LRA and RA succession March 2009

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LRA and RA succession March 2009

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SP met last week in-world, and consulted with absent members as feasible through messages as well. Upon Symo Kurka's resignation, CDS law delegates it to the faction to fill his RA vacancy; and also our laws a successor appointment as LRA, as we were the prevailing faction in the last general election.

We are grateful to the several members who indicated a willingness to serve if needed. Based on the decisions reached at our meeting, and confirmation from the individuals, the Simplicity Party appoints Brian Livingston to serve on the RA for the remainder of the current term. Brian, of course, has served on RA before and is a longtime evenhanded leader of the CDS community. His experience in sim expansion (having been a prime mover in the Colonia Nova opening) should be very helpful to the RA as we again consider expansion.

Soro Dagostino is the highest prior votegetter from the prevailing party and so next in line to serve as LRA. He has kindly agreed to serve. Soro has extensive longtime experience in his RL career as a mediator, as well as on governing boards, and will be a tremendous resource for us in the LRA role.

SP also would like to take the opportunity to thank two other members for their service. Cindy Ecksol was selected as our first "deputy LRA" and immediately proved the wisdom of that new role, by seamlessly and gracefully handling the expected transition. Thanks again both for that role (which is a standing appointment that continues) and for your service in the RA.

Finally, also, we would like to thank Symo Kurka who, in addition to all of his exemplary work on the GMP for the Guild, was willing to serve CDS in a legislative leadership role while he was able to do so, We look forward to his continued presence in the community as a source of both expertise and friendship.

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