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4-30, Guild Meeting Transcript

Post by Mizou Vavoom »

4-30, Guild Meeting Transcript

Members present: Gildemeister: Rosie ,Master Artisans: Moon, Mizou, Jon - Artisan: Lilith - Apprentices: Tan, Lyubov, Almut
Members Absent: Officer: Delia - Master Artisans: Sudane - Artisans: Guillaume, Dianne Mechanique, Timo - Apprentices: Tor

[2020/04/30 10:35] Tanoujin Milestone: Hey Mizou
[2020/04/30 10:35] Rosie Gray: hi Mizou ㋡
[2020/04/30 10:35] Lyubov Atheria: ooo and lots of old folks returning, might see a mess! :)
[2020/04/30 10:35] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Tan, rosie, Lyubov, almut
[2020/04/30 10:35] Lyubov Atheria: :)
[2020/04/30 10:35] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and Lilith
[2020/04/30 10:35] Rosie Gray: yes, true Lyubov
[2020/04/30 10:36] Lilith Ivory: Lyubov I think the OLbies return with a new viewer at least
[2020/04/30 10:36] Lilith Ivory: Hi Mizou
[2020/04/30 10:36] Almut Brunswick: I just read the CDS news about the "elections"...oh my...
[2020/04/30 10:36] Rosie Gray: oh wouldn't bet on it, since Guillaume didn't update his
[2020/04/30 10:36] Lilith Ivory: oh my indeed
[2020/04/30 10:36] Lilith Ivory: lol
[2020/04/30 10:37] Almut Brunswick: I would declare them as invalid at once and would repeat them:D
[2020/04/30 10:37] Lilith Ivory: /me raises an eyebrow
[2020/04/30 10:37] Rosie Gray: why would you do that?
[2020/04/30 10:37] Lyubov Atheria: ooo are you running for Chancellor or RA almut?
[2020/04/30 10:37] Almut Brunswick: I even didn't know that there were any elections
[2020/04/30 10:37] Lilith Ivory: feel free to run for an office yourself next time and change things the way you want them to be
[2020/04/30 10:37] Lilith Ivory: Good Lord!
[2020/04/30 10:37] Rosie Gray: yes, that's the way you do things in a democracy
[2020/04/30 10:38] Rosie Gray: participate!
[2020/04/30 10:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/04/30 10:38] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/04/30 10:38] Lyubov Atheria: it's hard if you don't read group notices or the forum to be aware of things like elections :(
[2020/04/30 10:38] Lilith Ivory: we have sent gazillions of inworld notes and forum posts
[2020/04/30 10:38] Rosie Gray: yes indeed, it is up to people to keep themselves informed
[2020/04/30 10:39] Almut Brunswick: Yes, most likely.
[2020/04/30 10:39] Rosie Gray: will wait just a couple more minutes because I thought that Jon would be joining us
[2020/04/30 10:39] Tanoujin Milestone: i would be glad if he did
[2020/04/30 10:39] Rosie Gray: yes!
[2020/04/30 10:40] Lilith Ivory: oh yes, I was looking forward to see Jon again
[2020/04/30 10:41] Rosie Gray: and here comes Moon!
[2020/04/30 10:41] Lyubov Atheria: oh it's been fun taking photos all over! found Jon's house along the way :) and seeing Gaius' name all over buildings (and quite a few by Mizou too in CN!) :)
[2020/04/30 10:41] Tanoujin Milestone: yay
[2020/04/30 10:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/04/30 10:41] Rosie Gray: hi Moon, so wonderful that you can join us
[2020/04/30 10:41] Moon Adamant: hi everyone!
[2020/04/30 10:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): HI Moon welcome
[2020/04/30 10:41] Lilith Ivory: HI Moon :)
[2020/04/30 10:41] Rosie Gray: oh good, and Jon too!
[2020/04/30 10:41] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/04/30 10:41] Lilith Ivory: so nice to see you again Moon
[2020/04/30 10:41] Moon Adamant: hi hi :-)
[2020/04/30 10:41] Tanoujin Milestone: hi Moon and Jon
[2020/04/30 10:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Jon, welcome!
