New Guild meeting 3rd december - meeting minutes

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New Guild meeting 3rd december - meeting minutes

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Ceasar Xigalia
Trebor Warcliffe
Cleopatra Xigalia
Bells Semyorka
Shep Titian


1. Election of the New Guild Secretary

recorded minutes

[08:01] Ceasar Xigalia: i will start the recording now
[08:01] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ok
[08:01] Bells Semyorka: when you have a free moment please take some time for me Treb, I understand you are busy
[08:01] Trebor Warcliffe: Technical glitches today sorry
[08:02] Trebor Warcliffe: and lag
[08:02] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: up to cesar i guess
[08:02] Bells Semyorka: but I have a couple of thing I have to say and right now , in this meeting it's not the best time
[08:02] Ceasar Xigalia: the first item on the agenda is the eleetion of the New Guild Secretary
[08:02] Bells Semyorka: sorry Cesar, I concent to be recorded
[08:02] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: me too
[08:02] Shep (shep.titian): Me too
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: i refer everyone to the sign above me
[08:03] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ok :)
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: we are all being recorded
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: I have decided not to run for the position of Secretary of the New Guild in this election
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: I find it impossible to work with a person who can make these unsubstantiated comments
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3637#p18759
[08:03] Ceasar Xigalia: Therefore I now open the meeting to nominations for New Guild Secretary
[08:04] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: no thank you.
[08:04] Ceasar Xigalia: do we have any nominations?
[08:05] Shep (shep.titian): Not me
[08:05] Trebor Warcliffe: Cearar would you like to speak about the unsubstatiated commets???
[08:05] Ceasar Xigalia: If i do not have any nominations
[08:06] Ceasar Xigalia: then there is now no NG Secretary
[08:06] Ceasar Xigalia: meeting is adjurned
Ceasar Xigalia,
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