Transcript of Scientific Council meeting Sunday 2 December 2018

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Transcript of Scientific Council meeting Sunday 2 December 2018

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Transcript of Scientific Council meeting Sunday 2 December 2018

Meeting called to order at 1003 SLT

Members present: Dean Lilith Ivory, Soro Dagostino, RG Cooperstone, Callipygian Christensen.

Agenda was approved unanimously.

Dean Ivory moved to approve the minutes from the last quorate meeting on 7 October 2018.
Ivory, Dagostino and Cooperstone voted Aye, Christensen abstained.

Dean Ivory moved for nominations on a new Dean, with Christensen nominating Cooperstone.
Ivory, Dagostino and Christensen voted Aye, Cooperstone abstained.

Dean Cooperstone assumed control of the meeting, with thanks to the outgoing Dean.

Election of a new Archivist (currently Cooperstone) was tabled.

Dates for upcoming elections were discussed. Perreault volunteered to do this at a previous meeting. As she has resigned from the SC, Christensen has volunteered to complete this.

Ivory spoke about the last set of issues with the forum concerning the DDoS attack on the servers. The SC will plan to have a meeting with Gwyneth Llewelyn to discuss forum related issues. It was also suggested that if there is an issue with the Forum for citizens to contact the Dean.

A review of a citizen harassment/estate ban initiated by then-Chancellor Held was conducted.

Next meeting was tentatively set for the weekend of January 12th 2019.

Cooperstone moved to adjourn at 1138 SLT, with second from Dagostino. Voted aye unanimously.