[2020/04/30 10:41] Lilith Ivory: Hi Jon
[2020/04/30 10:41] Lilith Ivory: welcome back
[2020/04/30 10:42] Moon Adamant: how is everyone?
[2020/04/30 10:42] Lyubov Atheria: hi! happy to meet you Moon and Jon :)
[2020/04/30 10:42] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Good thanks and you?
[2020/04/30 10:42] Jon Seattle: Hi everyone: rosie, tan, lilith, mizu, moon!
[2020/04/30 10:42] Rosie Gray: for those that don't know, Moon and Jon have been builders in the CDS from years ago
[2020/04/30 10:42] Rosie Gray: have a seat Jon
[2020/04/30 10:42] Moon Adamant: I am OK, thanks!
[2020/04/30 10:43] Jon Seattle: Waiting for things to rez :) one moment
[2020/04/30 10:43] Moon Adamant: by the way, guys, please do not mind my horrible avatar feet
[2020/04/30 10:43] Moon Adamant: but my shoes have disappeared :-)
[2020/04/30 10:43] Rosie Gray: Jon's bridge is still there in CN, and some of Moon's fachwerks
[2020/04/30 10:43] Rosie Gray: haha, Moon
[2020/04/30 10:44] Lilith Ivory: when you plan to be around more often we can take you on a shoping tour lol
[2020/04/30 10:44] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/04/30 10:44] Moon Adamant: lol, yes
[2020/04/30 10:44] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i second that Lil :)
[2020/04/30 10:44] Jon Seattle: :)
[2020/04/30 10:44] Rosie Gray: okay, let's call this meeting to order
[2020/04/30 10:44] Lyubov Atheria: oooo yes! we are ready to "help" :D
[2020/04/30 10:45] Rosie Gray: welcome back to Moon Adamant and Jon SEattle
[2020/04/30 10:45] Rosie Gray: and welcome to our 2 new apprentices, Almut Brunswick and Lyubov Atheria
[2020/04/30 10:45] Moon Adamant: thanks, glad to be back :-)
[2020/04/30 10:45] Jon Seattle: Thanks very much!
[2020/04/30 10:45] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/04/30 10:45] Lyubov Atheria: thank you Rosie :)
[2020/04/30 10:45] Rosie Gray: Mizou has kindly offered to keep the Minutes for us
[2020/04/30 10:46] Rosie Gray: our main order of business today is to review Lyubov and Almut's builds
[2020/04/30 10:46] Moon Adamant: thanks Mizou :-)
[2020/04/30 10:47] Rosie Gray: according to our guild procedures, the builds are reviewed for critique by the Artisans and Artisan masters
[2020/04/30 10:48] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, would you like to say something about your builds?
[2020/04/30 10:48] Lyubov Atheria: yes please.
[2020/04/30 10:48] Lyubov Atheria: i created 2 buildings:
[2020/04/30 10:48] Lyubov Atheria: one, to replace an older fachwerk on the Platz
[2020/04/30 10:48] Lyubov Atheria: i made this my beauty salon.
[2020/04/30 10:49] Lyubov Atheria: i used all available marketplace-purchased mesh items for this build
[2020/04/30 10:49] Lyubov Atheria: this includes steps, windows, doors, crown moulding and baseboards, wall panels, and coiffered ceiling
[2020/04/30 10:49] Lyubov Atheria: i combined this with prim work for all of the exterior timbers
[2020/04/30 10:50] Lyubov Atheria: and all of the prim pieces connecting the windows to the walls, since the standard mesh sizes would not fit the space available.
[2020/04/30 10:50] Lyubov Atheria: it is a tiny parcel, very narrow
[2020/04/30 10:51] Lyubov Atheria: so i did things like make the walls extremely thin in areas, to maximize interior space, not wanting to lose even 1m because of wall thickness
[2020/04/30 10:51] Lyubov Atheria: the design of the building itself is meant to fit within the size and style of the surrounding buildings on the Platz
[2020/04/30 10:51] Lyubov Atheria: lastly for this building,
[2020/04/30 10:52] Lyubov Atheria: all textures are the 3 layer Materials, and all were also store-bought on the Marketplace.
[2020/04/30 10:52] Lyubov Atheria: the second building is the Debauche Theater
[2020/04/30 10:52] Lyubov Atheria: this was a temporary structure purpose-built for the 8 March international women's day celebrations.
