Further on SP issues for 10th RA Term

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Further on SP issues for 10th RA Term

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In keeping with our style of operating, here simply is a list of the issues that the SImplicity Party has been discussing, as possible legislative and government priorities for CDS:

1. The RA should have the current land General Master Plan (GMP) updated to reflect possible CDS sim expansion proposal options. The Guild should be used for this updating so long as a reasonable timeline can be followed that meets CDS's needs. The updated GMP should be approved (and amended from time to time) by the RA as CDS law.

2. CDS should plan eventually to acquire on or two openspace (void) sims for use as NGO creative installations, and recreational/scenic improvements to the CDS continent. We probably can afford, and should strive to add, at least the first void sim early in the 10th RA term, ideally to the West of AM. (Each void sim might hold two significant installations, such as an NGO or public space, or two NGOs.) The use of CDS land by NGOs, and the way that NGOs are supported and recognized by CDS, should be clarified in legislation.

3. CDS should consider possible next full-sim residential expansions, which might include:
(3a) an Alpine mountain fachwerk sim similar to NFS, to the east of NFS. Sales of NFS-type land seem fairly strong.
(3b) CDS should draft a definitive plan for some kind of offer of alliance with Al-Andalus, for debate and resolution, early in the 10th RA term. This should specify how location, shared programs, separate programs, and shared governance would be resolved.
The land mix of lots should ensure that sufficient space suitable for new residents is included, possibly copying the success of the "condo" units in AM.

4. The ski slope run for Alpine Meadows as originally proposed should be completed.

5. CDS should acknowledge the success of our events programming in attracting new residents, and continue to expand it, within stated budgets, to attract diverse cultural and artistic programing. CDS should expand team of local event handlers with power & experience to run events, audio streams, etc., and empower more citizens to initiate events for CDS, by devolving and localizing some share of the expanded events budget.
(5a) CDS should consider creating a cultural & education commission to interface with and ccordinate NGOs and perhaps supervise CDS funding & support of NGO events.
(5b) CDS should consider permitting "neighborhood council" groups to form, electively, and receive some share of events programming funds to create events specific to a sim or neighborhood theme.

6. CDS should modify its laws to explicitly permit commercial rent of small spaces for marketplace-like activity, via leases notified to the government, with citizenship extended to holders of those leases when the lease duration exceeds some set period.

7. CDS should repeal the citizenship loophole based solely on group membership, to incentivize actual activity and residency in CDS.

8. Simple rules for government conflicts of interests should provide that persons should abstain, in any government capacity, from acting to approve or implement a personal transaction with the government, or a matter of personal benefit to themselves.
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