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Transcript AG meeting Feb. 03 2013

Post by Lilith Ivory »

[10:00] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Shep!
[10:00] Lilith Ivory looks at Shep smiling
[10:00] Tanoujin Milestone: Sudane
[10:00] Lilith Ivory: Hi Sudane
[10:00] Shep Titian: Teeheee
[10:00] Sudane Erato: hi hi :)
[10:00] Rosie Gray: hi Sudane
[10:01] Rosie Gray: thanks to all of you for coming :D
[10:01] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:02] Rosie Gray: Sorry it's taken me so long to call a meeting; the Christmas season was very busy for me rl
[10:02] Sudane Erato: i'm sure its np :)
[10:02] Rosie Gray: but at any rate.... on we go
[10:03] Lilith Ivory smiles and nods
[10:03] Rosie Gray: first thing is, we have got the basic structure of the group organized, but we need to elect the Guildmeister
[10:03] Sudane Erato: oh... i thought we elected you! :)
[10:03] Lilith Ivory: I was thinking the same to be honest :)
[10:04] Rosie Gray: no not officially, but I have been acting as such
[10:04] Rosie Gray: hehe, well nice of you to think so, but no we didn't
[10:04] Lilith Ivory: there is no way out Rosie ;-)
[10:04] Rosie Gray: hahha
[10:04] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:04] Sudane Erato: so let's make it official!
[10:04] Rosie Gray: well I'm happy to take it on for awhile
[10:04] Rosie Gray: if that's what you all want
[10:04] Sudane Erato: i vote aye
[10:04] anti Wirefly: sounds good to me
[10:04] Lilith Ivory: I vote aye
[10:05] Tanoujin Milestone: Aye
[10:05] Rosie Gray: okay with you Shep?
[10:05] Sudane Erato: seems like thats a majority
[10:06] Tanoujin Milestone: hipphipp
[10:06] Sudane Erato: hoory! :)
[10:06] anti Wirefly: horray
[10:06] Shep Titian: Sorry I typed Aye but had'nt clicked the box lol
[10:06] Lilith Ivory: congrats Rosie :)
[10:06] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:06] Rosie Gray: lol, okay well good
[10:06] Rosie Gray: thank you all for your confidence in me
[10:06] Tanoujin Milestone: we have evidence, Rosie ;)
[10:06] Rosie Gray: has everyone got the link to how the guild works? Anti?
[10:07] anti Wirefly: no 0.o
[10:07] Rosie Gray: aah, okay
[10:07] Rosie Gray: let me find it then
[10:07] Sudane Erato: ohh... got to dig that up
[10:07] Rosie Gray: we should have it posted somewhere in the school I guess
[10:07] Lilith Ivory: link? (has been a while since we were here last)
[10:07] Sudane Erato: yes!
[10:07] Lilith Ivory: indeed
[10:08] Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
[10:08] Rosie Gray: that's the Guild Charter
[10:08] anti Wirefly: cool got it
[10:09] Rosie Gray: so there's a couple more things to do for the Guild itself, I feel
[10:09] anti Wirefly: hi Delia ㋡
[10:09] Rosie Gray: one of them would be to make a sign for information about it
[10:09] Rosie Gray: hi Delia ㋡
[10:09] Tanoujin Milestone: Delia .)
[10:09] Delia Lake: good day everyone :)
[10:09] Lilith Ivory: hi Delia
[10:09] Sudane Erato: yes, with a link to that page
[10:09] Rosie Gray: great you could join us
[10:10] Rosie Gray: yes a link to the page, and perhaps put it onto a notecard too
[10:10] Lilith Ivory nods
[10:10] Rosie Gray: also, we need a logo
[10:10] Rosie Gray: Tan has done a draft of one, but I'd love to see a few different ideas
[10:11] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[10:11] Sudane Erato: hmm... looks like we need to record member lists... even before we get to the classes
[10:11] Rosie Gray: well the members can be seen on the group list
[10:12] Sudane Erato: ahh... ok
[10:12] Rosie Gray: are you thinking of something else?
[10:12] Sudane Erato: i just wanted to make sure we have some system... so the group list is fine
[10:12] Rosie Gray: ok
[10:12] Lilith Ivory: as long as we don´t have a problem with member who might have left CDS inbetween
[10:13] Rosie Gray: oh good point
[10:13] Sudane Erato: Fern is on the list... and i think she is no longer a citizen
[10:13] Lilith Ivory nods
[10:13] Rosie Gray: okay I guess we should try to keep the membership current
[10:13] Rosie Gray: I'll take her off then
[10:13] Sudane Erato: k
[10:14] Sudane Erato: all of us are on the list, it seems
[10:14] Rosie Gray: yes
[10:14] Sudane Erato: lol... I like the group logo
[10:14] Sudane Erato: lets use that! :)
[10:14] Rosie Gray: hi Tor
[10:15] Tanoujin Milestone: hey T
[10:15] Lilith Ivory: where is it?