[2020/04/30 10:52] Lyubov Atheria: we had the dance group Debauche performs
[2020/04/30 10:53] Lyubov Atheria: they had specific requirements for the size of the building
[2020/04/30 10:53] Lyubov Atheria: so, the scale of the building, while wildly out of the typical range for Locus Amoenus, where the event was held, was dictated by the needs of the performance
[2020/04/30 10:54] Lyubov Atheria: which reqired a certain stage size, backstage area, and also room for an entire second set to sit above the visable stage, ready for the next act
[2020/04/30 10:54] Lyubov Atheria: this building is primarily prim work
[2020/04/30 10:55] Lyubov Atheria: with the exception of doors, upper floor mesh windows, and the exterior cornerstones.
[2020/04/30 10:55] Lyubov Atheria: and of course, i'm happy to answer any questions about the work.
[2020/04/30 10:55] Lyubov Atheria: thank you rosie, and all Guild members for taking the time today to review my work. done.
[2020/04/30 10:56] Rosie Gray: thank you Lyubov
[2020/04/30 10:56] Rosie Gray: Almut, would you like to say something about your builds?
[2020/04/30 10:56] Moon Adamant: thanks Lyubov, and congrats on your great work!
[2020/04/30 10:56] Lyubov Atheria: aww ty Moon! :)
[2020/04/30 10:57] Almut Brunswick: Yes please. Since it is demanded by the Guild to present two builds which are currently present and I actually don't own any land with the exception of the small house in Neufreistadt, my choice was quite easy.
[2020/04/30 10:58] Almut Brunswick: I just have exactly two buildings to present inworld:
[2020/04/30 10:58] Almut Brunswick: My house and main store at Neumagdeburg and a small pavillon-like store building in the The Celts MC sim.
[2020/04/30 11:00] Almut Brunswick: I also created some larger buildings in SL, but they were just for temporary use, like a bog Oktoberfest tent and an Art Déco cinema built after a RL template which is a cinema in Amsterdam
[2020/04/30 11:00] Almut Brunswick: I use to create my buildings - like all other items I create for my own use - by myself in mesh
[2020/04/30 11:01] Almut Brunswick: I never use any foreign parts
[2020/04/30 11:01] Almut Brunswick: All meshes, textures and also scripts are self-made.
[2020/04/30 11:02] Almut Brunswick: I also made some bridges and some furniture in the past years
[2020/04/30 11:02] Rosie Gray: it's only really your builds for inspection that we need to know about, Almut
[2020/04/30 11:02] Almut Brunswick: My tools are mainly Blender for creating the meshes and also Blender and Photoshop to create the textures
[2020/04/30 11:03] Almut Brunswick: So that is the background.
[2020/04/30 11:03] Almut Brunswick: Both buildings are outside CDS, so I would need to provide you the LMs for the inspection
[2020/04/30 11:03] Almut Brunswick: I think that I supplied them with my application
[2020/04/30 11:04] Rosie Gray: yes you did Almut
[2020/04/30 11:04] Rosie Gray: I was looking for it the other day, but unfortunately I couldn't find it
[2020/04/30 11:04] Almut Brunswick: That is all from my side.
[2020/04/30 11:04] Rosie Gray: the application, I mean
[2020/04/30 11:05] Rosie Gray: and I do apologize that it's taken us so long to get to this meeting... we did try a couple of times but nobody showed up for the first one, and then couldn't find a time for the second attempt
[2020/04/30 11:05] Rosie Gray: so sorry about that
[2020/04/30 11:05] Rosie Gray: were you finished with your descriptions?
[2020/04/30 11:06] Almut Brunswick: Yes of course. I submitted the application in December 2020. For today, I'm finished with my descriptions.
[2020/04/30 11:06] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/04/30 11:06] Rosie Gray: right then, I think we can move on to critiques
[2020/04/30 11:06] Rosie Gray: Mizou, would you like to go first?
[2020/04/30 11:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Yes
[2020/04/30 11:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Congratulations to both of you Lyubov and Almut for your buildings
[2020/04/30 11:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Lyubov, I visited your Fachwerk shop way before your application and liked it very much. It is really well put together and it has a homely lived in feel, which I like.
