IMPORTANT: Official List of Candidates and campaign information for Candidates

Announcements by the Dean of the Scientific Council

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IMPORTANT: Official List of Candidates and campaign information for Candidates

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The following citizens are standing for office in the coming elections:

One position as Chancellor : Samara Barzane (Kyoko)

With no other candidate declaring, Kyoko will continue as Chancellor for another term.

Standing for one of five positions on the Representative Assembly:

Emwarden Resident ( Em Warden)
20180414 Resident (Lyubov)
Laura Azalee
Rosie Gray
Emilia Avindar (Emilia Dagostino)
MadmaxSoulLover Resident

Campaigning by the candidates can begin on Saturday May 4th. Please read the following information regarding campaign rules.

Since the Constitution and laws are somewhat contradictory and include some archaic language, I am sending out these guidelines for campaigning so that new citizens (and old for that matter!) have a consistent reference to use. These guidelines are based on the Constitution and law and some customary practises at campaign time.

Campaign signs: no scripted signage is permitted in any location, other than a simple notegiver that hands out your info when touched. Please limit signage to a land impact of 3. It may be practical to make your signs fullbright, to be seen in all light conditions but please avoid glow, as it can be quite erratic and make signs unreadable in some viewers.

Please limit the size of your sign to 2m x 2m x .5m. on public land - on private land you can use any size you want of course, keeping in mind the encouragement to 'use good taste and common sense'

Signs can be placed in these public CDS locations:

CN: 67/193/43

NFS: 59/182/173

LA: 46/205/24

If you cannot rez your signs in these locations, contact a member of the SC for assistance.

Other campaign activity:

Candidates are encouraged to hold whatever campaign events you wish during the campaign and those events can be announced in the CDS inworld group notices and group IM.

The General and Event Forums can also be used to announce any campaign events or to invite discussions with the citizenry.

The intent of the campaign laws is that citizens should only receive campaign material that they wish to receive, so you may NOT use the CDS inworld group notices or IM to distribute campaign material.

Please conduct your campaigns in a civil and respectful manner.
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