[10:15] anti Wirefly: howdy Tor
[10:15] Lilith Ivory: Hi Tor :)
[10:15] Rosie Gray: hahaha, well I just stuck that in there so it wasn't blank
[10:15] anti Wirefly: I like it too lol
[10:15] Tor Karlsvalt: Hi Tan, thanks for the ride
[10:15] Delia Lake: hi Tor. yes, where is the logo posted?
[10:15] Sudane Erato: but its frequently used for building
[10:15] Shep Titian: Hi Tor
[10:15] anti Wirefly: on the group info
[10:15] Sudane Erato: oh Delia... look on the info tabe for the group
[10:15] Shep Titian: Hi Delia .. sorry was scrolling when you came :)
[10:15] Delia Lake: :) ok. ty
[10:16] Sudane Erato: "General" tab
[10:16] Rosie Gray: well it's not a logo though
[10:16] Lilith Ivory: hehehe
[10:16] Rosie Gray: wouldn't exactly work to use on a sign
[10:16] Sudane Erato: logos don't need the name... we'd just add the name
[10:16] Rosie Gray: really? you really like that?
[10:17] Rosie Gray: hi Jamie
[10:17] Tanoujin Milestone: Jamie :)
[10:17] anti Wirefly: hi Jamie ◕‿◕
[10:17] Jamie Palisades: Tan :)
[10:17] Tor Karlsvalt: Hi Jamie
[10:17] Lilith Ivory: might be nice to use it as a background for a logo
[10:17] Delia Lake: hi Jamie :)
[10:17] Sudane Erato: hey Jamie!... want to be a group member?
[10:17] Lilith Ivory: Hi Jamie
[10:17] Rosie Gray: yeah I agree Lilith
[10:17] Jamie Palisades: Just what we all need :) more SL groups. Happy to listen for the moment.
[10:17] Rosie Gray: hahahah
[10:17] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:18] Shep Titian: I don't see any logo on the charter
[10:18] Lilith Ivory: ah see it now
[10:19] Rosie Gray: on the group
[10:19] Rosie Gray: group profile pic
[10:19] Rosie Gray: but it's not a logo Shep
[10:19] Delia Lake: yes, Lilith. for a logo I'd like to have something that is more distinctive rather than found more generally. I agree that this could be a good background but needs more
[10:19] Rosie Gray: so here is the draft that Tan did up
[10:19] Tanoujin Milestone: a 20 minute draft
[10:20] Rosie Gray: I kind of like the concept, but it needs refinement of course
[10:20] anti Wirefly: I like it
[10:20] Tanoujin Milestone: Albrecht Durer wispered it into my ear
[10:20] Tor Karlsvalt: :)
[10:20] Lilith Ivory: I guessed so;-)
[10:20] Rosie Gray: might be kind of interesting to incorporate the builders grid somehow
[10:21] Lilith Ivory nods
[10:21] Delia Lake: yes
[10:21] Lilith Ivory: might be an interesting contrast
[10:21] Tor Karlsvalt: could have some medieval griffen or lion holding the grid or a prim
[10:21] Tor Karlsvalt: just a thought
[10:21] Rosie Gray: that would be a different idea
[10:21] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:22] Shep Titian: The guilds traditionally had their tools of the trade on their coats of arms
[10:22] Tor Karlsvalt: Or maybe Minerva handing out a prim
[10:22] Rosie Gray: okay how about this
[10:22] Tanoujin Milestone: a lion grabbing a plywood cube :)
[10:22] anti Wirefly: lol
[10:22] Lilith Ivory giggles
[10:22] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:22] Shep Titian: oh
[10:22] Tor Karlsvalt: Yeah Tan that is what I had pictured
[10:22] Rosie Gray: we go away and think about these things, and if you want to draft up a logo and bring for next time that we can all look at
[10:23] Lilith Ivory: good idea
[10:23] anti Wirefly: it would be fun ◕‿◕
[10:23] Rosie Gray: I think it's important that we have something we can all relate to, and that would reflect the ideas of the guild
[10:23] Rosie Gray: yeah
[10:23] Rosie Gray: okay with all?
[10:23] Shep Titian: What do you see as your primary task as a builder .. the building or the design?
