New Guild Meeting Sunday December 18th 8am SLT

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New Guild Meeting Sunday December 18th 8am SLT

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A meeting has been set for the New Guild this coming Sunday, December 18th at 8am SLT at the Neufreistadt School. The purpose of this meeting is to elect a new Secretary of the Board of the New Guild.

The New Guild will be quite active this term with three mandates already set by the Representative Assembly from the 15th term and recent talks of expanding our five sim community. The three mandates currently waiting to be fulfilled are:

• The insula project in Locus Amoenus
• The catalog build for Locus Amoenus
• The inventorying of public builds in the CDS

For a citizen looking to contribute to and make a difference in the CDS, the New Guild is a wonderful way to make it happen, especially this term. I’d like to point out the first and fourth statements in the New Guild Mission Statement.

“To organize, plan, and execute the construction of new high-quality content including the development of territory and sims, build sim infrastructure and public buildings. To execute work contracted by the CDS to its specifications consistent with legislation, master plan, and other regulations of the CDS. To also cooperate in projects with other entities.”


“To provide technical advice and services to the office of the Chancellor and the RA as needed to plan, maintain and develop the CDS regions.”

Now one may think from reading these two statements that they’d have to be a builder in order to contribute to the New Guild; that isn’t necessarily true. Someone not yet a builder in Second Life may have other useful skills in areas as simple as but just as important of planning, generating ideas, and overall observations. I’ll use myself as an example.

The depth of my building experience is the ability to remove one wall from a building and replace it with another exactly matched in size. As a citizen over the past six months I helped in the planning of acquiring the 5 sims from our EO, Sudane Erato. This involved calculating the amount of public and private parcels, parcel size and tier and even though it wasn’t put down on paper, talking with fellow citizens about possible use and theme for the new sims. So without a lick of building experience I still played an important role in the development of this proposal. You can also play an important role in the New Guild just by showing up. You can become a member of the New Guild but it is not a requirement, all you have to do is attend a meeting to exercise your opportunity to participate and contribute and even vote on New Guild issues.

The New Guild Charter addresses the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Board of the New Guild. Section 3 – The Board Number 17 and 18 states:

“The Secretary of the Board is responsible for organizing the board meetings and keeping due order in them, organize agendas, organize and call work groups and ask reports for all NG Projects, and also ask reports from the two Board Departments.”

“The Secretary of the Board is the spokesperson of the NG for general matters, being free to call any member of the Board or Faculty for specific information.”

I agree with the general consensus that it would be helpful for the Secretary of the Board of the New Guild to have some building experience but I don’t see the need for a Master Builder for this position. As noted above a good chunk of this job is being organized, delegating authority, and general managerial duties. So if you’re interested in taking the reins of the New Guild for this term, a term that will be an active one, than by all means come on down.

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