A call for builders for the Locus Amoenus Build Catalog

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A call for builders for the Locus Amoenus Build Catalog

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Hello builders!

In accordance with the New Guilds proposal of Locus Amoenus Build Catalog and the RA approval of the proposal. we are now accepting builders who would like to be included in the Locus Amoenus Build catalog.

This catalog is designed to help new citizens of LA find a pre-approved builds without having to be concerned with the covenant guidelines since the builds have already been approved by the New guild and chancellor.

All builds will follow the LA covenant and theme of ancient roman style. Any builder who is interested is able to submit a build may do so. One build from each builder entry will be provided to new citizens free of charge. All builds are to be approved before accepted into the catalog.

Please feel free to contact Bells Semyorka by responding to this forum post or by submitting to a note card in world to her. All note cards must be listed as "builder name-LA Builders guide".

Thank you Bells Semyorka


New Guild catalog proposal for Locus Amoenus verbatim:

That New Guild develop a catalogue of pre approved builds for LA. in the theme of the build.
That to ensure the 'high level of build quality' and to remain consistent with the laws of CDS, builds be submitted to the New Guild and the Chancellor to be approved.
Only when approved will a build be entered into the catalogue.
That the catalogue should designate whether the builder is a CDS citizen or not.
That each approved builder agree to provide one free to purchase build to the catalogue before they may include builds for purchase to be included into the CDS catalog
That citizens not be required to use catalogue builds on their land, in which situation the normal approval process through the Chancellor would apply.

RA Approval Chat Link: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3545

Locus Amoenus Conant guidelines verbatim:

The Confederation of Democratic Simulators is the oldest democracy in Second Life. Originally founded in 2004 as the City of Neualtenstadt in the Anzere region, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (C.D.S.) is now a five-region community operated by the citizens. The five C.D.S. sims are: Neufreistadt, Colonia Nova, Alpine Meadows, Monastery and Locus Amoenus. The sims have loosely based Germanic or Roman themes, representing different historic periods. We are not a role-playing community.

General CDS Covenants (These covenants apply to all CDS sims)

By purchasing this parcel of land, you, the owner, understand and agree that you become a voting citizen of the community of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (C.D.S).

As a member you agree to abide by the rules and laws of the community as displayed on the C.D.S web portal, http://www.slcds.info, as well as by the terms of use for this parcel of land.

Your status as citizen in this community is dependent on your making regular payment of the monthly fee for this land, which will be reclaimed by the community if you do not make this payment. Tier fees for each CDS parcel are listed here https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?hl= ... utput=html. Responsibility for monthly fees continues until a new owner claims or you officially abandon the property. It is your responsibility to inform the treasurer of changes in ownership. Tier fees are paid to C.D.S. and not to Linden Labs. The two tier systems are totally separate. You do not need a Premium account to become a citizen in C.D.S. and your land allowance from Linden Labs Premium status does not apply to and is not credited towards ownership of land within C.D.S.


1. All buildings in C.D.S must be physically plausible, based on the architectural technology of the historical period and culture of the C.D.S. sim in which the property is located.
2. All structures are subject to review by the Executive branch. Upon completion of exterior construction, notice shall be delivered to the Chancellor for approval. If no approval or request for revision has been given by the Chancellor within 15 days from the date the notice of completion is delivered to the Chancellor, the building shall be deemed approved. In the event that the Chancellor announces in advance, a period of absence no longer than one week, reviews initiated within that period will be stayed until the end of the absence. Builders also have the option of submitting plans to the Chancellor for pre-approval.
3. Certain structures in each sim can only be modified with prior approval by the Executive branch.
4. Terraforming is allowed only at the tolerances specified for each sim. Adjustments to land to accommodate complying structures will be made by the Executive or appointee of the executive and should be requested by note card. Terraforming requests beyond the stated tolerances are at the discretion of the Executive. Parcel borders defined by water cannot be altered. Land cannot be raised over or submerged under water.
5. In order to reduce lag, when building a house or large object, textures must be no larger than 512 x 512 or equivalent.
6. No default plywood textured prims can be left in place longer than 24 hours
7. Skyboxes are permitted above 512 m in altitude. Skyboxes must not extend outside parcel limits.
8. Builds erected prior to the enactment of these general and sim-wide covenants are exempt from these restrictions.


