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CDS Artisan Guild Charter

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The CDS Artisan Guild (AG) exists to encourage and assist a high standard of excellence in the creative output of content of Second Life residents. Its primary method will be the sponsorship of a structure of creator-members who have met, or seek to meet, various graduated standards for the various arts. These accomplished creator-members will be encouraged to assist members occupying lower grades to achieve higher levels of skill. To this end, both classes and individual tutelage will be encouraged. The AG shall act as a clearinghouse of excellent creator talent and shall seek to match outsider requests for the creation of content with creators best skilled to do it. The AG shall also be available for other projects appropriate to its Purpose.

The CDS Artisan Guild intends to set a standard which any person in Second Life can use to measure the quality of creative content. The goal is to ultimately address all creative skills which occur in Second Life, while acknowledging that initially our scope may encompass only the more common skills of prim-based building and texturing.

The Artisan Guild (AG) shall be a non-governmental organization (NGO) and based in the community of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS).

Voting membership in the AG shall be open to any citizen of the CDS in good standing by the laws of the CDS. New members must apply for membership at least one week before any AG meeting at which a vote will be held in order to verify citizenship status.

There shall (initially) be five “classes” of membership: General, Apprentice, Artisan, Artisan Master, and Visiting Artisan Master.

1) General Memberships shall be open to all CDS Citizens who have an interest and would like to participate in the general meetings and put forward ideas.

2) Apprentices. Any member of the AG may elect to become a member of the Apprentice class.

3) Artisan. Artisans shall periodically evaluate work offered by members of the Apprentice class with intent to provide helpful and educational critique and to, when merited, invite members of the Apprentice class to become Artisans.

4) Artisan Master. Artisan Masters shall periodically evaluate work offered by members of the Artisan class with intent to provide helpful and educational critique and to, when merited, invite members of the Artisan class to become Artisan Masters.

5) From time to time there may be identified certain highly skilled SL artists who in the opinion of the Artisan Masters possess skills superior even to those represented by themselves. These people may be invited into a term membership by the Artisan Masters, waiving the requirement for CDS citizenship. Should such visiting artists wish to become permanent Artisan Masters of the AG, they would need to become CDS citizens.

The organization may hold the following meetings:

1) Public informational meetings at which anyone can attend and speak, but at which no binding votes are held.

2) Membership meetings at which only members may attend and speak. Such meetings will attend to the general business of the AG. At such meetings votes of the membership may be taken. Votes cast on any matters in this category of meeting shall be weighted as follows: 1) General Members and Apprentices shall have a single vote each, 2) Artisan shall have 2 votes each, and 3) Masters shall have 3 votes each.

3) “Class” meetings at which only members of those classes may attend and speak.

On a regular basis, Membership Meetings will be held to elect the officers of the AG. These shall include the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Recording Secretary It is explicitly understood that all decisions of the membership meetings, including the election of officers, shall be done in the weighted manner as described in “MEETINGS”.

In addition, the Guildmeister, who shall function as the Executive Director of the AG, shall be elected by the members of the Artisan Masters class meeting separately.

1) The Guildmeister shall perform the duties of Executive Director of the AG, being responsible for all programs and administrative actions of the AG.

1) The Chairperson shall chair all Public and Membership meetings of the AG, and in consultation with the Guildmeister organize and distribute each agenda.

2) The Treasurer shall hold the money of the AG in an appropriate avatar account and shall report regularly on its use.

3) The Recording Secretary shall record the transcripts and note the outcome of actions taken at and Public and Membership meetings.

CDS Artisan Guild Colleges and Qualifications

Architects College

The Architects College focuses on the creation of buildings and other architectural features of a landscape such as bridges, roads, walls etc., with the primary building tools of both regular prims and sculpty prims. At this time mesh creation is not covered within the college parameters.

Additional colleges may be added as guild membership expands and as the members warrant. Such additional colleges would focus on skin creation, clothing, furniture, jewellery, animations, mesh, scripting. The additional colleges as they are created would fit into the umbrella of the CDS Artisan Guild on parallel tracks to the Architects College.

Guild Level Qualifications - Architects College

Any member may become an Apprentice if they would like to learn to create in SL, by requesting the sponsorship of an Artisan Master of the Artisans’ Guild.

The Apprentice must agree to take on beginner projects that may be assigned to them by the Artisan level, who will provide tutelage and assistance in the learning process. The Apprentice seeks the advice of the Artisans and Artisan Masters of the guild.

This level must demonstrate specific degrees of artisan skills to be accepted to the level.

Two examples of their work must be presented for critique to the existing Artisans who will discuss the work and vote on accepting the person to their level. This level will continue to take the advice of the Master level where they require it, and will work within their level assisting each other with their creations.

Pieces may be a building, an object that would be considered a normal part of daily life such as a piece of furniture, or some other such creative piece with enough detail to warrant the level.

The pieces must demonstrate a good grasp of prim shaping to create interesting forms, and a good use of texturing with attention to detail on all sides of exposed edges. Attention to detail and finishing is expected. Scaling to appropriate size is expected.

Artisan Master
This level must demonstrate excellence in prim shaping, texturing, alignment, and design to be accepted to the level.

Two examples of complex builds must be presented for critique to the existing Masters level, who will discuss the work and vote on accepting the person to their level. The builds should differ in theme and style.

Pieces may be a building, an object that would be considered a normal part of daily life, or other creative piece as the applicant will see fit to present.


Large buildings: a large build would have at least 4 levels, connected by stairways, have complex design features with at least one intricate feature demonstrating the mastery of prim shaping/cutting and use thereof, and demonstrate an artistic level of texturing and detail. There will be no 'errors' in prim alignment, texture alignment, will use appropriate physical scale, judicious use of scripts to make things interesting. The use of purchased scripts and purchased sculpty maps is allowed, but not the use of fully made components. Texture creation is considered a creative aspect of the building, and while not all of the textures need be made by the applicant, the demonstration of texture creation artistry is considered a valuable part of the work.

Smaller creations: Creations small in scale can often be intricate in design and build. Smaller objects will be viewed with the same eye to levels, design components, shaping/cutting, texturing, alignment, scaling and scripting as in the large buildings example.

It is acknowledged that the artistry required will leave room for different approaches and styles which will be taken into account.

Artisan Masters must agree to help and advise Artisans in the learning process. They will also give advice to the Apprentice level when it is requested and critique their work in an honest and straightforward manner, to help them refine their skills.

Venerated Master

This honorarium level is a recognition of outstanding achievements and expertise in creation, and is awarded at the discretion of the Artisan Masters class to acknowledge such.
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