[10:24] anti Wirefly: the texture lol
[10:24] Rosie Gray: this is something that a graphic artist does usually, so for SL it's a texture
[10:24] Shep Titian: LOL
[10:24] Shep Titian: Textures come under design :)
[10:24] anti Wirefly: ok ㋡
[10:24] Rosie Gray: and texture creation is one of the skills we've identified for the guild
[10:25] Lilith Ivory: but also working with prims
[10:25] Rosie Gray: oh yes, of course
[10:25] Shep Titian: You mean creating your own textures?
[10:26] Rosie Gray: yes that's what I mean Shep
[10:26] Lilith Ivory: I´ve to confess I´m mostly too lazy to make all my textures from the scratch
[10:26] Shep Titian: Well I've done that
[10:26] Rosie Gray: but you probably make some of them Lil
[10:26] Rosie Gray: heheeh
[10:26] Rosie Gray: I make some, but certainly far from all
[10:26] Lilith Ivory: being graphic Designer in RL it´s one of the more easy things for me to do
[10:26] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:26] anti Wirefly: altering an existing texture to suit your needs counts a little?
[10:27] Rosie Gray: sure Anti
[10:27] Lilith Ivory: that´s what I do most of the time
[10:27] Rosie Gray: me too
[10:27] anti Wirefly: I am a farmer in Real Life™ but I have created some from scratch
[10:27] Rosie Gray: great
[10:27] Shep Titian: I can do that .. I don't have layering yet
[10:28] Rosie Gray: so Anti, since you are new to the guild
[10:28] Rosie Gray: we will need to find your role title
[10:28] anti Wirefly: ok ◕‿◕
[10:28] Tanoujin Milestone: I have seen her garden, if it is not all bought ;)
[10:28] Rosie Gray: once you've read through the charter, you'll understand how it works
[10:28] Rosie Gray: and we can proceed from there
[10:28] anti Wirefly: none bought lol
[10:29] anti Wirefly: ok ◕‿◕
[10:29] Tanoujin Milestone: so... :-D
[10:29] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:29] Tor Karlsvalt: Sounds great
[10:29] Rosie Gray: so now, for projects
[10:30] Rosie Gray: does anyone have any ideas of what they'd like to do?
[10:30] Rosie Gray: I have some ideas if not
[10:30] Tor Karlsvalt: I have some ideas that might need work.
[10:30] anti Wirefly: on the sims?
[10:30] Sudane Erato: let's hear the ideas!
[10:30] Rosie Gray: yes, for the sims
[10:30] Rosie Gray: for instance Anti, if you make garden things
[10:30] Rosie Gray: maybe you have an idea for something to improve the sims that way
[10:30] anti Wirefly: I have seen some minor texturing issues and other minor issues
[10:31] Rosie Gray: hi Jos
[10:31] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi Jos
[10:31] anti Wirefly: howdy Jos ㋡
[10:31] josjoha Resident: :D
[10:31] Tor Karlsvalt: Hi Jos
[10:31] Lilith Ivory: Hi Jos
[10:31] josjoha Resident: hy everyone how are you
[10:31] josjoha Resident: please continue though
[10:31] Rosie Gray: welcome
[10:31] josjoha Resident: thanks Rosie
[10:31] Shep Titian: Hi Jos
[10:32] josjoha Resident: hey Shep
[10:32] Delia Lake: One of the things I'd like to do is some updating of landscaping and a little re-landscaping in the sims. plus whatever else I can do to be helpful that fits within my rl work .
[10:32] anti Wirefly: ok back up one sec when I said none bought does that mean I am listed as creator?
[10:33] Rosie Gray: yes I think you'd have to be listed as creator
[10:33] Tanoujin Milestone: I am trying to put a kyklade like adobe brick build together... have you seen the garden, Rosie?
[10:33] anti Wirefly: ok I am listed as creator on all in the garden ㋡
[10:33] Rosie Gray: no I haven't
[10:34] Sudane Erato: why are we concerned about who is listed as creator?
[10:34] Tanoujin Milestone: it is nice, ask for an LM ;)
[10:34] Tor Karlsvalt: Her garden is beautiful.
[10:34] Rosie Gray: oh yes please
[10:34] Jamie Palisades: Gosh I never cared about who the creator is - just the owner :D
[10:34] anti Wirefly: well I buy some some sculpties
[10:34] Rosie Gray: well this is a guild for the creation of things
[10:34] Sudane Erato: yeah, the owner and the perms
[10:34] Rosie Gray: so we do need to be concerned about it
[10:34] Lilith Ivory: I guess it might be because of the voting system we figured out before
[10:35] Rosie Gray: ... sp=sharing
[10:35] Sudane Erato: ahh
[10:35] Rosie Gray: if you weren't here before, there is a link to the guild charter
[10:35] Jamie Palisades nods -- giving credit is good, just not always acheiveable solely through prim tools.