[2020/04/30 11:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Also your theathre view the constraints is outstanding.
[2020/04/30 11:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): My question to you:
[2020/04/30 11:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Have you considered creating your own meshes either in Blender or with Mesh studio script in SL?
[2020/04/30 11:11] Lyubov Atheria: only with passing. i saw the SL script on the marketplace, i recall. i have "downloaded" blender and "opened" it, but this is all. it would be nice to be able to create my own things. i spend an extraordinary amount of time on my work already, and if i can buy something ready-made, vs many hours of trying to make it myself, i buy it. but, there are certainly times when i cannot find something that i want to purchase and it would be better if i could just make it myself.
[2020/04/30 11:11] Lyubov Atheria: and thank you very much Mizou for your kind comments :)
[2020/04/30 11:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): If you need help with Mesh studio, I would be only too happy to do so, just ask
[2020/04/30 11:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): It is quite easy to work and make builds
[2020/04/30 11:12] Lyubov Atheria: i will! thank you!
[2020/04/30 11:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I have another question: what is the Li of your Fachwerk shop?
[2020/04/30 11:13] Lyubov Atheria: about 70
[2020/04/30 11:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/04/30 11:13] Lyubov Atheria: much of this is because of the prim timber work and the wall pieces around each window
[2020/04/30 11:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): personally when I make my own meshes it can go down to 25/30 for a Fachwerk, so a suggestion for you in the future would be to take that into account as well and to keep it down to a minimum
[2020/04/30 11:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ... but still in your beautiful style :)
[2020/04/30 11:15] Lyubov Atheria: yes, thank you mizou. i know the prim count is high, but my goal in this case was to make the best work that i knew how, without much concern for prim count
[2020/04/30 11:15] Lyubov Atheria: ty :)
[2020/04/30 11:15] Lilith Ivory: is offline.
[2020/04/30 11:15] Rosie Gray: oops, we lost Lilith
[2020/04/30 11:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): you are welcome, and keep building :)
[2020/04/30 11:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Almut
[2020/04/30 11:15] Moon Adamant: Sim hiccuped a bit just now
[2020/04/30 11:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): shall we wait?
[2020/04/30 11:16] Rosie Gray: sure give her a minute
[2020/04/30 11:16] Almut Brunswick: I assume she will attempt to return as soon as possible
[2020/04/30 11:16] Rosie Gray: if she can
[2020/04/30 11:16] Rosie Gray: Moon you noticed the sim hiccupping? lol
[2020/04/30 11:16] Rosie Gray: what do you mean by that?
[2020/04/30 11:17] Almut Brunswick: Who?
[2020/04/30 11:17] Moon Adamant: oh
[2020/04/30 11:17] Moon Adamant: i meant that it slowed a lot for me, I thought i was going to crash
[2020/04/30 11:18] Rosie Gray: oh I see
[2020/04/30 11:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ohh didn't notice
[2020/04/30 11:18] Moon Adamant: started giving warnings about voice, generally a sure sign of doom :-)
[2020/04/30 11:18] Rosie Gray: ah
[2020/04/30 11:18] Almut Brunswick: Well, we are not moving much, so it is likely not so easy to detect
[2020/04/30 11:18] Rosie Gray: hmmm, looks like Lilith isn't making a fast return
[2020/04/30 11:19] Almut Brunswick: even the textures are all loaded
[2020/04/30 11:19] Rosie Gray: so, Mizou, please continue
[2020/04/30 11:19] Almut Brunswick: Hmm, yes, we should maybe proceed
[2020/04/30 11:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/04/30 11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: brb, force feeding a chicken (aka DInner)
[2020/04/30 11:19] Rosie Gray: okay Tan ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): So Almut. I went around in your shop as per your application
[2020/04/30 11:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): And I was impressed by the various levels and the modern look
[2020/04/30 11:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): as well as your mannequins showing the clothes that you create.
[2020/04/30 11:21] Almut Brunswick: Then you simply need to buy a motorcycle somewhere and to get one of my creations :D
[2020/04/30 11:21] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): My questions to you: what is the Li total of your shop and for the textures, I would love to see the 3 materials being used as well as a more realistic look to the floors and walls, like shadow, dirt, cracks etc. If that makes sense?