RogueGeek Cooperstone: 1303
Lilith Ivory: do all have the agenda and can we aprove it?
Rosie Gray: hi Delia
Sylvia Tamalyn: hi delia :)
Lilith Ivory: hi Delia
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Move to approve
Delia Lake: Hello :)
Soro Dagostino: Second
Lilith Ivory: all in favour to aprove the agenda say aye please
RogueGeek Cooperstone: aye
Soro Dagostino: BRB -- RL time.
Lilith Ivory: aye
Lilith Ivory: Calli?
Lilith Ivory: so we don?t have to wait for Soro with this
Callipygian Christensen: aye
Callipygian Christensen: sorry - phone rang
Lilith Ivory: no problem :)
Lilith Ivory: can we aprove on the mintes of the last quorate meeting too?
Lilith Ivory: do you have a link Coop?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: getting it now
Lilith Ivory: I am a bit handicaped as I am on my laptop and a new viewer :)
Soro Dagostino: Move approval.
RogueGeek Cooperstone:
Lilith Ivory: I second
Lilith Ivory: please all who are in favour say aye when you are ready
RogueGeek Cooperstone: for the record, we tried to have a meeting on the weekend LL's servers were bad, so logins were horrid.
Callipygian Christensen: I wasnt present so can't vote on that
RogueGeek Cooperstone: aye
Soro Dagostino: aye.
Lilith Ivory: aye
Lilith Ivory: ok now :)
Lilith Ivory: next item, old business :
Lilith Ivory: Election of our next dean
Lilith Ivory: there is no chance you want to have your old chair back at the moment Calli?
Lilith Ivory: /me grins
Callipygian Christensen: lalala cant hear you
Lilith Ivory: /me laughs
Callipygian Christensen: I will nominate Coop though
Lilith Ivory: /me smiles and nods
Soro Dagostino: Second
Lilith Ivory: all in favour to elect Coop as our new dean say aye please
Soro Dagostino: aye
Lilith Ivory: aye
Callipygian Christensen: aye
Lilith Ivory: Coop?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: abstain
Lilith Ivory: motion carries
Lilith Ivory: Congrats to your new office Coop
Sylvia Tamalyn: clap clap clap
Soro Dagostino: ((poor sod))
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Thank you, and thank you for your service as Dean Lil
Lilith Ivory: /me stands up and moves over to a chair that seems to be a lot more comfortable ;-)
Soro Dagostino: Clap, clap, clap.
Callipygian Christensen: *applause* and thank you for your time as Dean Lilith!
Lilith Ivory: my pleasure and thank you all for baring with me for a while
Soro Dagostino: Woot!
RogueGeek Cooperstone: So, do we have any nominees for Archivist?
Soro Dagostino: Great job Lilith.
Lilith Ivory: thank you :)
Lilith Ivory: the chair is yours Coop :)
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Thank you.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Since I am the current Archivist, do we have any nominations?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Worse comes to worse, I can keep doing it in the interim
Soro Dagostino: I understood the replacements for the departing SC members were to take on the job.
Soro Dagostino: I could be wrong.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: well, I move we table the election of Archivist until next meeting.
Callipygian Christensen: second
RogueGeek Cooperstone: all in favor say aye
Soro Dagostino: Aye
Lilith Ivory: aye
Callipygian Christensen: aye
RogueGeek Cooperstone: So moved.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Next item is getting a list of dates for future elections.
Rosie Gray: /me waves hello to Badger whom she has just noticed ;)
badgerofzen Resident: /me waves
Lilith Ivory: sadly Arria has resigned so we have to find another volunteer here too
Sylvia Tamalyn: /me waves to badger :)
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I know that a while back Arria said she would do the projections, but I haven't seen any dates
badgerofzen Resident: /me waves
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Fair enough. Anyone want to take that on?
Callipygian Christensen: I'll draft them and circulate - but it will be a week or so since seasonal stuff is ramping u in RL
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Can you get us a list in email by the 15th?
Callipygian Christensen: Probably
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I'll set myself a reminder to shoot out an email then.
Callipygian Christensen: If people will check them when I send them out, its an easy vote next meeting
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Yes it will. If we can get a few sets of dates projected, it makes it easier on everyone
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Anything else on that before we move on?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Ok, next item up is forum admin replacement
Lilith Ivory: may I say something about the forum at this point quickly?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: You may
Lilith Ivory: thank you :)
Lilith Ivory: as you might have noticed the forum was on a rough ride with lots of ups and downs this week
Lilith Ivory: I have sent an email to Gwyn after it was down for about 20 hours on friday/saturday
Lilith Ivory: and a few hours later it was up again.
Lilith Ivory: but I have no info about the reason and if Gwyn did something or not to solve this problem
Lilith Ivory: done
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Thank you
Delia Lake: /me mentions that it was down again this morning
Lilith Ivory: /me nods, having noticed this too
Sylvia Tamalyn: /me raises hand
Lilith Ivory: normally Gwyn gets an auto message when the forum is down
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Right, and then depending on her availability she can get in and so what needs doing
RogueGeek Cooperstone: *do
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Did you have a question Sylvia?
Sylvia Tamalyn: no, i wanted to say that gwyn had a message on the forums earlier today
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Ok, thank you.
Sylvia Tamalyn: as best as i can recall, she was moving them to another server
Sylvia Tamalyn: done :)
RogueGeek Cooperstone: This has been the issue so far, in finding a replacement. Someone with the technical chops and settling on a hosting solution.
Callipygian Christensen: I dont see a messsage from Gwyn there - do you recall which forum it was in Sylvia?
Lilith Ivory: I just wanted to ask the same question
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I peeked and didn't see it either
Delia Lake: /me raises her hand
Sylvia Tamalyn: it was when i tried to log on, like an error message, sort of
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Delia?
Sylvia Tamalyn: not an actual post per se
Sylvia Tamalyn: the forum itself was not accessible at that time and her message was displayed as explanation
Callipygian Christensen: ah..ok
Delia Lake: same as Sylvia. when I was logging on it was the page that came up saying Gwyn was moving the server
Delia Lake: now that it's up that message is gone
Sylvia Tamalyn: exactly
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Ok, that makes sense then. All I keep getting is some message from Cloudflare
Callipygian Christensen: Perhaps we can suggest letting the Dean know by e-mail when things like that are done or are in progress.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: At least that way we can know to start the diagnosis ball rolling
Sylvia Tamalyn: hi kyoko :)
Samara Barzane: better late than never :(
Delia Lake: Hi Kyoko
Rosie Gray: hhi Kyoko ?
emilia Avindar: hello Chancellor :)
Samara Barzane: Hello all!
Lilith Ivory: Hi Kyoko
Soro Dagostino: Hello Kyoko.
Callipygian Christensen: /me raises her hand
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Calli?
Callipygian Christensen: sorry, there was long silence so not sure if I was crashing lol - would it make sense to arrange to meet with Gwyn to talk about this and what options there might be needed or not, if she has changed servers?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Yes. We should sit down and go over all that with her.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: At least establish some baselines so we're not shooting in the dark.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: We'll add that to our action plan, and move from there.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Anything further from the members?