[10:35] Sudane Erato: ok... i see
[10:36] Rosie Gray: are you interested in joining the guild, Jos?
[10:36] josjoha Resident: Rosie, i'm not sure i could contribute.
[10:37] Rosie Gray: well that's fine, you're welcome to listen then
[10:37] Tanoujin Milestone: Join the Apprentices ;) the masters don't bite so far
[10:37] anti Wirefly: are you interested in learning?
[10:37] Rosie Gray: yes you sure could
[10:37] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:37] Rosie Gray: you've done a little building, I know
[10:37] josjoha Resident: yes why not, maybe i can assist
[10:37] Tor Karlsvalt: probably important to always here from the ppl who will live in builds.
[10:37] Shep Titian: how do we get assessed?
[10:38] Sudane Erato: Shep, that's in the charter
[10:38] Tor Karlsvalt: hear*
[10:38] Sudane Erato: we have classes
[10:38] Sudane Erato: and each class is judged by the one above it
[10:38] Sudane Erato: *assessed
[10:38] anti Wirefly: can't wait ◕‿◕
[10:39] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:39] Shep Titian: thats why I wondered about levels .. or do we all begin as apprentice
[10:39] josjoha Resident: classes seem fun, if it is in a European friendly time
[10:39] Tor Karlsvalt: Well I think I am more the General level
[10:40] Sudane Erato: i think we assigned everyone to a class to start out
[10:40] Rosie Gray: no, to start off with, we have begun with .... yes
[10:40] Sudane Erato: apprentice, craftsperson, and master
[10:40] Sudane Erato: 3 classes
[10:40] Tor Karlsvalt: ok
[10:40] Rosie Gray: artisan
[10:40] Sudane Erato: sorry... yes
[10:40] Rosie Gray: rather than craftsperson
[10:40] josjoha Resident: do they include Blender / LSL ?
[10:41] Sudane Erato: sure!
[10:41] josjoha Resident: cool !
[10:41] Sudane Erato: i'm jealous of anyone who can understand Blender
[10:41] Rosie Gray: not Blender specifically, but of course sculpty and mesh making
[10:41] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:41] Rosie Gray: and scripting
[10:41] anti Wirefly: I don't think they mean lessons as much as classification
[10:41] josjoha Resident: i installed it once and it seemed to be something huge
[10:42] Tanoujin Milestone gave you AG_logo.
[10:42] Tor Karlsvalt: haha, Jos, I am with you.
[10:42] Rosie Gray: so, if you can have a look at the levels and if you would like to challenge your level, we are ready for presentations!
[10:43] josjoha Resident: i could show you my sim-wide moonbase ;)
[10:43] Rosie Gray: hahah
[10:43] Shep Titian: Where does one present a house ?
[10:43] Rosie Gray: well have a look at the requirements Jos
[10:43] Rosie Gray: we tried to make them somewhat specific, so that it would be understandable
[10:44] anti Wirefly: I could show you my castle if we had an empty sim ㋡
[10:44] josjoha Resident: i worked on a website all day, bit tired now maybe later if that's ok
[10:44] Rosie Gray: unfortunately we don't have an empty sim
[10:44] anti Wirefly: know the feeling Rosie lol
[10:44] josjoha Resident: there are sim-wide sandboxes
[10:45] Tor Karlsvalt: oh yeah, if you have a premium acct.
[10:45] anti Wirefly: I can build something smaller
[10:45] Tor Karlsvalt: we could all go to one of them
[10:45] Rosie Gray: well, if you want to enter the Artisan level, then here is what we would want to look at:
[10:45] Rosie Gray: This level must demonstrate specific degrees of artisan skills to be accepted to the level.
Two examples of their work must be presented for critique to the existing Artisans who will discuss the work and vote on accepting the person to their level. This level will continue to take the advice of the Master level where they require it, and will work within their level assisting each other with their creations.
Pieces may be a building, an object that would be considered a normal part of daily life such as a piece of furniture, or some other such creative piece with enough detail to warrant the level.
The pieces must demonstrate a good grasp of prim shaping to create interesting forms, and a good use of texturing with attention to detail on all sides of exposed edges. Attention to detail and finishing is expected. Scaling to appropriate size is expected.