[2020/04/30 11:23] Almut Brunswick: I assume you refer to the main store with my apartment on top at Neumagdeburg. The LI of the empty building is 48.
[2020/04/30 11:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes the one that was on your application
[2020/04/30 11:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): 48 excellent
[2020/04/30 11:23] Almut Brunswick: Means: The architectural structure including doors and stairs.
[2020/04/30 11:26] Almut Brunswick: Regarding the three materials, this particular building still has mainly some preliminary textures and no rendered textures. It also still lacks its front doors and the fire ladder in the backyard:D So I agree: Adding specular maps and some normal maps would surely improve the look
[2020/04/30 11:26] Almut Brunswick: The smaller store, however, got rendered procedural textures including specular maps
[2020/04/30 11:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ok i understand but an application would presume that the building was totally thought out? Yes?
[2020/04/30 11:27] Almut Brunswick: No normal maps though so far. That could improve the plaster look and the carpet when you look at it in Advanced Lighting Mode.
[2020/04/30 11:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Was the smaller store on your initial application?
[2020/04/30 11:28] Almut Brunswick: Both are in my application
[2020/04/30 11:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ok
[2020/04/30 11:28] Almut Brunswick: It is asked for two builds
[2020/04/30 11:28] Almut Brunswick: and I just could take what I have currently inworld
[2020/04/30 11:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): What I meant for the textures is also to add some reality in the diffuse map, such as cracks, mould, shadow etc
[2020/04/30 11:30] Almut Brunswick: That would be possible, although I didn't like to give this particular building too many traces of weathering and attrition
[2020/04/30 11:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Right,
[2020/04/30 11:31] Almut Brunswick: That would be a different thing when I would build for instance an old house made of wood and hand-made bricks for instance
[2020/04/30 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Yes i understand almut, in reality even new builds have some unevenness about the textures
[2020/04/30 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): That's it for me
[2020/04/30 11:32] Rosie Gray: thank you Mizou
[2020/04/30 11:33] Rosie Gray: as Lilith hasn't been able to return, I can make my comments
[2020/04/30 11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks to both of you and again congratulations and we look forward to your next creations
[2020/04/30 11:33] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:33] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/04/30 11:34] Rosie Gray: I also want to congratulate you both on your work. In both of your individual ways, you have expressed your creativity here in SL
[2020/04/30 11:34] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, as I think you realize, you do really need to reduce the LI count. Especially for a small fachwerk it's important
[2020/04/30 11:35] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, I am looking forward to working with Mizou to learn about this Mesh Script tool
[2020/04/30 11:35] Rosie Gray: so perhaps this is a good thing for you to aim for
[2020/04/30 11:35] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): me too :)
[2020/04/30 11:35] Rosie Gray: otherwise, I think you have a superb eye for making spaces realistic
[2020/04/30 11:36] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you, that is very much what I enjoy to create :)
[2020/04/30 11:36] Rosie Gray: I would really like to see you, in the next level, to try making some of your own textures too
[2020/04/30 11:36] Rosie Gray: some of those purchased ones are really not all that good, and you can easily make better normal and specular maps
[2020/04/30 11:36] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, I agree, I am very much limited by what I can find for purchase.
[2020/04/30 11:37] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:37] Rosie Gray: and also to keep in mind for here, for the CDS, we don't want our buildings to look new
[2020/04/30 11:37] Rosie Gray: this is the same issue as Almut with your textures
[2020/04/30 11:38] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, Mizou's comments about "wear" to Almut also apply to me.
[2020/04/30 11:38] Rosie Gray: yes indeed
[2020/04/30 11:38] Rosie Gray: even a completely new building will have things about it that aren't perfect
[2020/04/30 11:39] Rosie Gray: but generally, I really think you are on the right track and will only improve as you go along, so congratulations
[2020/04/30 11:39] Rosie Gray: one thing I want to compliment both of you on
[2020/04/30 11:39] Rosie Gray: is that you have kept the scale of things very well
[2020/04/30 11:39] Rosie Gray: I've noticed that with a lot of builders in sl, even long-time ones
[2020/04/30 11:40] Almut Brunswick: It uis maybe because both Lyubov and I aren't really giants
[2020/04/30 11:40] Rosie Gray: that they end up with doornobs at forehead level, and massive steps, etc.
