudane Erato: yeah :)
[2020/11/08 13:14] Em Warden (emwarden): :D
[2020/11/08 13:14] Delia Lake: /me is seeing that she missed a bit earlier and is reminding people that as Em said, the CDS is demilitarized, and we have been since the cease fire in the CDS-Caledon War years ago
[2020/11/08 13:14] Sudane Erato: haha
[2020/11/08 13:14] Almut Brunswick: Ok, any further contributions to the signage topic?
[2020/11/08 13:15] Almut Brunswick: Delia, it was just a joke, I'm 100% pacifistic :D
[2020/11/08 13:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): not for the moment Almut
[2020/11/08 13:15] Almut Brunswick: Ok, thank you
[2020/11/08 13:16] Almut Brunswick: Since we already had a very informative Miscellaneous part, my question about any further statements here
[2020/11/08 13:16] Sudane Erato: nothing from me
[2020/11/08 13:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): no
[2020/11/08 13:16] Em Warden (emwarden): Nothing to add
[2020/11/08 13:18] Almut Brunswick: Ok, thank you, then just some last words from your LUC chair this term, because this was our last LUC meeting before the new Chancellor and RA will be in office. We will see who will sit here next time.
[2020/11/08 13:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me is typing but is actually saying nothing :)
[2020/11/08 13:19] Em Warden (emwarden): /me grins
[2020/11/08 13:19] Delia Lake: lol
[2020/11/08 13:19] Sudane Erato: The agenda suggests next meeting is Nov 22
[2020/11/08 13:19] Sudane Erato: is that off?
[2020/11/08 13:19] Delia Lake: I would suggest we do have that Nov 22 meeting
[2020/11/08 13:19] Almut Brunswick: Yes
[2020/11/08 13:20] Almut Brunswick: since we still have a project to finish
[2020/11/08 13:20] Delia Lake: the new RA will not be completely filled on Dec 1
[2020/11/08 13:20] Almut Brunswick: at least one
[2020/11/08 13:20] Delia Lake: so it may be until almost the end of Dec before we have a new LUC in place
[2020/11/08 13:20] Almut Brunswick: ah, then I can save me the dramatic final speech. Delia, you saved me :D
[2020/11/08 13:20] Em Warden (emwarden): Hehe
[2020/11/08 13:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): lol
[2020/11/08 13:21] Almut Brunswick: In any case, I don't know yet if and how I will be a LUC member again. But... I will try to re-join this exclusive club of creative minds.
[2020/11/08 13:21] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 13:23] Almut Brunswick: As you know, I candidate for the RA and one of my goals is to get the LUC Act approved as soon as possible
[2020/11/08 13:23] Almut Brunswick: (that thing was pending in the Forum long enough now...)
[2020/11/08 13:23] Billy62: is offline.
[2020/11/08 13:24] Almut Brunswick: So we hopefully will get a legal basis which reflects more the current and future demands and duties of this commission
[2020/11/08 13:24] Sudane Erato: so do we have the meeting on Nov 22?
[2020/11/08 13:24] Almut Brunswick: Yes, let's vote about it
[2020/11/08 13:24] Almut Brunswick: Aye
[2020/11/08 13:24] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/11/08 13:24] Em Warden (emwarden): Aye
[2020/11/08 13:25] Brooke Brandenburg: aye
[2020/11/08 13:25] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/11/08 13:25] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/11/08 13:25] Almut Brunswick: The we can place a mulled wine booth on the peninsula and have a special last meeting here :D
[2020/11/08 13:25] Almut Brunswick: The we can place a mulled wine booth on the peninsula and have a special last meeting here :D
[2020/11/08 13:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): sound like a good idea
[2020/11/08 13:26] Lilith Ivory: I have one in my inventory :)
[2020/11/08 13:26] Almut Brunswick: (and the drunken members will fall into the Lake Monastery...)
[2020/11/08 13:26] Em Warden (emwarden): Outdoors and with social distancing- that's good :)
[2020/11/08 13:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/11/08 13:26] Almut Brunswick: Lilith, I take it as an offer :D
[2020/11/08 13:27] Lilith Ivory: you can count on me :)
[2020/11/08 13:27] Sudane Erato: Well... I presume we are adjourned?
[2020/11/08 13:27] Delia Lake: /me had better put the life saving tubes back before then
[2020/11/08 13:27] Sudane Erato: I must go :)
[2020/11/08 13:27] Delia Lake: on the lake
[2020/11/08 13:27] Almut Brunswick: Ok, ladies and Tors, we are adjourned!
[2020/11/08 13:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks Almut
[2020/11/08 13:27] Delia Lake: thank you
[2020/11/08 13:27] Em Warden (emwarden): Bye Sudane- take care!
[2020/11/08 13:27] Almut Brunswick: Thank you!
[2020/11/08 13:27] Tor Karlsvalt: Bye Sudane
[2020/11/08 13:27] Lilith Ivory: bye folks
[2020/11/08 13:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Bye everyone
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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Re: 11-8, LUC Transcript

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Rosie did not attend, I can't edit the post. Apologies
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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