[10:46] Tor Karlsvalt: seems reasonable.
[10:46] josjoha Resident: castles and moonbases seem appropriate then :)
[10:46] Rosie Gray: and fun too!
[10:47] anti Wirefly: I have a couple pieces to show, would be most happy with any feedback
[10:47] Tor Karlsvalt: Well I suppose a presented build wouldn't have to necessarily be for a CDS sim.
[10:47] Rosie Gray: no it wouldnt' at all
[10:48] anti Wirefly: if it was I could build it ◕‿◕
[10:48] Tanoujin Milestone: as far as I got it a variety of styles would make you master, Tor
[10:48] Rosie Gray: but it does need to demonstrate the levels we decided on, that are in the charter
[10:48] anti Wirefly: I would love to know how I measure up ㋡
[10:49] Tor Karlsvalt: I am a master with two prims linked on top of each other.
[10:49] Rosie Gray: hahahah
[10:49] josjoha Resident: ◕‿◕
[10:49] josjoha Resident: lol Tor
[10:49] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:49] Rosie Gray: you are much more than that Tor
[10:49] Tanoujin Milestone: on top! hehe
[10:49] Tanoujin Milestone: never thought of that!
[10:49] Tor Karlsvalt: :)
[10:49] Shep Titian: I have two things
[10:49] Tor Karlsvalt: Well ty, I try.
[10:49] Jamie Palisades mutters - Yeah, I've heard that about Tor's rpims. Apparently they all want to top.
[10:50] Tanoujin Milestone giggles
[10:50] Jamie Palisades looks upwards innocently, whistles
[10:50] Tor Karlsvalt: haha
[10:50] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:50] Shep Titian: You say you expect things to be in scale .. but what if you want 12 foot ceilings?
[10:50] Rosie Gray: 12 foot ceilings would be fine for some buildings
[10:50] Sudane Erato: sure!
[10:50] Rosie Gray: but it also means that doorways and stairs need to be to scale for an average avatar
[10:50] anti Wirefly: the house I grew up in has 12 foot celings
[10:51] Sudane Erato: in here we have maybe a 30 foot ceiling... and it works fine
[10:51] josjoha Resident: i used somewhat low ceilings, in the hope LL would one day fix their camera bug ;)
[10:51] Rosie Gray: yup
[10:51] anti Wirefly: darn cold too lool

[10:51] Tor Karlsvalt: This room for instance is one of my favorites in CDS.
[10:51] Shep Titian: Also .. I read in the charter that you may have 'class' meetings that are private to all other classes
[10:51] Rosie Gray: so it absolutely depends on what it is
[10:51] Rosie Gray: yes
[10:51] Tanoujin Milestone: Jos, google for Penny Patton's rear view recommendation
[10:51] josjoha Resident: ok i will, i have several camera huds but they seem to misfire a lot
[10:52] Rosie Gray: what do you do with a camera hud?
[10:52] Rosie Gray: I've never even heard of such a thing!
[10:52] Tanoujin Milestone: it is just a debug setting
[10:52] Tor Karlsvalt: never knew they had camera huds.
[10:52] josjoha Resident: you can alter your view with it
[10:52] Sudane Erato: just use mouselook... and then your camera is perfect :)
[10:52] Rosie Gray: yes ㋡
[10:52] josjoha Resident: so you can be in 3rd person but just on top of your own head say
[10:52] Shep Titian: If you saw the doorway of the RL castle and other municiple buil;dings in my hometown .. they are'nt to scale
[10:53] Rosie Gray: they are to scale Shep, because of what they are
[10:53] Tanoujin Milestone: right, Jos, I will IM you the settings
[10:53] josjoha Resident: ok cool ! i was googling already
[10:53] Rosie Gray: same as an old pub has ceilings that some people might have to stoop to enter
[10:53] Shep Titian: I don't think something you might consider out of scale to be less well built
[10:53] Rosie Gray: they are to scale, because they are real
[10:54] josjoha Resident: are we literally going to review work now ?
[10:54] Rosie Gray: the object of this, is to make our creations look as real as possible
[10:54] Tor Karlsvalt: Well low ceilings can feel cozy or cramped. Sort of depends on what it is I guess.
[10:54] Rosie Gray: not unless someone wants to
[10:54] Shep Titian: My point being that there is no set scale in RL
[10:54] Rosie Gray: but there is Shep
[10:54] Rosie Gray: if you walk up a staircase
[10:54] Rosie Gray: you have to be able to physically do it
[10:54] anti Wirefly: it just has to look believable
[10:54] Tor Karlsvalt: Well Jos I guess if you want to advance to artisan.