Lilith Ivory: not from me
Soro Dagostino: Next meeting?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I need to move to amend the agenda, and add an estate ban review.
Soro Dagostino: Now?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Since we're here, it is in the review window, unless you want to have another meeting just for that.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I was not aware Lilith didn't know, so we can take care of it while we're in session
Soro Dagostino: Who else knew?
Lilith Ivory: what has happened?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: On the 13th of November, Han dealt with a pair of avatars that were harrassing a citizen, and it was my understanding she banned them. I'm not an EM so I can't check the estate ban list
RogueGeek Cooperstone: She told the EMs at the time
Callipygian Christensen: /me raises her hand.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Calli?
Callipygian Christensen: I need to go, but two quick things - seems like a perfectly justified ban, and I vote aye to uphold it if a vote is needed, also - we established a few years ago during time of turmoil that the Dean needs to have EM powers.
Delia Lake: /me raises her hand and asks to speak after Calli.
Rosie Gray: hi Han
Sylvia Tamalyn: hi han
Delia Lake: Hi Han
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Delia?
Lilith Ivory: Hi Han
Callipygian Christensen: Should the EMs or Chancellor choose not to rescind a ban or to look into what bans exist, the Dean should have those powers. Done.
Han Held: hiya, Delia, hiya Lilith, hiya Rosie :)
RogueGeek Cooperstone: and to be fair Calli, the last Dean was and is.
Delia Lake: I posted on the forum today that I had seen avies just hanging out recently
Delia Lake: it got me remembering that I don't think we ever simplified the laws regarding banning and probably should
Delia Lake: imo, the onus should be on the banned person to petition us for removal of the ban, according to a simple nc that is given to that avie when banned. we should not have to rescind unless petitioned
Delia Lake: just a thought
Soro Dagostino: Raising hand.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Soro?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: +
Lilith Ivory: /me raises her hand too
Soro Dagostino: This seems to be two issues. One the validity of this Ban and next the change of the law.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: We're not going to discuss any changes today, but we can entertain those next meeting
Callipygian Christensen: /me raises hand one last time.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I'd like to just move on the ban itself.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Lil?
Han Held: /me raises my hand
Lilith Ivory: oh if we table the discussion abut that law I have nothing to add. I just personally think it is good to have bans reviewed to make sure a ban is valid
Lilith Ivory: done
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Calli?
Callipygian Christensen: I am thinking I might make my winter project the resurrection of the law review - since no citizen at large has expressed interest (mostly any comments are 'why arent 'they' doing anything' so I'll offer to get 'they' moving forward. We can look at the ban laws as one of the laws to review.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Fair enough.
Rosie Gray: /me raises a hand
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Hold on a second on the floor.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: I was going for the review of the ban, and I apologize for the procedural gaff. I'm acknowledging we should review it in the future, but right now, it's just the ban in discussion.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Now, I think it's Han.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Go ahead
Sylvia Tamalyn: hi ranma :)
Rosie Gray: hi Ranma
Han Held: Hi, am I up?
Lilith Ivory: Hi Ranma
RogueGeek Cooperstone: You are
Ranma Tardis: Hello
Delia Lake: /me whispers very quietly that she would be willing to help Calli on the Law Review
Samara Barzane: /me whispers that she supports Calli also
Han Held: The incident had two parts; one part we had the person with the wings lurking around InekB's property clearly intending on harassing her
Han Held: Flying right outside of her property lines and additionally being unresponsive when confronted
Soro Dagostino: Raises hand.
Han Held: Second part, they came in on an alt and tried to incite other people to come in and join in tresspassing on InekB's property and harassing
Han Held: I would be happy to take any questions about what happened, additionally I would be happy to be informed if there was a procedural gaff -to use Coop's term- that I comitted at the time
Han Held: the time, my primary concern was ending the harassment and restoring peace for our citizen
Han Held: Done.
Soro Dagostino: Grrrrr.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Soro?
Soro Dagostino: I move the ban be approved.
Callipygian Christensen: I second
Soro Dagostino: Call the question.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: All in favor say aye
Lilith Ivory: aye
Callipygian Christensen: aye
Soro Dagostino: aye. ((I would have killed the sob!))
RogueGeek Cooperstone: aye
Han Held: /me gives Soro a high-five with my eyes **grins**
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Thank you folks.
Soro Dagostino: raises hand
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Now next meeting. Looks like the weekend of January 12th should get us out of the new years pocket
Rosie Gray: /me still has a hand up
Callipygian Christensen: I think Rosie had her hand up
Soro Dagostino: As did I.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Rosie?
Rosie Gray: thank you
Rosie Gray: yes I wanted to say that 'if' the law review is revived, then it needs to be open to any citizen who wants to participate, not be a closed secret group
Callipygian Christensen: Rosie..its an NGO
Callipygian Christensen: its fuly open
Rosie Gray: and also, that in my opinion, it's the job of the RA to review laws to update them
Callipygian Christensen: so there is no real 'if' - it exists and just needs to have people get involved again
Rosie Gray: I know that in the past the RA wasn't very proactive that way, but that is essentially what it is for
Rosie Gray: okay, fair enough Calli, but in the past it was secretive and exclusive
Callipygian Christensen: well I do have to go - maybe everyone interested could read the NGO charter and we can go from there
Rosie Gray: and that's not right
Callipygian Christensen:
Rosie Gray: so I would like to ensure that if it is resurrected that anyone can participate
Callipygian Christensen: this Charter and the NGO was created to address those sorts of complaints Rosie - so its a matter of using it
Rosie Gray: and also recognize that the RA is the group that actually creates and amends laws
Rosie Gray: done
Callipygian Christensen: so, again - read the Charter :) I'll send out info and post about it in a few days.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Ok, Soro?
Soro Dagostino: Withdraw the comment.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Fair enough
RogueGeek Cooperstone: So, meeting on the weekend of January 12th 2019?
Lilith Ivory: fine with me as far as I can see
Callipygian Christensen: later all!
Lilith Ivory: see you calli
Delia Lake: bye Calli
RogueGeek Cooperstone: If we are good with that weekend, and no one else has anything...
Soro Dagostino: Agree to the date. 0930?
RogueGeek Cooperstone: not that early
Soro Dagostino: I have to go RL.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: ok, we'll get the date hashed out closer in.
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Move to adjourn?
Soro Dagostino: So move, vote aye.
Lilith Ivory: aye
RogueGeek Cooperstone: Aye, and that's that
I now lay down the command of my legions and retire to private life. Marcus Licinius Crassus

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