Call for Candidates for Chancellor & 32st RA

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Call for Candidates for Chancellor & 32st RA

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Our community has celebrated it´s 15th birthday this fall but to grow and stay successful we need your participation!

So if you own land in CDS and are in good standing please consider to run for an office as member of the Representative Assembly or as Chancellor.

You qualify to stand for office if you are listed on both censuses (published on the Executive Forum on October 4th and 11th) and no challenge is received and upheld to bar you from doing so.

If you wish to declare as a candidate, send a notecard, inworld, to Lilith Ivory, Dean pro Temp. of the Scientific Council.

In the notecard, state your name and whether you are running for Chancellor or RA member. Lilith will post the names of candidates as they are received.

The closing date for declarations of candidacy is October 29.
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