[10:55] Sudane Erato: yes... the height of avatars... they are in a range, but the range is limited
[10:55] Rosie Gray: right
[10:55] Rosie Gray: and we aren't including dragons or that sort of thing
[10:55] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:55] josjoha Resident: i'd be proud to tp you all to my moonbase, it got stars around it, got also a justice court and its own representative council
[10:55] Rosie Gray: average avie's
[10:55] Shep Titian: Yes .. within paramaters of use of course .. But cielings doorways etc are a case of design
[10:55] Lilith Ivory just hates it not being able to climb a stair in SL as she is too short lol
[10:56] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:56] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:56] Rosie Gray: and of what the building is meant to be
[10:56] Shep Titian: Try IWZ we can only do 0.3
[10:56] anti Wirefly: I think that "to scale" you mean "it works"
[10:56] Shep Titian: not 0.5 as here
[10:57] Sudane Erato: interesting
[10:57] Rosie Gray: yes Anti, it looks as real as possible
[10:57] Rosie Gray: so obviously palaces and castles have big high ceilings
[10:57] Rosie Gray: little cottages don't usually
[10:57] Rosie Gray: it's all in what the object is meant to be
[10:58] Rosie Gray: okay Jos, since you are a new member
[10:58] Shep Titian: And a lot is in freedom of design
[10:59] josjoha Resident: ok cool !
[10:59] Shep Titian: Hi ggg
[10:59] Rosie Gray: you want us to go have a look?
[10:59] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi ggg
[10:59] anti Wirefly: hiya ggg!
[10:59] josjoha Resident: i'll tp you all one by one ?
[10:59] Rosie Gray: Hi Salomon
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi Shep
[10:59] josjoha Resident: hey Salo o/
[10:59] Lilith Ivory: HI ggg
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi Tan
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi anti
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi Rosie
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi josjoha lol
[10:59] gggSalomons Resident: hi Lilith
[11:00] Tanoujin Milestone: Have I heard an invitation to an inspection?
[11:00] Lilith Ivory: Hi doranice
[11:00] josjoha Resident: yes !! come check my build out
[11:00] Rosie Gray: hello Doranice
[11:00] gggSalomons Resident: bonjour doranice
[11:00] gggSalomons Resident: assis
[11:00] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi dora
[11:00] josjoha Resident: it has no sculpts though, so not high level
[11:00] doranice Pastorelli: Bonjour ツ
[11:00] anti Wirefly: howdy Dora ㋡
[11:00] Rosie Gray: don't need sculpts, Jos
[11:00] gggSalomons Resident: this is Elvera
[11:00] anti Wirefly: Hello Elvera ㋡
[11:00] josjoha Resident: hi Elvera
[11:01] doranice Pastorelli (Q-Translator fr->en): Hello ツ
[11:01] gggSalomons Resident: the singer :)
[11:01] Rosie Gray: hello Elvera
[11:01] josjoha Resident: aww yes
[11:01] Elvera Lerner: hello gg
[11:01] Elvera Lerner: hello rosie
[11:01] gggSalomons Resident: Tor is the boss here lol
[11:01] Elvera Lerner smiles
[11:01] josjoha Resident: this is a meeting though, we are discussing CDS building
[11:01] Lilith Ivory: Hi Elvera
[11:01] Elvera Lerner: hi dora:)
[11:01] doranice Pastorelli: chanter ici ??
[11:01] Delia Lake: hi
[11:01] doranice Pastorelli (Q-Translator fr->en): sing here??
[11:01] Rosie Gray: we are having a meeting
[11:01] Tanoujin Milestone: have a seat, yes, you may sing if it is not in the chat ;)
[11:02] gggSalomons Resident: assis toi doranice
[11:02] Elvera Lerner laughs
[11:02] Elvera Lerner: i wont interupt your meeting
[11:02] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[11:02] Elvera Lerner: perhaps I can come back tomorrow?
[11:02] anti Wirefly: hope so ㋡
[11:02] Tanoujin Milestone: anytime!
[11:02] Rosie Gray: you're welcome in the sims anytime Elvera
[11:02] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:02] Tanoujin Milestone: or even stay
[11:03] josjoha Resident:
[11:03] doranice Pastorelli: Bonjour ツ
[11:03] josjoha Resident: bonjour Dora
[11:03] Rosie Gray: I think perhaps Jos, that we need to follow the charter with your presentation
[11:03] josjoha Resident: of course Rosie
[11:04] Shep Titian: Jos I just saw you .. charming puss!!! lol
[11:05] josjoha Resident: .-)
[11:05] anti Wirefly: yes lol ㋡
[11:05] doranice Pastorelli (Q-Translator fr->en): Hello ツ
[11:05] josjoha Resident: go on Rosie
[11:06] Tanoujin Milestone: I admit I lost track... a little
[11:06] Tanoujin Milestone: we were telling what we build atm, right?