1. Excessive script usage adversely affects sim performance and is not permitted. The determination of excessive is at the sole discretion of the Chancellor.
2. Scripts which use llListen (voice command) are permitted if they listen only after a touch and then deactivate after a certain period of time.
3. Scripts that spy on other residents, record or transmit chat, spy on movement/activities are not permitted with the exception of visitor counters, item givers, statistics collectors, etc., which may be used for commercial purposes within a public, commercial establishment.
4. Private security scripts must only be used above 512m. They must not range beyond the owner’s parcel borders and must give intruders a 30-second warning prior to ejection.
5. Ban lines are not permitted. Parcels must be set for public access on the access tab of About Land. As a land owner you are allowed to ban individual avatars from entering your land, but please do not ban all. Use courtesy and common sense.
6. Particles can only be used in effects that have real-world analogies, such as lights, smoke, and fire. Particles should be set no higher than 10 particles per second. Floating, particle emitting and rotating signs are prohibited.
5. Scripts and particles attached to avatars are unregulated.


1. An individual can own a maximum of 8 C.D.S land parcels and cannot own more than 8192 m2. Land ownership restrictions include any land donated to group-owned land in C.D.S. Additionally, some zones within individual CDS sims have specific parcel ownership restrictions.
2. No outdoor hot tubs are permitted. No weapons are permitted. No SL or RL commercial pornography is permitted.
3. All clubs are subject to review by the Executive branch. Normally only one club per sim is allowed and that on terms negotiated in advance with the C.D.S and enforced by the Chancellor.
4. Commercial functions are allowed if falling within the theme of the sim, or failing that, be kept to interior spaces.
5. Land purchases made prior to the enactment of these general and sim-wide covenants are exempt from these restrictions.

Actions taken by the Executive pursuant to these covenants may be appealed to the Scientific Council. The Executive branch may waive any provision according to the powers conferred to him/her by the Representative Assembly.


All terms and conditions of service set forth by Linden Lab, both in their official Terms of Service (TOS) and in all official blog posts, forum posts or other official statements regarding policy, allowed behaviour and terms of service must be adhered to first and foremost prior to the application of this covenant. Under no circumstances does the C.D.S permit any behaviour or actions not permitted by the Linden Lab TOS or publicized policy. These covenants are subject to change from time to time as the elected governing bodies see fit. Changes shall be effective upon publication.

LOCUS AMOENUS (Sim-wide covenant)

Locus Amoenus is a sim with an Ancient Roman provincial theme. It is also home to a harbour established by Greek merchants and traders. The time is about 120 AD. It is a double-prim sim, which means that a 512 m2 parcel has 234 prims allotted instead of the usual 117.

Locus Amoenus has plot number ranges that are used to define the expected appearance of builds and/or different administration of land. The plot ranges are: Plots 1-5 (Harbour), Plots 6-31 (Town), Plots 32-42 (Villa Quarter). Plots are identified by a string P.X, corresponding to the number of the plot.

Terraforming is allowed within a distance of +2/-2 meters.

All the buildings exteriors must be built in pre-industrial materials, namely:

Structural elements can be stone, terracotta, clay and roman brick or marble
Roofing elements are terracotta
Flooring elements can be terracotta, marble, stone, brick, mosaic tile or wood
Wall elements can be stone, clay and roman brick, terracotta, stucco or frescoed stucco, marble, iron or bronze.
Door and window elements can be wood or metals. Large panes of glass must be partitioned by appropriate framing


Plots 1-5 (Harbour). Commercial only. Structures may be no taller than 20 meters. The external appearance of the pre-fab buildings for plots 1-5 is fixed and must not be altered.

Plots 6-32 (Town). Commercial and residential use. Structures on single 512m2 plots may be no taller than 16 meters. Structures on co-joined 512m2 and 1024 plots can be no taller than 20 meters. Buildings must be consistent with Classical Roman style as expressed in an urban environment. All structures must be placed immediately adjacent to a street or the central public courtyard (exceptions are plots 22-27). The external appearance of the pre-fab building on plot 15 is fixed and must not be altered.

Plots 33-42 (Villa Quarter). Residential only. Commercial activity is prohibited. Structures may be no taller than 20m. Buildings must be consistent with Classical Roman style as expressed in a rural environment. Villas must have at least one enclosed patio (peristyle), lined with columns or walls. Smaller rural structures are also permitted. Buildings must preserve a distance not inferior to 2 meters to neighbouring plots. There must be a minimum of 5 trees per 1024m2 of plot area.

Approved by the RA on 2011-07-10
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Re: A call for builders for the Locus Amoenus Build Catalog

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Here is the correct link to the CDS Master Parcel List.

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Re: A call for builders for the Locus Amoenus Build Catalog

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Thank you so much Trebor for posting the correct link to the fees and listing of parcels. I did a direct copy from the LA covenant and didn't check the link.
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