[2020/04/30 11:40] Rosie Gray: lol yes
[2020/04/30 11:41] Moon Adamant: lol
[2020/04/30 11:41] Rosie Gray: and even though we have to have high ceilings in SL for the awkward camera angles, you both have managed to do that without making them look ridiculous
[2020/04/30 11:41] Almut Brunswick: Well, the avatar height is one thing and camera position - exactly! - the other thing to be considered
[2020/04/30 11:41] Lyubov Atheria: well, my first place in CDS was one of Sudane's new buildings...so i quickly learned to reset my default camera to shoulder-height! :)
[2020/04/30 11:41] Rosie Gray: I get really annoyed when the doorhandle is at my head level, lol
[2020/04/30 11:42] Rosie Gray: and steps are knee deep
[2020/04/30 11:42] Jon Seattle: :D
[2020/04/30 11:42] Rosie Gray: anyway, you don't do that so thank you!
[2020/04/30 11:42] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I second that
[2020/04/30 11:42] Rosie Gray: Almut, for your builds
[2020/04/30 11:42] Moon Adamant: the question of scale is always hard in SL, I agree
[2020/04/30 11:42] Rosie Gray: I really admire the shapes you've made for them
[2020/04/30 11:43] Rosie Gray: it's clear you are well conversed in making buildings like that
[2020/04/30 11:43] Rosie Gray: I have the same reservations about the textures that we've already talked about
[2020/04/30 11:44] Rosie Gray: for instance, you've made nice door handles with plates behind them, but I could almost not see them without looking very closely, because the textures are too plain
[2020/04/30 11:44] Rosie Gray: so I think this is definitely something you can work on
[2020/04/30 11:44] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): If i could add to what rosie just said
[2020/04/30 11:44] Rosie Gray: please
[2020/04/30 11:45] Almut Brunswick: The door handles in this building doesn't have any textures, I must admit. I always planned to make them, but the next project distracted me away...in this particular case.
[2020/04/30 11:45] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[2020/04/30 11:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): creating 3D assests is also looking at reality with a different eye, for instance, when walking around buildings in rl notice how the shadows are playing
[2020/04/30 11:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): on the surfaces, how the brickwork even new has different tones and textures
[2020/04/30 11:46] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/04/30 11:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and what we reproduce here needs to have some of that reality embedded in the build
[2020/04/30 11:47] Tanoujin Milestone: /me shudders remembering work on a simple stone wall in the pre material era
[2020/04/30 11:47] Rosie Gray: /me smiles
[2020/04/30 11:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): a way that i do that in rl is while i am on my way back from work (pre this period of confinement) is to really look at the houses and their textural look
[2020/04/30 11:48] Rosie Gray: I find that using photorealistic textures is much easier to create that sort of thing
[2020/04/30 11:48] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and arm yourself with your mobile phone to take pictures of walls on your walks and get weird looks for people lol
[2020/04/30 11:48] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/04/30 11:49] Moon Adamant: texture work is something that can take a lot of time, and i find both photorealistic and synthetic have their specific issues
[2020/04/30 11:49] Rosie Gray: agreed
[2020/04/30 11:49] Rosie Gray: but for realism, for things like bricks and stones, it's pretty hard for anyone to draw what a photo can reproduce
[2020/04/30 11:50] Rosie Gray: I do know some of that is a personal preference too
[2020/04/30 11:50] Almut Brunswick: Mizou, I use to create model brick houses for our family railroad and I paint all that textures on it by hand. My reference are always pictures. So I'm accustomed to that apporach.
[2020/04/30 11:50] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): this is helpful for free textures http://texturify.com
[2020/04/30 11:51] Rosie Gray: And here is a very simple way to make normal and specular maps: http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/
[2020/04/30 11:51] Moon Adamant: Rosie, totally agree
[2020/04/30 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): or i have a tutorial for same but in GIMP
[2020/04/30 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): on mizou.wordpress.com
[2020/04/30 11:51] Rosie Gray: yes, but this website is so easy
[2020/04/30 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/04/30 11:52] Moon Adamant: have you tried a software called filterforge?