[11:06] Lilith Ivory: right! plans about what to do next I guess
[11:06] Rosie Gray: yes we did get a little off track
[11:07] Rosie Gray: I was asking for ideas on what your projects might be
[11:07] Tanoujin Milestone: ah, i am trying to have some content in LA... I have made a ruin, it is nothing special..
[11:07] Tor Karlsvalt: Some suggested free prefabs for LA and probably other sims as well.
[11:08] Tanoujin Milestone: free prefabs are perfect
[11:08] Rosie Gray: right, good idea
[11:08] Tor Karlsvalt: It would be nice to build an inventory of such.
[11:08] anti Wirefly: what Tor said for me
[11:08] Lilith Ivory: I already told Tor I was willing to build some houses on the empty parcels we have in CDS (lke I did with the ones across the amphi theatre
[11:08] Tor Karlsvalt: Yes and they are wonderful.
[11:08] Rosie Gray: so perhaps for the guild purposes, everyone who is interested in providing a free house
[11:08] Rosie Gray: could make a presentation to the guild
[11:09] anti Wirefly: cool
[11:09] Lilith Ivory: that´s a very good idea!
[11:09] Tor Karlsvalt: sounds excellent
[11:09] Tanoujin Milestone: what level is accepted? Freebes should be very good to set a standard, i think
[11:09] Rosie Gray: that way we can ensure quality control, and make a nice presentation from the guild to the Chancellor
[11:09] Tor Karlsvalt: I agree Tan.
[11:09] Rosie Gray: yes I agree Tan
[11:09] Lilith Ivory: I´m all for quality controll
[11:10] anti Wirefly: I would think they should be excellent
[11:10] Tanoujin Milestone: so let us have some masterpieces :)
[11:10] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:10] Sudane Erato: sure!
[11:10] Rosie Gray: and we really could do with some that would fit into any of the 5 sims
[11:10] Rosie Gray: so that gives a lot of choice in style
[11:11] josjoha Resident: how about a moon base in CDS :P, the future is underrepresented
[11:11] Tor Karlsvalt: yes, in fact those older chalet in AM probably could be redone.
[11:11] Shep Titian: What sizes?
[11:11] anti Wirefly: I ran around today exploring, seeing what is needed
[11:11] Tanoujin Milestone pokes Tor
[11:11] Rosie Gray: oh good Anti
[11:11] Rosie Gray: I guess some various sizes that would fit the various lot sizes
[11:12] Rosie Gray: no palaces though
[11:12] Delia Lake: I love the idea of freebie buildings/houses for residents. I'd also hope that these would be reasonably low prim so that people would have the prims left to decorate inside and plant outside. This is of course more of an issue inside the NFS city walls than on the other sims, but still...
[11:12] Rosie Gray: you're right Deali
[11:12] Rosie Gray: Delia*
[11:12] Lilith Ivory: I agree
[11:13] Shep Titian: Have you heard about Convex Hull?
[11:13] anti Wirefly: so business as usual low prim high quality lol
[11:13] Rosie Gray: hehe
[11:13] anti Wirefly: no Shep
[11:13] Tanoujin Milestone: well, there are some Prim Lots in reserve... but that is off topic... low prim has a point of course
[11:13] Shep Titian: Its a way of drastically reducing prtm count
[11:13] Rosie Gray: I think that should be another meeting Shep
[11:13] Rosie Gray: we need to fully understand it first
[11:14] Shep Titian: BUT not on any prims that are hollow or tortured lol
[11:14] anti Wirefly: oops lol
[11:14] Rosie Gray: that could be a topic for a full demo
[11:14] Shep Titian: ok
[11:14] Shep Titian: But mines working fine
[11:14] Rosie Gray: there are similar issues around mesh
[11:14] Sudane Erato: i torture all my prims
[11:14] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:14] Shep Titian: Lol
[11:14] Tor Karlsvalt: haha
[11:15] Tanoujin Milestone: heehehe
[11:15] anti Wirefly: I am tortured myself
[11:15] Rosie Gray: so let's set a date for the next meeting, and hope to have some houses to see!
