Simplicity Party for January 2009 elections cycle

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Simplicity Party for January 2009 elections cycle

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Greetings. I've been asked to review the state of the SP faction for the upcoming CDS election cycle.

In keeping with our theme (see name of faction), we have not fussed over this much; we are unlikely to do so; and we have not held lots of meetings, nor will we. Our members prefer to use their in-world time in CDS to contribute directly to CDS ... which was what I admired about SP in the first place, and moved me to join. So far as I know, we do not do intrigue, pogroms or secret alliances, either. And in terms when we've been seated in the RA, we don't spend a lot of time trying to marshall our votes in favor of some things and candidates, and against others, either ... but rather, we generally rely on the good will and intelligence of our members.

Imagine all the time this saves! How's that for a mission statement?

For housekeeping details, please be advised of the following:

1. As of 25 December, the SP group and thus the faction has eleven members. Aliasi, Beathan, Brian, Cindy, Gxeremio, Jamie, Publius, Ranma, Rose, Soro and Symo.
2. All of them appear on Sudane's current voter roster today.
3. Several faction members indicated to me a desire to stand for election. We won't know if they have qualified until we get the list of successfully qualified candidates from the SC dean, Claude, shortly. I do not believe the SP has a formal procedure, so, once we know who all is in fact eligible, I will circulate a message among SP members asking for any objections to any self-proposed candidates. Assuming that the SC is required to listen to factions about this sort of thing -- another part of our odd archaic election rules I've never understood -- we then will confirm the candidates to the SC.
4. I did not file for the RA. I plan to seek another term as Chancellor, from the new RA, unless striking negative events making it undesirable occur between now and then.
5. I expect there will be debates again. This time, I will be part of a faction running candidates, so no longer am neutral. I could moderate again, if the SC wishes, but leave that to them; mentioning it now so that other factions can consider if they'd prefer a different approach, which would not at all offend me, if so.
6. Some additional info on SP views is being drafted for posting here ... for those who care to read more, and for the faction members themselves to assess and improve.

Warm regards, and happy holidays to all JP
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