[2020/04/30 11:52] Almut Brunswick: I'm going to use Blender to generate these maps
[2020/04/30 11:52] Moon Adamant: i am not sure at the moment what the demo allows you to do
[2020/04/30 11:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes that is even better almut
[2020/04/30 11:52] Rosie Gray: whatever you use, is fine if you get the right outcome ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:53] Rosie Gray: anyway, Almut it's good work and just that we have specific things to look for here
[2020/04/30 11:53] Rosie Gray: so congratulations on your builds too
[2020/04/30 11:53] Almut Brunswick: Blender has changed a lot since 2.8x came out, so I need to relearn a lot of procedures. But I think that you get the best possible result by rendering all these required maps directly in the Blender scene
[2020/04/30 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i totally agree Almut, if your build is made in Blender
[2020/04/30 11:54] Rosie Gray: I'm sure that's true for specific builds, but you still need the other textures for here and there that repeat and you can use on anything
[2020/04/30 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): it can be done in Blender Rosie
[2020/04/30 11:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): in the new version anyway
[2020/04/30 11:55] Rosie Gray: oh I know, Mizou
[2020/04/30 11:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/04/30 11:55] Almut Brunswick: You can use diffuse bitmap textures as input data even for generated textures
[2020/04/30 11:55] Rosie Gray: but we don't all use Blender
[2020/04/30 11:55] Rosie Gray: and can still make very good textures otherwise
[2020/04/30 11:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/04/30 11:56] Rosie Gray: especially if you are purchasing mesh components, as Lyubov has done
[2020/04/30 11:56] Rosie Gray: and they come with the AO maps
[2020/04/30 11:56] Rosie Gray: that's another thing for you to try, Lyubov ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:56] Lyubov Atheria: "One more thing..." :) So much to learn! So happy to be in the right place :) Thank you.
[2020/04/30 11:57] Rosie Gray: well it looks like Lilith isn't going to make it back
[2020/04/30 11:58] Rosie Gray: we will take a vote between the Artisan and Artisan Masters about your applications
[2020/04/30 11:58] Rosie Gray: I will recommend Artisan for both of you ㋡
[2020/04/30 11:58] Jon Seattle: Thanks everyone! I have to run, but I have been learning a lot from this conversation!
[2020/04/30 11:58] Rosie Gray: oh, thanks for joining us Jon!
[2020/04/30 11:58] Tanoujin Milestone: See you soon, Jon
[2020/04/30 11:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Thanks for being here Jon, hope to see you again soon
[2020/04/30 11:58] Tanoujin Milestone: so good to see you!
[2020/04/30 11:58] Rosie Gray: see you soon
[2020/04/30 11:58] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you Rosie. Happy to meet you Jon.
[2020/04/30 11:59] Almut Brunswick: Thank you. Bye for now, Jon.
[2020/04/30 11:59] Jon Seattle: Thank you Rosie :) good to see you Tan!
[2020/04/30 11:59] Rosie Gray: Moon and Tan, I don't know if either of you want to comment?
[2020/04/30 11:59] Moon Adamant: Oh, for sure!
[2020/04/30 11:59] Tanoujin Milestone: i pass, given my rank - i have no qualified opinion, but am here to learn
[2020/04/30 12:00] Moon Adamant: Lyubov, Almut, I am _very_impressed!
[2020/04/30 12:00] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/04/30 12:00] Moon Adamant: i really enjoyed your creations (buildings comprised too)
[2020/04/30 12:01] Moon Adamant: I am super impressed also by your discourse on what you do
[2020/04/30 12:01] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you Moon!
[2020/04/30 12:01] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/04/30 12:01] Moon Adamant: it really shows that you have the knowledge of the tech problems that evryone meets here in SL
[2020/04/30 12:02] Moon Adamant: and it reveals amazing critical thinking on what you are doing
[2020/04/30 12:02] Moon Adamant: it's not possible to work better without that critical thinking
[2020/04/30 12:03] Moon Adamant: so my real congrats for both of you, I am sure you'll be doing ever better work!
[2020/04/30 12:03] Rosie Gray: yes!