[11:15] Shep Titian: well if you don't you can halve them :)
[11:15] Tanoujin Milestone nods
[11:15] Sudane Erato: sounds good
[11:15] Rosie Gray: is next Sunday too soon?
[11:15] Shep Titian: yes
[11:15] Rosie Gray: or perhaps the 17th
[11:15] Sudane Erato: oh my
[11:15] Rosie Gray: or 24th
[11:16] Elvera Lerner: thanks all, for putting up with my interuption. ㋡ I'll be back tomrrow
[11:16] Sudane Erato: its ok for me... but sets a bad precedent :)
[11:16] Elvera Lerner smiles
[11:16] anti Wirefly: not too far
[11:16] Rosie Gray: hehee
[11:16] Tanoujin Milestone: Guild is always fun, fine with any date
[11:16] Lilith Ivory: next sunday works but not with having logo scratches
[11:16] Elvera Lerner: i have a show to prepare for now
[11:16] Rosie Gray: true, Sudane
[11:16] Elvera Lerner: bye all
[11:16] gggSalomons Resident: ok Elvera :)
[11:16] Rosie Gray: bye Elvera
[11:16] gggSalomons Resident: have a good time and maybe see you at 12 lol
[11:16] Sudane Erato: bye!
[11:16] josjoha Resident: byee
[11:16] Tanoujin Milestone: see you again, Elvera!
[11:16] anti Wirefly: have fun Elvera ㋡
[11:16] gggSalomons Resident: bye Elvera
[11:16] Shep Titian: Byeee
[11:16] Lilith Ivory: bye Elvera
[11:17] Rosie Gray: how about the 24th then
[11:17] Tor Karlsvalt: 24th is ok
[11:17] Rosie Gray: 3 weeks
[11:17] Sudane Erato: great :)
[11:17] Shep Titian: Fine with me
[11:17] Lilith Ivory: fine with me too
[11:17] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:17] Tanoujin Milestone opens her calendar
[11:17] Rosie Gray: 10:00 am
[11:17] Tanoujin Milestone: fine
[11:17] Rosie Gray: excellent!
[11:17] anti Wirefly: yeah early works
[11:17] Lilith Ivory: ok
[11:17] Tor Karlsvalt: I think Cadence Theas is interested also.
[11:17] Lilith Ivory: want me to post it to CDS google calendar?
[11:18] Sudane Erato: i just did Lilith :)
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: Cadence, yes!
[11:18] Rosie Gray: oh yes please Lilith
[11:18] Rosie Gray: oh
[11:18] anti Wirefly: yes I need to link to that
[11:18] Lilith Ivory smiles
[11:18] Rosie Gray: is Cadence a citizen?
[11:18] Rosie Gray: I don't think she is
[11:18] Sudane Erato: no, she isn't
[11:18] Tor Karlsvalt: No she isn't
[11:18] Sudane Erato: she needs to be one
[11:18] Lilith Ivory: indeed!
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: no, but she knows stuff about LA
[11:18] Rosie Gray: she has to be a citizen though
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: if it is not a closed meeting....
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: anyway,
[11:18] Rosie Gray: too bad, because she'd be a great asset
[11:19] Lilith Ivory: catch her, trap her, make her one ;-)
[11:19] Rosie Gray: she can always come
[11:19] Tor Karlsvalt: hmmm
[11:19] Tor Karlsvalt: haha
[11:19] Sudane Erato: we could always invite her as a guest master, for a limited period of time... but we haven't set that up yet
[11:19] Tor Karlsvalt: impress her
[11:19] anti Wirefly: there are some tiny plots available ㋡
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: yes, it is easier to catch a guest, errm
[11:19] Rosie Gray: there are!
[11:19] Rosie Gray: she seems to be around more than she used to be, so maybe this would be an incentive
[11:19] Lilith Ivory smiles
[11:20] Tor Karlsvalt: It is worth exploring.
[11:20] Tor Karlsvalt: and she is interested.
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: I have seen a message to remis, i think we have to thank Bags for it
[11:20] Rosie Gray: anyway, sorry but I have to go
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: but that is gossip, sorry
[11:20] Tor Karlsvalt: haha
[11:20] Sudane Erato: yeah... i do too
[11:20] Shep Titian: Me three
[11:20] Sudane Erato: thx all! :)
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: See you! Thanks so far
[11:20] Tor Karlsvalt bends his ear.
[11:20] Jamie Palisades smiles
[11:20] Rosie Gray: thanks everyone
[11:21] anti Wirefly: awesome meeting ㋡
[11:21] Rosie Gray: looking forward to the next meeting
"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."
Terry Pratchett

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