[2020/04/30 12:03] Lyubov Atheria: "better textures, less prims!" :)
[2020/04/30 12:03] Rosie Gray: I think we all improve with everything we do :)
[2020/04/30 12:03] Rosie Gray: hehe, yes Lyubov
[2020/04/30 12:04] Almut Brunswick: Up to now, making building was just a side-business, a utility thing in order not to need purchasing 3rd party things for me
[2020/04/30 12:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): One last word of advice
[2020/04/30 12:05] Almut Brunswick: So making *old* houses will be a new challenge
[2020/04/30 12:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): In the beginning of SL we build using prim torturing
[2020/04/30 12:05] Moon Adamant: indeed :-)
[2020/04/30 12:05] Almut Brunswick: whispers: I rememer that times.D
[2020/04/30 12:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): which is using prims and cutting them in a certain way to create new shapes that fit our final build
[2020/04/30 12:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and in essence this is what the Guild has as its first requirement, to show that you can torture prims to create a final product
[2020/04/30 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): when creating your own meshes using the script you use these tortured prims to create the best shape for your object, so there is a lot of thought involved, as Moon said earlier
[2020/04/30 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): So a visit to the SL prim library is always a good start
[2020/04/30 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): to see what you can create with your basic prims
[2020/04/30 12:08] Rosie Gray: it's amazing what you can make with just the SL prims
[2020/04/30 12:09] Almut Brunswick: I once built a Steambunk hospital at Caledon this way
[2020/04/30 12:09] Rosie Gray: and there are usually places that you just want to whip up a quick thing, that it is perfect for
[2020/04/30 12:09] Moon Adamant: prim torturing is great for sketching, i do agree
[2020/04/30 12:10] Almut Brunswick: I still use to create volumen and dimensioning models by using prims
[2020/04/30 12:10] Rosie Gray: good idea!
[2020/04/30 12:11] Rosie Gray: /me looks at the time
[2020/04/30 12:11] Almut Brunswick: So I can esteem how a build would fit into a place
[2020/04/30 12:11] Rosie Gray: I think we have covered what we set out to do today
[2020/04/30 12:11] Tanoujin Milestone: sadly my time is up, kitchen calls - but I foresee a good outcome for both of you, Almut, and Lyubov. thanks for this interesting meeting - take care and stay save everyone.
[2020/04/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me agrees
[2020/04/30 12:11] Rosie Gray: bye Tan
[2020/04/30 12:11] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you Tan
[2020/04/30 12:11] Rosie Gray: thanks for coming ㋡
[2020/04/30 12:11] Moon Adamant: Almut, that's how we partitioned Colonia Nova, back in the dawn of times :-)
[2020/04/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Bye Tan
[2020/04/30 12:12] Tanoujin Milestone: is offline.
[2020/04/30 12:12] Moon Adamant: bye Tan! :-)
[2020/04/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: ha, Moon
[2020/04/30 12:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me remembers
[2020/04/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: so I call this meeting adjourned
[2020/04/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: and thank you to everyone who came ㋡
[2020/04/30 12:12] Moon Adamant: thanks for charing, Rosie!
[2020/04/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: so nice to see you, Moon!
[2020/04/30 12:12] Lyubov Atheria: Great to meet you Moon! :)
[2020/04/30 12:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Thanks Moon!
[2020/04/30 12:13] Moon Adamant: Lyubov, Almut, great to have met you!
[2020/04/30 12:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh i missed that
[2020/04/30 12:14] Rosie Gray: must run and do some RL stuff
[2020/04/30 12:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): me too
[2020/04/30 12:14] Rosie Gray: bye all
[2020/04/30 12:14] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you once again for taking the time today.
[2020/04/30 12:14] Almut Brunswick: Bye Rosie and Mizou
[2020/04/30 12:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Lyubov i will check the link and send it later ok?
[2020/04/30 12:14] Moon Adamant: bye Rosie, cheers!
[2020/04/30 12:14] Lyubov Atheria: Wonderful to be a part of such talented and decicated people :)
[2020/04/30 12:14] Rosie Gray: bye!
[2020/04/30 12:14] Lyubov Atheria: Sounds great Mizou! :)

[2020/04/30 12:18] Lyubov Atheria: bye!
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400

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